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Black Gold Wild Boar Attractant

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Black Gold is an all-natural 100% safe wild boar scent attractant. It is designed to be used as a rub and is best when applied to the side of a tree or post or when poured on the edge of a recently used wallow. Black Gold has a sweet-n-sour smell and can also be mixed into a sour corn recipe.

What makes Black Gold stand apart from other boar attractants is that it contains no salt. Hogs do not sweat and therefore cannot handle salt. Most other hog attractants have salt listed as their first ingredient.

As a scent attractant or rub, Black Gold can be used in most states that forbid baiting because boars are attracted to the strong scent and want to rub and roll in the pungent odor. Always check local and state game laws before using any attractant.

When you do use an attractant, make sure to carefully eliminate your own scent as much as possible before applying the attractant. However, you've also got to make sure to make a proper spread to make sure to tempt the boar closer.

Cody, Black Gold works! Jasmine got her first free range boar with a bow and thanks to you. I wasn't sure how to use it so I took it to her feeder where hogs have been coming in around 5pm every day and I mixed the Black Gold in some corn and spread it out about 10 yards in front of the ground blind and made a rub on a tree with it. This was yesterday...Today I went in there and it was all tore up! We sat in the blind with her bow and the hogs came in. Man my heart was pumping seing my little girl draw her bow. I put her a Magnus 125 head on her arrow and told her that she could only shoot 10 yards. When the hog got to within 7 yards she smoked him through the ribs angling into the lungs making a complete pass-thru and a huge trail of blood followed. She recovered her boar 65 yards later! I haven't cried in a long time but my year has been made!!!!!

Using Black Gold in traps. On 10-17-06 took seven out of trap.
Douglas Mason

Went back and checked my Black Gold experiments this weekend. The hogs had literally rubbed the bark off of the tree, and the carpet was loaded with mud. I took some pictures, not sure if it did it any justice. Here's the carpet after one week of Black Gold and the tree after one week of Black Gold, notice the bark is GONE!
Kenny Platt

A photo from my game camera of Black Gold wild boar attractant in action. This piebald hog just could not resist the smell...even during the day!

Got a nice boar. I had the "Black Gold" out for 2 days.
Tim Hicks

I mixed some black Gold and corn and poured it in a little hole. Well after the pigs ate it they then rolled in it! pictures provided

Cody sent me some black gold. I told him I'd try it. It worked great! I wanted to get some film of the pigs rubbing on the tree. So I set the whole thing up. me explaining what it is how it works etc. This was at 9:00 am in the morning. I was planing to hunt that afternoon and I could film them then. Well the darn pigs beat me to the tree. I got there at 3pm and the pigs had already been there and rubbed all the "Black Gold" off the tree.

Here is a picture of a tree that was previously unused until I whipped "Black Gold" on it. check out the bite marks!
Eric Sawchuk

The good thing about this product is that it is not considered BAIT its an attractant making it an especially useful tool in areas where BAIT is not legal.

Cody has developed a product, that can and does create a RUB or WALLOW for hogs. I have tried some products in the past that made the claim but didn't hold up in testing. BLACK GOLD can successfully start a spot where hogs will rub or wallow where the product is poured out. Plus, its environmentally safe unlike oil, diesel, or other petrolium based bi-products.

Any attractant that can cause wild hog to stop or even regularly VISIT a spot and STOP to rub or wallow can increase the odds of a hunter bagging his quarry.

I have tried it. I gave it a good random test and low and behold it did just what it was advertised to do. I simply poured it on the ground near a trail being used by wild boar crossing a hay neadow. The hogs wouldn't always stop and linger where I wanted them too. After using that product the hogs would indeed stop, plop, and role on that stuff. As usual it stinks, everything a hog likes seems to stink . Just thought I would pass that bit of information on to those interested.

