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Georgia Outdoor News
A great site for EVERYTHING that is Georgia Outdoors. Hunting, fishing, boating, Outdoor Forums, you will find it all in Georgia Outdoors
A1 Date
To flirt, to have fun, to kiss, to fall in love, to find somebody you can share your thoughts with and even your life partner - these are some of the bright and inviting opportunities of A1 Online Dating. Online dating services are a great resource for people of all ages, any professions and life styles, different nationalities and confessions. Why limit your choice within your town, your neighborhood and place of work? A1 Online Dating gives you a chance to join a community of cute and interesting people from all over the States as well as many other countries.
Fish Oconee
Your complete resource center for largemouth bas fishing on Lake Oconee
Whiteway Plantation
Whiteway Plantation consits of 3500 acres of quality managed land, and is located in Bullard Georgia. We offer fully and partially guided hunts ranging from: whitetail deer, quail, turkey, wild hogs, and ducks.
Williams Custom Calls
Welcome to the Williams Custom Calls Home Page. Many folks have looked at my calls and said "Alex, You sure do have a talent for this"....or "Bud, You do great work"...the truth is that GOD has a tallent for this and HE does great work...that's right, with out GOD as the basis of my life, I'd be nothing but a shell. GOD knew that the wood used in the call I turned would turn out the way it did...HE knew that the grain pattern would end up the way it is...HE knew that tree would be harvested, milled and used by me to further the spread of HIS holy word!!! HE knew that when that tree was still a seed!!! Think about it. I attend Fort Creek Baptist Church in Dearing, Ga. If you have any questions about GOD's love for you...please contact me or see some of the sites I have listed on the "Christian Links" page. If I would not hunt with it...you WILL NOT hunt with it...cause it's not leaving my shop!!!!!
My name is Thomas Burnham, I have been carving for only a few years. This is my work. And first off, YES these are one solid piece of wood. Thats the most often asked question. The second most asked question is...."Do you do each of those scales one at a time?" The answer is yes ,one at a time.
Oconee Engineering LLC
Oconee Engineering, LLC is a consulting engineering firm located in Greensboro, GA. Registered professional engineer Ralph Boswell established this firm in October of 2003. Oconee Engineering was established to provide the Lake Oconee area, Oconee and Clarke Counties with a design firm dedicated to superior quality. We currently have projects under construction in these areas as well as most of the metro Atlanta counties. Oconee Engineering primarily performs structural engineering in-house, but also offers other design services.
Bass R Us
Bass Fishing related site.
It's easy to understand why hardcore hunters shop at HuntmDown. Our high sales volume and climate controlled facility means you will receive fresher, higher quality scent products from HuntmDown, all delivered right to your door. We offer a wider selection and more in-depth product detail and instruction than you're likely to find anywhere else.
Big Swamp Outdoors
Welcome to Big Swamp Outdoors. My name is Odie Durden and I created this site to share my experiences in the outdoors. I enjoy photography, hunting and fishing. My camera has become a permanent attachment on my ventures into the field these days. My hope is that you will get some sense for what I see and feel when I'm in the field. Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

I have a large database of wildlife and outdoor related photographs. I post many of my photographs in the Gallery on this site. I will continue to add more images in the future. Prints of any photographs except the bragging pictures may be purchased.
Quail Point Kennels
Welcome to Quail Point Kennels, breeder of quality pointing dogs for the hunter and field trial enthusiast. We are located in the rolling hills of Taylorsville, Georgia, about an hour northwest of Atlanta.

Quail Point Kennels specializes in breeding high-quality English Setters and American Brittanys. We are not a puppy mill, so we offer only a few litters each year, and they go quickly! All dogs are registered with the Field Dog Stud Book, American Kennel Club, or both. The Brittanys and Setters come from excellent hunting and field trial lines, and are exceptionally biddable, trainable and gentle, but extremely passionate about hunting! They make excellent pets as well as hunting/trialing partners. Whether you are looking for a hunting companion that stays within sight and earshot while you walk the fields for upland game, or a field trial prospect to follow on horseback, you’ve come to the right place!
Shipmans Taxidermy
Welcome to Shipman's Taxidermy Studio. We are a Christian owned and operated business. We are proud members of the Georgia Taxidermist Association. Also, I am a certified taxidermist by the Georgia Taxidermist Association. We are constantly furthering our education and implementing the highest quality material available. All mammal skins are fully tanned before mounting; either in our studio or sent to a commercial tannery. We take great pride in assuring our customers that they will receive a high quality piece of wildlife art. A great thanks to our customers for making our business successful.
