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Whether you do your hunting with a gun, bow, or camera we have a line of scents that might help you get your next trophy shot.

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Male bears scent mark their territory by rubbing and scratching their scent glands against trees. This communication is an invitation to female bears in search of a mate. Once in heat, they will mate with more than one partner for a period of two to three weeks. Each of her male companions will do the same.

Black bears are sexually active during June, July and August, and occasionally as early as May. Females may be sexually mature at 3 to 5 years of age, but some do not mate until age 7. A female in estrus gives off a characteristic scent which is quickly picked up by male bears in the area who then follow her trail. Both males and females are polygamous and a pair remains together for only a short period. Males are highly competitive over females and large bears often drive smaller ones away. Between evenly matched bears, fierce fighting sometimes breaks out, leaving bears battered and scarred.

Black bear cubs are born in January or February while the female is still in the den. Usually two are born, but some litters contain only one, or as many as four cubs.

By 6 months of age, the cubs may be weaned and capable of fending for themselves, they usually stay with their mother for the first year and den with her during the next winter. Then the mother bear goes into estrus the following summer, the cubs leave, sometimes going their separate ways, or sometimes staying together and sharing a den the following winter.