If you want to check it out go to www.brutalboarcreations.com and check out the BLACK GOLD. As they say, "it worked for me". if anybody thinks this is some sort of payed ad, it aint. I aint making a dime from it. But hopefully Cody will send me another bottle now. He said he would.
Kevin Ryer
I recieved my shipment of Black Gold, the directions were simple enough. I went to a few spots where I know the hogs are running, poured it out as the directions said and I left it for a week, I checked the sites today and they have both been hit and hit hard! I am pleased to say I rep this great product 100% Most of you guys know, if I dont like something I say it..this isnt the case, I am glad to be a part in this great new innovation, it truly is a creation!!
Tim Hicks

I wanted to give my own personal plug for this product, direct from the field. Since I hunt hogs both for fun and for control purposes, I'm interested in a product that might work quickly and shorten the learning curve a little. I got some Black Gold from Cody and put some out on a property I'm working north of Houston. I put it on a small pine tree I could see hogs were already rubbing on, and on a stump I could see mud on. I wasn't able to get back to this piece of property until this past Saturday afternoon, so two weeks had passed, which included a pretty good rain. The tree I had put it on was shredded and uprooted. The stump was pulverized. So I poured the rest of my initial bottle on another tree that had mud on it.

About an hour later, a group of 12 hogs showed up. There was one sow about 150 pounds and 11 others 1/2 or 3/4 that size. These hogs literally had to bulldoze their way through the thickest brush on the place, where there were several trails they could have easily used. There was also corn on the ground, "sweetened" with another attractant I use sometimes. These hogs totally ignored the corn and other bait, and went straight to the tree with the Black Gold on it. After a brief skirmish, they took turns bending this tree over and rubbing their stomachs with it. I am totally convinced they were looking for this Black Gold.

I don't know if it works every single time, but I do know it worked Saturday, to the exclusion of the other things I had put out.
New Waverly, TX

I recieved the Black Gold and started useing it on some new traps I had just set out. Poured the Black Gold on a tree close to the trap on 5-19-06, a Friday. On Sunday I had two sows and 12 small ones in the round trap, got them out and Monday morning I had three more sows in the trap. I could see where they had been rubbing the tree and I think that's why they found the trap.
Working great, haven't caught anything in the trap that didn't have Black Gold close by.
Douglas Mason
Cowboys for Christ

I bought a case of black gold in Georgia, it has been very dry so I can't tell what is eating all the corn & peanut butter. The first time (Wednesday) I used Black Gold I poured one quart on 3 tree trunks and checked back on Sunday.

I had 3 1/2 ft. high rubs on 2 of the trees. Probably a 500 lb hog I have to apply it every 3 to 4 days because it gets rubbed off.

If there are hogs in the area, it will work

Set this trap two days ago with Black Gold and Acorn scent only.

Hogs caught with Black Gold.
Jeremy Dziuk
San Antonio TX

It even works great for attracting bears! Look how the bears scared up the tree to try and get every last drop of Black Gold.

Here's a nice pic of a Hawaii boar.
Notice the Black Gold on the tree!

Just thought I'd let you know that we shot a pretty good size sow the other night. and it was at the spot that we used the Black Gold. it worked like a charm!!"
Wade - Hawaii

Thanks for making Black Gold! We are having luck with it! Thought you might like to see some pics we took over the weekend. These are not the first either--two weeks ago we caught 13 hogs in three of our traps and attribute it to the help of Black Gold.
Thanks again.
Phil and Barbara Wilhelm

Hog Wild all with the same result. With all the acorns on the ground, I was about to give up. Thats when I decided to give Black Gold a try. Didn't even add fresh corn since it seemed all I was doing was feeding the squirrels. Just poured it right on the edge of the feed trough. To my amazement I caught this little guilt the first night. WOW!! I guess it does work.
Aggie trapper

See Black Gold on tree behind the hog. It looks like a wet spot.

This boar is rubbing against the Black Gold. It must feel mighty good to him. It has his hair standing on end.

Another hog rubbing on the Black Gold tree.

So good this hog is wallowing in the Black Gold at the bottom of the tree.

Hey! Move over! Make room for me in there!

Hogs had been frequenting a tree that I had covered with Black Gold so I moved the trap near it. Only took two nights to catch this 100# sow. i can taste the porkchops now!!

Set up in a new spot last Sunday. Took Cody's advice and dug 2 holes and loaded with corn and Black Gold. First time I have used this stuff. Was Friday night before I could get back to hunt it.Got there after dark so I couldn't see if anything had been hitting the Black Gold and corn. Around 8:15 my game cam flashed and I heard a loud growl.Waited till I heard some crunching then flashed my light. Looked like a good hawg so I dropped it:

Turned out to be a big boar with curly black hair. Guessin 225lbs or so. Loaded it up on my stand and headed to the truck. The Black Gold works well. I will be ordering some more. Although the pics from my cam say the coons like it too.