J.M. Nansel Ranch Co
Montana's Finest Hunting For Turkey, Trophy Mule Deer & Antelope. Along With Exciting Western Horseback Adventures! The Nansel Ranch hunting program was designed with the hunter in mind. You will have the entire property, over 25,000 acres, at your disposal. We do not guide, but you will get a tour of the ranch the day before the hunt begins. We can advise you as to what has worked best in the past, and have several means available to help retrieve your downed game. This means that you are able to use your hunting skills without interference.
Boar Tuff Outdoors
Message Forums dealing with a variety of outfoor subjects.
Bobo Bobs Home Page
Welcome to New Brunswick, Canada. Home of Monster Whitetails and Big Bad Black Bears. Kindly take your time and enjoy your visit to my site and if it isn't too much trouble, why not take a minute and sign the guest book at the bottom of the page, thanks and have a good one and be safe out there. PS: all icons are clickable links on this page, thankyou.
Backwater Bow Fishing Supplies
We carry a full range of bowfishing equipment and bowfishing gear including bowfishing bows, bowfishing arrows, tips, nocks, safety slides, bowfishing reels, reel seats, line, rests, floats, apparel, and other accessories you might need. We specialize in Muzzy bowfishing gear and have your essentials for bowfishing.

We also specialize in all your alligator hunting needs with Muzzy alligator hunting equipment. We have full alligator hunting kits for both compound bows and crossbows. We also have alligator hunting arrows, reels, crossbow bolts, tips, and big game floats. We'll set you up with everything you need for that monster alligator and provide advice and assistance for your trip.
Cooks Sportland
Since 1954 we have focused our attention on satisfying the customer and their needs. We hope that we will continue to meet and exceed your expectations. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you from sport to sport, and from season to season. Because not matter what your sport, no matter what your game, we have you covered.
Intertruss Internet Services
Intertruss Internet Services, Inc.
1109-3 Russell Parkway
Warner Robins, GA 31088
DCL Sales
Established in 1994 our focus at DCL has been to select innovative and quality products that cater to: Land Clearing with low environmental impact; Small woodlot management; Biomass reduction, Resource reduction; Reforestation
Bubba's Taxidermy
At Bubba's Taxidermy we are dedicated to preserving your hunting and fishing memories for a lifetime. Our shop is family owned and operated. Dwayne has over 15 yrs. of experience in the art of taxidermy, he learned the art while serving as an apprentice to a friend and local taxidermist. As an life long artist and hunter he is now able to combide his love of hunting and the outdoors with his love of art.
Gobbler's End Turkey Calls
My name is Ed Blankinship and as a hobby I build turkey callers. My home is in Chewelah, Washington in the great Pacific Northwest. Hunting and other outdoor activities are just moments away from my front door. The area supports whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose, black bear, cougar and turkeys. With an abundance of public land this is an attractive area for outdoor enthusiasts. Some of my calls are made with Pacific Yew wood which I harvest locally. Also used are standard call woods, such as Osage Orange, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Padauk, Purpleheart and others. All are hand made and seldom are any two the same. The types of calls are box call, wingbone yelpers and scratch box calls.
Lip Ripper Charters
I would like to personally welcome you to my website and to someday fishing aboard the LIPRIPPER. I’ve spent countless hours fishing the Georgia shoreline, refining techniques and equipment and look forward to passing that knowledge and success on to my customers. Please join me on the Lipripper for a fun filled day of exciting fishing!” - Captain Stan
Catching Not Fishing
Guide Service

Lake Lanier is home to some of the best striped bass and spotted bass fishing in the United States. Catching Not Fishing Guide Service operated by Captain Clay Cunningham is open year-round and seven days a week on Lake Lanier. Captain Clay Cunningham has over twenty years experience chasing stripers and spotted bass on Lake Lanier. Captain Clay is fully insured, CPR certified, and U.S.C.G. licensed. Captain Clay fishes on Lake Lanier approximately 300 days a year to insure your fishing trip on Lake Lanier meets your expectations. Furthermore, Captain Clay is a member of the Lake Lanier Guide Association which runs over a 1,000 trips a year. The Lake Lanier Guide Association is a team of 7 guides on Lanier who are always in contact with each other to keep up with the rapid movements of the striped bass. Captain Clay was born and raised on Lake Lanier and plans on being here as long as fish are in the lake. Captain Clay fishes from a fully rigged 24 ft Sea Pro bay boat known as one of the smoothest riding boats on the water. Corporate trips of any size can be handled. Groups of thirty to fifty people are easily accommodated. Dockside pick-up is available from your dock on the lake as well as at the resorts at Lake Lanier Islands. All bait and tackle is furnished at no additional charge and taxidermy is also available.
