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Robert Cobbs Call Shy Coyote

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Robert Cobb had a problem with a call shy coyote.
With a little In Heat Scents Coyote In Heat Urine

Been lurking around for a couple of weeks now and finally gave up on trying to read everything to catch up with what works and what dont... So I figured I would post my experience with this and see if you guys have had similar results... LOL

I couldnt find much information on this anywhere?? A couple of months ago I ordered a bottle of Coyote In Heat Urine to see if it could help me with call smart coyote. I received a call a while back from a rancher who had to literally run off a coyote that was getting after his cows while they were calving. I went out and used a locator call and immediately had a response from the creek bottoms that I had suspected the coyote to be in.

I began calling with an e-caller (Super Jack Rabbit) and NOTHING responded, not even the crows, I asked the land owner if anyone else had been there to call, well low and behold I was the second person he called and was advised that the other "Coyote Hunter" had called in a coyote and missed his first shot, and that he didnt have a chance to get another one off.

So, I decided to use some of the In Heat Scent, I hung my dripper and attended it every other day or so and was seeing tracks around, a week or so went by that I didnt attend the dripper, and when I returned, the ground directly under the dripper was dug out and there was a spot on the grass that looked like a coyote had been bedding down, as if to be waiting for the return of this good smelling woman type coyote that was leaving the scent.

Before daylight the next day I returned and got into some real heavy thick grass and vines about 50 yards upwind from where the dripper was hung and waited, and sure enough just a few minutes after sunrise, the coyote came and checked the ground, as if he were attending the dripper himself, I watched him for probably 3-4 minutes as he basically made himself at home under the tree. He went and laid down in the exact spot in the grass right at the edge of the dirt from the dripper and took one .222 caliber sleeping pill and never woke up again.

My biggest problem in this whole ordeal was finding the darn scent, none of the stores around here sell it, they all have deer in heat scent, and fox pee, but none had coyote, much less coyote in heat. I was finally able to order some from a guy on the web, I believe from Mississippi?? Called In Heat Scents, here is their web site address if any one is interested. Click here! or here http://www.inheatscents.net/

I dont know if there are other places to go or not, but I sure found out that they dont carry this stuff in Wal-Mart... LOL

Have any of you guys ever used these scents? Did you have any luck with them? What else could I have done for a call smart coyote?