Holes were dug about 2 foot,filled with corn then a half bottle on each pile. Haven't tried it in my pig pipe yet,it's set at a different spot. Someone has been hunting it so I left it and rigged up this area. Retgunslinger,thats a really good idea on saturating that carpet and stuffing it in the pig pipe.
Caught this boar today, again in the trap useing only Acorn Scent in dripper and Black Gold.

I'm just in awe at how well Black Gold works. I grew up in south texas and my grandfather/dad have been trapping hogs for years (you can tell just by looking at the traps I use). All they ever had to use was corn to entice the hogs in. But up here in east texas its a different story having to compete w/ acorns. 11/10 was the last time I trapped a hog. It was also the last time I used Black Gold. The traps have been set ever since baited w/ corn and sometimes dried molasses w/ absolutely no success. Got a shipment of Black Gold in last friday, but couldnt get out to the traps until Monday. Traps were empty and all the corn was gone. Hogs had eaten up to the traps and the squirrels finished off everything inside. So I mixed some BlackGold w/ the corn and set the traps again. Went back Tuesday and I'll be damned if I didnt have this boar in the trap. I dont know what's in it, but it works. You've got a great product Cody.

Pay close attention to the weeds and growth around the first two in order to get an idea of the size.

Hey Cody,
I ordered 2 quarts of Black Gold 2 weeks ago and it has made me a believer. The wife and I had not seen any hogs at a particular feeder all year. I dug a 20 inch deep, hole in the sand with a shovel, approximately 8-10 inches round. She mixed corn and BG covered with sand, several 3-4 inch layers. 6 days later I was back and there was a hog dig about the size of a standard bathtub. HOLY COW! I did it again that afternoon, so I will keep you updated after Sunday. Thank you, Cody. Excellent product!
Cody B. Stark

Well, I went back to trying Black Gold. Poured some on the ground at the entrance and back of the trap. Sunday I had these two in the trap. You never know ... was it the corn ... or the earth scent I sprayed ... or the BG. But, I moved two traps into prime locations a week ago. Had absolutely no rain to wash off my scent since. The traps are about 300 meters apart. Both traps got corn and earth scent. Only this trap got the BG.

The larger pig, on the left was a sow (about 120 lbs) ... and the other was a small boar (about 100 lbs). After seeing Eric's video ... I think I need to figure out how to put a rubbing post inside my trap. Yeah, that's the plan.

I loaded up these two and headed towards my holding pen. My BIL had asked me to help an old friend of ours with a hog problem. Since it is on the way, I put a trap there on Tuesday of last week. My BIL said he would check the traps ... no problem. From behind the barn you can look in an open pasture about 100 meters and the trap is next to the woods and fenceline.

He was going to help me today so I met him there. I pulled up at the gate ... he said he'd checked the traps and nothing ... I asked if it needed corn and he said yes ... so we went to corn them. About half way there I stated "no pig huh". There was an 80lb boar in there. He thought if there were hogs it'd be easy to see them. Apparently the boar was laying down.

So we load him up. He is grunting. We hear grunting in the woods next to the trap. Two similar sized hogs keep grunting and work their ways to within 15 meters of us. They just stood there in the woods ... grunting. I've never had this happen before.

After loading him up and re-baiting the trap ... I got out some pink marking flags and tied them to the top of the guillotine gate. Now it is easy to see if the gate has been tripped or not.
RL - Katy, TX

Been setting this trap with Black gold as bait.

Also use Black Gold to check to see if fresh sign and turn out the dogs at pole.

Same trap as above but bad boar this time;

Doug Mason - Weimar, TX

Austin finally got his first harvest of any kind of animal. It was a 90# boar hog and yes it was in the trap. He has been helping check traps for 2 years and has never had a hog in one. He was so excited to finally catch one and able to harvest it himself. He is 7 yrs old and we used a new product in the trap called BLACK GOLD and very happy with the outcome.
Austin Leblanc - Lafayette, LA

Check out this Video
taken of Black Gold in action Black Gold Video

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