Coosa Basin Stripers
One of the main functions for members of the Coosa Basin Striper Club is to directly support the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Biologists. We support them in a numbers of ways such as lending a hand collecting brood fish for the hatchery or helping out on tagging surveys. One of the most important ways to support the Biologists is to make sure they have the equipment they need to do their job, which in turns gives Georgia anglers some of the best Striped Bass fishing in the nation.
Farm and Field Auctions
What you need, when you need it. Boat Coversl Tractors; Foreclosures; Atvs; Campers; Farm Equipment
Trail Watcher Game Cams
Welcome to Trail Watcher Game Cameras. Your choice of a high quality digital scouting system. Trail camera, deer camera, game camera, or hunting camera, we cover them all. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 goal and if you are not satisfied with your camera for what ever the reason we are going to do what it takes to make it right. PERIOD! Check out our new easy to use 4.1MP and 6.0MP units featuring fully removable Sony cameras. When you aren’t using your trail camera you can even remove the high quality camera for use around the camp, at home or on vacation.
Deep South Technology Services
Chippewa Partners
Chippewa Partners, Native American Advisors, Inc. was founded in 1995. The firm is a Registered Investment Advisor and the oldest Native American investment management firm in the United States. The firm provides investment management and consults to Native American Tribes, Tribal Colleges, Tribal and Casino 401-K retirement plans, foundations and private clients.
Limb Lines
Soon to come: Pictures and fun filled and exciting tales of victory and defeat as told from the banks of a river near you.
Christian Values Investing
Christian Values Investing Inc., works exclusively to create a personal investment program for individuals and businesses whose need are evolving as their financial and personal status changes in life. We therefore, ask our clients to answer a six-page questionnaire. The questionnaire is then graded for risk tolerance and investment goals. These investment goals and risk tolerances are then used to assist in managing the client's portfolio. We believe that long term investing is an important part of the investment process.
Certified Redneck
Our Forums are now open to the Public!!! You can also get your pictures posted on the site as well. We are working on opening the whole site to the public just bare with us. If you have any questions email us at webmaster@certified-redneck.com enjoy and have fun.
Certified Redneck
Gobbler In The Shadow
Welcome to the Official Gobbler in the Shadow Website. Allow us to preserve and present your trophy gobbler, bird or fowl in a beautiful, custom wood framed shadow box trophy case. This custom wood framed shadow box is not only less expensive than a wild turkey mount or any type of bird/fowl mount, but it takes up a lot less space. The tail feathers or entire cape can be framed in a variety of mat styles and colors. It will make a great addition to any home or office.
Gun Country Outdoors
Gun Country Outdoors stocks an extensive variety of firearms, hunting, sportswear, footwear and accessory items for the outdoor enthusiast. Gun Country Outdoors prides itself in being "Your Personal Outfitter" let us help make your outdoor dreams come true. From a backyard excursion to the hunting trip of a lifetime, Gun Country Outdoors has the selection, quality and expertise to make it happen.
Whitetails Unlimited

Delton's Deer Stand
First off, let me thank you for visiting me. On this page, I'll share with you some of the experiences that I've had while hunting. Some good and some bad, but all in all, I've had fun. I hope you've had a great season as well, and remember to take a kid hunting, and don't forget to thank The Most Highest for letting it all happen. Feel free to join me while I walk you through my hunts... Let's go huntin'!
BowTech Archery
Sometimes, when you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself. That was the thinking that resulted in the origin of a very unique line of bows. Just a few years ago, Kevin Strother and John Strasheim had some revolutionary ideas for the archery industry. They never had the intention of building bows themselves because they knew that their technology was going to change the way existing manufacturers made bows. Now, some old habits die hard and the trade only accepted change a little bit at a time. But Strother and Strasheim knew they were on to something. So they built a few bows and BowTech was born. The archery industry hasn’t been the same since and, not being ones to rest on their laurels, neither has BowTech.
Monster Stripers
31 Monster Stripers all caught on video tape. Experience the thrill of these truly amazing fish and pick up some tips and techniques along the way. Entertaining and informative at the same time.
Cobbs Legion Hunting Club
Our club name was taken from a division of Georgia volunteers from the area of our hunting club, that fought during the Civil War under General Lee. There are several members of that division buried in local cemetaries around the area of our club. These soldiers were led by Colonel Thomas R. R. Cobb from August 1861 till April 1865, Cobbs legion last service to the cause came when it was ask to serve as escort to R.E. Lee at Appomattox Virgina. We are located on the border of Bartow and Cherokee Counties. We have about 3500 acres of mixed pine and hardwood property. The club is surrounded by Allatoona WMA. We in our seventh year as a QDM and are seeing the results of our hard work. The food plot program in full swing. I'd also like to thank Mr Lee Cayse and Robert Allen for a LOT of hard work and input into our food plots, Thanks guys!
Serendipities Scents and Supplies
Serendipities means having good luck with unexpected or fortunate discoveries! When you care to Scent the very best.
North Florida Outdoors
Our Mission - North Florida Outdoor Enterprises specializes in helping sportsmen in the Southeast find opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Listings include: Leases - available or wanted; Hunting Clubs - needing members; Rural Property Listings - acreage for the sporting lifestyle; Outdoor Marketplace - a free online classified listing for personal property. All listings for Personal Property and Hunting Clubs / Leases are FREE! Drop us an email and we will get your item posted.
The Deer Camp
Message Forum on a great variety of subjects, by a bunch of good folks. They have treated me right, so give them a try and tell them Hunter Claus sent you.
Pine Mountain Chiropractic Center
The chiropractic perspective on health and disease emphasizes two fundamental concepts:
1) the structure and condition of the body influences how the body functions and its ability to heal itself; and
2) the mind-body relationship is instrumental in maintaining health and in the healing processes.

Although chiropractic shares much with other health professions, its emphasis and application of philosophy distinguishes it from modern medicine. Chiropractic philosophy gravitates toward a holistic ("total person") approach to healing which combines elements of the mind, body and spirit and maintains that health depends on obedience to natural laws, and that deviation from such laws can result in illness.
4 Corners Hunting Club
The primary goal of our club is to work toward maintaining our property in a fashion were whitetail bucks can mature to be hunted ethically and legally by all members. In doing this, we attempt to supplement our deer's food by planting Tecomate Lablab Plus in the summer months and Premium Deer Mix in the fall. To ensure that our bucks have a chance to make trophy status we abide by self-imposed antler restrictions. Quality Deer Management (QDM) and "quality not quantity" are the founding concepts of this club. We encourage the harvesting of does and also encourage members to let the smaller rack bucks walk although they are legal deer.
Wichowski Website
Hi and thanks for visiting our home page. This page was created to share some information about our family and allow our children to gain some experience with web design. We live in Canton, Georgia and have two children, Edward and Damarys.
BCubed Design
Bcubed Design is a Monticello, GA graphic design firm excelling in Corporate Identity, Annual Reports, Package Design, Ad Layout, Logo Creation, Web Pages, and Digital Photography. Bcubed Design povides fresh creative work to a wide variety of clients across a diverse market.
Mountain Top Realty
Mountain Top Realty is located in the Blue Ridge, Georgia Mountains. We are your real estate headquarters for Blue Ridge, GA and the surrounding area. We offer mountain log cabins, view property, river and creek property, lake front homes and property and large tracts of North Georgia Mountain Property. Located in a log style cabin just outside of Blue Ridge, Georgia. We are the ideal starting point for your North Georgia Mountain log home or property search.
Euro Truck Importers
If you're in the market for Mercedes UNIMOGs, Mercedes Geländewagens and Steyr-Puch Pinzgauers, you've come to the right place. EuroTruck Importers is a vehicle importing business located in Oakwood, GA, just 45 miles northeast of Atlanta. We offer a large choice of vehicles. If you don't see what you are looking for, we know where to find it. So feel free to drop us a line or give us a call.
Fire Biker
Fire Dogs Motorcycle Club
Georgia Fishing Source
Georgia offers some of the finest freshwater fishing opportunities in the Southeast. There are more than 500,000 acres of reservoirs available to anglers in Georgia and over 12,000 miles of warm water streams and rivers available for fishing. Along with the reservoirs and rivers in Georgia, there are many fishing opportunities in small public lakes and PFA's (Public Fishing Areas). There are also countless privately owned ponds, lakes and streams that offer fishing opportunities. Saltwater fishing in Georgia should not be overlooked. With over 100 miles of Georgia coastline, Georgia saltwater fishing presents excellent inshore and offshore fishing.
We're looking for oil and chemical spills. We're looking for train wrecks. We're looking for companies seeking to limit their liability when accidents or disasters happen. And companies who want to prepare themselves to fight acts of terrorism. We're HEPACO, one of the top environmental and emergency response companies in America. When it looks as if things can't get any worse, you can't get any better.
Flyway Specialties
Home of the Easy~Up duck blind. "You can turn ANY boat into a duck boat with an Easy-Up duck boat blind". "The Easy-Up blind is the most boat blind for your money and is priced to fit the average duck hunter’s budget."
We can add a picture of a new baby, or just about anything. If you have a picture I can put it on a t-shirt for you. I also can get anything from the links. So take you time look what we have to offer. S,M,L,& XL is $10.00 and 2XL & 3XL are 12.00 in white.
Gainesvilele Archery Club
The 2006 Tournament Season Is Upon Us And The Gainesville Archery Club Hopes That You Will Come And Join Us On Our New Range At The Old Chicopee Woods Archery Ranges. The Range Is Right Next Door To The New Chicopee Woods Elementry School. The Range Is On Calvary Church Road And Can Be Accessed From Highway 60 Or 53. We Are Very Excited About The New Range And Plan On This Being One Of Our Best Years Yet.
Cobb County Law
You have reached the website for the law offices of Leonard & Rickman, P.C. We are located just up the street from the Cobb County Superior Court in Marietta, Georgia. Our primary practice areas are in the areas of Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy. However, L&R is a general practice law firm that will handle all types of legal needs for our clients including Collections, Divorce and various types of Civil Litigation. At L&R, our goal is to provide excellent legal representation to our clients. We will accomplish this goal through superior preparation and client communication.
Georgia Trailrider's Home
Georgia Trailriders Photo Albums
Sportsmans Campfire
A Message Forum dealing with a number of Outdoor realted subjects.
Chasin' Tail Charters
A passion that won’t quit. Captain Mike Patterson has been fishing the backcountry of South Florida for more than 25 years. A native Floridian, his love of fishing started as a toddler. For him, the thrill of the catch and all the excitement that goes along with it never go away. So, it was only logical that he become a licensed fishing captain and share his passion with men, women, and children of all ages and experience levels.
Peach State Custom Turkey Calls
Welcome To Peach State Custom Turkey Calls. Home of the Georgia Longbox. With over 30 years of hunting experience, Peach State Calls strives to build Championship quality custom turkey calls.We carry calls for the novice hunters all the way to game call collectors.We can personally build a call to suit your hunting needs. NWTF Award Winning Calls - Our calls are made from choice grade wood such as walnut, cedar, butternut, mahogany, maple, and cherry. Each call is custom made and hand tuned that will set the wariest gobbler on fire. We also carry custom designed wingbones,and locator calls. As well as our mass produced field hunting calls.
Building Aluminum Duck Boats
CD - "Aluminum Duck boats for the Back yard Boat Builder" - This will take you through the Basics as I go through building two different type of boats for the CD's purpose , a 16' low-profile and a sneak boat to show the methods on construction. This CD if filled with construction photos. I also tried to answer all the common asked questions that are repeated asked and you have the information where you can review it as often as you like.
Go Hunting and Fishing
Articles, Reports, Journals about Fishing, Hunting and the Outdoors
Gun Customizing by Curtis Wilbanks
*Specialized Shotgun Work* - Whether you are a turkey hunter who wants the ultimate turkey gun capable of 90% or better patterns at a distance of 40 yards, or a deer hunter who wants the ultimate buckshot gun capable of placing all the pellets in a 14 to 20 inch pattern at a distance of 40 yards, I can help you to achieve this goal through my customized shotgun work. I have been customizing shotguns for over 23 years and an active member of the American Gunsmithing Association. If you do not see a price on a service that you need, e-mail me with complete details of what you want and I will e-mail you with a price usually within 24 to 48 hours.
Etowah Sportsman's Club
Etowah Sportsman's Club
Woody's Taxidermy Campfire Talk
Georgia Outdoor News and Woody's Taxidermy Message Forums
Harmonica Player
Ron Pierce - Country, Rock, and Blues Harmonica
High Tech Redneck

At Sportsman's View LLC, we provide sportsmen with a new way to video their adventures while it happens, without the need to hold a camcorder. The Sportsman's View-Cam, (also known as the HuntCam) is the first wearable, camouflaged video product of its kind and is quickly becoming a popular hunting accessory. The Sportsman's View-Cam is professionally designed and manufactured with high quality components and several years of research and develop behind it. The View-Cam's patent pending camouflaged and waterproof design protects it from the outdoor elements, while providing camcorder level video results. This revolutionary hunting camera is designed with the sportsman in mind. Whether you are big game hunting, turkey hunting, fishing, vacationing, or just an outdoor enthusiast, you can catch all of the action as it actually happens, hands free! Be sure to add it to your own hunting gear before heading out this season. This hunting camera has been designed for sportsmen, by sportsmen!
In Heat Scents
Hunting Scents, Native American Lore. Links to Outfitters and Guides, Links to Hunting and Fishing Organizations, Live Photos of Animals from all over the world, and more.
Atkins Web
Place of Hope
Worship: We believe that worship is a lifestyle. Worship is the giving of yourself to God completely. We extend an invitation for you to attend one of our worship services and experience for yourself a refreshing, relevant; hour that we believe will impact the rest of your week. You are also invited to try out a community group. The community groups are where live change truly happens.
Ultimate Bunk Boards
Just imagine ... no more carpet to replace ... no more exposed wood scratching your boat ... no more wasting money on plastic strips! The Ultimate Bunk Board is here! Jon boats, bass boats ... any boat! Our bunk boards are made from High-Density Polyethelene with a UV stabilizer added to help resist fading ... these boards will last virtually forever giving your trailer a sleek new look and launching or loading your boat with ease! Additionally, each board is manufactured with a "grip" texture to help keep your boat in place when it is trailered. Stop spending money and time on carpet or strips...buy the Ultimate Bunk Board and you may never have to replace your bunks again.
Family Tradition Tree Stands
Family Tradition Treestands are conceived and built by individuals who possess a true passion for the outdoors. A passion that is rapidly disappearing from other businesses that rely on the sport of hunting. Too much emphasis has been placed on the business of hunting equipment instead of creating passion for the outdoors and hunting sports. Family Tradition Treestands™, LLC is dedicated to creating passion for hunting sports by building lifetime products. Every day we are restoring the focus on quality that is forgotten or lost in other companies in this industry.
Redneck Pepper
Originated on the Suwannee - isn’t just talk. The recipe of Bobby "Luv" Nelson’s Redneck Pepper was originated over many years by the campfires of many family camping and canoeing trips on the historic Suwannee River with Bobby Luv as cook. Starting with jalapenos and red and black pepper and other secret spices, Bobby Luv has perfected Redneck Pepper and is now available here at our online store and these local restaurants and grocery stores. Bobby Luv’s Redneck Pepper is the spice you need to liven’ up fish, steak, chicken, hamburgers, veggie burgers, gumbo, beans n’ rice and just about anything grilled or sautéed. Redneck Pepper is a great table companion with your salt and pepper. Simply shake it on anything. Feel free to experiment.
Camouflage Coalition
The purpose of the Camouflage Coalition is to organize sportsmen and women across Georgia so we can act quickly if there is an issue affecting our wildlife management or outdoor recreation interests
Quality K9 Cencepts
Quality K9 Concepts breeds, raises, and trains their dogs according to the need of the client. Each dog is trained either in narcotics detection, explosive detection, search and rescue, patrol training or a combination of the above. With the purchase of each dog, the new owner will be given four weeks of training with their dog to insure a perfect match between dog and handler has been achieved.
Jewels Home Page
Hi from Julie! This is where I put my pictures so my family and friends can check them out. Feel free to download or print whatever you like. Have a great life~!!!! Jewels
Jimmy and Missy's Place
Welcome to our site. Hope you enjoy the photo's and anything we have up.
Kidd's Beagles
Welcome to Kidd's Beagles where the total hound is the GOAL.. Were located in Ringgold GA which is about 15 minutes south of Chattanooga TN. We raise AKC beagles for hunting and pleasure.
Big Sky Retriever Kennels
Welcome to Big Sky Retriever Kennels. We are located in Hamilton, GA. About 20 miles North of Columbus, GA. Big Sky Kennels breeds Labrador Retrievers for AKC and UKC/HRC Hunt Tests, hunting and just family pets. Our Dams and Sires are titled and cleared by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) prior to breeding. Our labs are high energy with a lot of retrieving desire. They will require large amounts of time and exercise.
Fish Macon
Lakes Sinclair, Oconee, Juliette, and Tobesofkee
Southeastern Hunting Services
Southeastern Hunting Services was established in 1985 and provided hunting management for regional properties. The firm incorporated in 1990 and transitionally has evolved into a comprehensive real estate brokerage company. Please note that we are very interested in properties for the outdoor enthusiast. Hunting Tracts are an essential inclusion in our inventory but by no means do we limit our scope. Equestrian Estates, Cattle and Row Crop Farms, Timberlands, River Properties, Country Places with or without Homes and Old Southern Hunting Plantations are all part of our focus. You will find several listings profiled here on the Internet. Sale Tracts come into our office weekly (including Alabama) and virtually preclude the possibility of maintaining an up to the minute Website. If you are seeking a property with specific criteria (location, price, size, etc.) in mind, Please Call Us for personal input on your requirements. To contact us please refer to the address and link below. Thank you for your interest in Southeastern Hunting Services.
Lake Juliette
Welcome to the LakeJuliette.com website. Lake Juliette is located in Monroe County, Georgia between Macon and Forsyth, GA. This website was created to be a forum to discuss fishing in this lake. My main intention was to run a bulletin board about Lake Juliette where folks could share their stories, experiences, tactics, etc. So, to begin with, that is where I will concentrate my efforts. As time allows, I may expand this website to include pages about Juliette and other fishing spots in the area.
Team Hold-em-Hook
Just a little about Team HOLD-EM-HOOK My partner and I are from North Georgia, started off fishing in pay-lakes for catfish around 15 years ago. At these lakes we had small pot tournaments on Friday and Saturday night. Whenever someone got a fish on they yelled HOLD-EM-HOOK! As we got older and these lakes started getting few and far between,we had the thought of getting more serious about our fishing so we started fishing a few tournaments on the Santee Cooper lake system. To date we have taken 2nd big fish, Big fish, 2nd total weight, 7th big fish and 8th total weight. In April 2005 we fished the Cabelas King Kat trail at lake West Point in LaGrange Georgia where we placed 4th and qualified for the King Kat Classic at Santee Cooper in September. This year we are going to Lakes Pickwick and Wilson to fish the 2006 Cabelas King Kat Classic.
Katie's Coon Huntin Site
Georgia WMA Topo Maps
For most WMAs, the series has 5 aerial and topo maps, a WMA map and the USGS 7.5 minute Topo Quad (1:24,000 DRG) maps covering the WMA. If possible, the latest Color Infrared aerial photos (February 1999) are used. See below for an example of the 5 maps. Check WMA Specifics to see which WMAs are available, which aerial photos maps are used, which USGS topo quads are included and any other notes for a WMA. If the WMA you want is not listed, send me an e-mail (georgiawma@att.net) and I will let you know if I have the aerial photos and when that WMA will be available.
William Joseph
We have had two primary objectives since we began building fly-fishing equipment. The first was to be the greatest fly-fishing brand on the planet. The second was to push the limit of design and ingenuity with every product that we make. A great deal of time and effort has been invested in making both of our objectives a reality. This year you will find that we have introduced over ten new products which we believe set a new standard in their respective categories. For example, our new line of exquisitely crafted tools are not only the finest quality available but have been design to be easier to use than any other tool on the market. These are just a few reasons why we are one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry.
Western Kentucky Outdoors
Welcome to Western Kentucky Outdoors! We are serious about our hunting and fishing and will work hard to make your trip memorable. What you won’t find is your so-called pro or a world of sponsors. You will find that we are good at what we do and make fishing and hunting what it was meant to be!.
Buck Ridge
At Buck Ridge we offer trophy whitetail deer hunting in the Low Country of South Carolina. Buck Ridge is located on one parcel of land in Colleton County with 3,222 acres bordering Rice Patch Creek and the Salkehatchie River. Our hunting season is from August 15th to January 1st. Located on the property we have a camp house w/bunks, telephone, camping areas w/RV hook-ups (water & power) and a complete cleaning station with a walk in cooler. Also on the property is a rifle "sight in" range. Our roads are well maintained and marked with road signs. We have many different types of hunting terrains available to hunt at Buck Ridge. Creek bottoms, hardwoods, chops, food plots, swamps, pines, and select cuts.
Lakota Cam
It's been fun and I appreciate Everyone's business for the last 4 or 5 years, but I'm hanging it up. Lakotacam is officially "out of business". It's the age-old big guy taking the little guy out. I just can't compete with the major mfgs. anymore. Their mass sales enabling them to price digital units less than I can build them for. Chaulk it up to business. That's the way it goes. Again, I greatly appreciate everyone's business. I have met many fine hunters along the way.

God Bless
American Fly Fishin'
American Flyfishin' Fly Tying School
Taylor County Fastpitch
Taylor County 2005 Fast Pitch Softball
Taste of Class
Weddings, birthday parties (adult and children), anniversary events, family reunions, corporate luncheons, ladies’ teas, children's teas, class reunions, bride’s maid luncheons - no event is too big or too small. Larry and Deborah are happy to come to your location and handle all the details of the meal, or you can use their dining facility in Bethlehem, Georgia to host your event.
Sportsman's Home Page
Message Forums dealing with a number of subjects.
Harper Valley Hunting Club
Harper Valley Hunting Club is located in Hancock County approximately 6 miles west of Sparta, Georgia. The club currently has 62 members and has 6 separate leases totaling approximately 3163 acres. The club has a central camp residing on 279 acres of land owned by the Harper Valley Landowners Association. Electrical power is provided at the camp and water supply is obtained from a ground water well and routed around the site to each user. The club formally began a QDM program in 1996 when efforts were stepped up to install more food plots, regulate the taking of smaller bucks and increase the harvesting of does.
Life of the South Plantation
Southern hospitality and great hunting! Located in Nashville, Georgia. A hunting and lodging facility offering you the best in quail, pheasant, and deer hunts.
Muzzy Broad Heads
Muzzy Broad Heads - Bad To The Bone!
MERS is an innovative process that simplifies the way mortgage ownership and servicing rights are originated, sold and tracked. Created by the real estate finance industry, MERS eliminates the need to prepare and record assignments when trading residential and commercial mortgage loans.
Merc's Twisted Web
Welcome to my little world. Use the menu to the left to go where you want. Enjoy.
Lets Hunt
Whether it is quail hunting during the day or bowfishing at night, we at Cherry Hill Hunting Preserve believe in giving you a quality hunt that will both challenge and excite you. Our quail hunts are as close to wild bird hunting as you can get and yet be assured you have quail to hunt. Our Bowfishing Charters are an adverture just to be on the water at night. You never know what you'll see! We book a few deer and turkey hunts, but only if we think you'll have a good shot at being successful. Hog hunts are free with the purchase of any other hunt. A sporting clay course is also available free with your hunt.
Southern Backwoods Adventures
Southern Backwoods Adventures developed from three guys banging their heads together and saying, "Since we are going hunting and fishing anyway, let's try to make some good video of it!" Since that day we have dedicated our time and efforts to producing top quality television and video for you, the viewer, to enjoy.
Big Fish On
Started by two North Georgia Striper Club members, "Big Fish On" Trophy Striper Guide Service was started especially for those anglers who desire to catch a Trophy Striper. We guide in North Georgia and Eastern Tennessee. Hooking into a really big striper is an experience you will never forget, and this is our goal for you.
Cobb County Masons
Information about the Cobb County Masons
Southern Sweetwater Anglers
With nearly 10 miles of private water available Southern Sweetwater Anglers is one of the premier Fly Fishing Guide Services in North Georgia. We can provide fly fishing opportunities for both trophy and native trout. Our waters consist of the Soque River in Habersham County, Toccoa River in Union County, Cartecay River in Gilmer County and Noontoola Creek in Fannin County each with it's on unique characteristics.
Bucks Eye Cam
Bucks Eye Cams
The Georgia Waterfowler
Welcome To Georgia Waterfowler Message Boards
Black Mountain Trading
We are the company that is here to help take the guess work out of your Rustic, Lodge, Western, and Vintage Decor. Our Collections feature a large selection of afforable home accents and gifts that are sure to please every shopper. The large selection of products has just the right touch of uniqueness to them. We are continually adding items so be sure and check us out often to see what we have to offer. We also do custom work which consists of handcarved pieces, iron work, signs, and much more. These pieces are contructed by artistians in the Appalachain Mountains.
New Moon Game Calls
You want to take nothing but the best into the woods. Our unique custom friction turkey calls are design not only sets New Moon Game Calls apart, but also makes them very productive in the field. Each and every custom turkey call is handmade by hunter/craftsman Alan Sentell and fine-tuned to his high standards. Our goal is to make custom turkey calls that produce the truest turkey sound that a manmade custom turkey call can provide. We know you’ll be pleased with the both the quality and the results of any of our custom turkey calls on your next turkey hunting experience. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, please contact us.
West Georgia 2 Cylinder Club
The West Georgia Two-Cylinder Club was formed in 1993 and since has incorporated and become a nonprofit organization. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest and public education in the preservation and restoration of antique tractors, accessories, and related equipment, lore and literature, particularly John Deere two-cylinder models. No consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed at any club activity. We are family oriented and work to bridge the "generation gap".
Lake Oconee Real Estate Online
The Lake Oconee Area Association of Realtors has awarded its highest honor to both Jim & Mary. Only 5 Realtors in the history of the Association have been inducted into the Hall of Fame: they are 2 of them. This designation recognizes exceptional service, spirit and leadership, as well as ethics and character. With almost 50 years of combined experience in the Real Estate industry, no Oconee Area Realtors have more knowledge and experience than Mary and Jim. They are committed to serve you better, whether you are selling property or you want a lakefront cottage, a fabulous home in one of Oconee's premier Golf communities, a few acres of "dirt" to kick around on, your own private hunting preserve, a home or business in one of the local communities, or one of the area's incredible investment properties.
Ol' Captain's Photo Album
Ol Captains Photo Album
Where's Matt At?
Yes I know its already 3 1/2 weeks into the season but I have been too busy killing deer to post anything about it yet. Last weekend I killed my third, a four point buck that I wish I had passed up. The week before I killed a big doe across the train tracks from my neighborhood, near the Ocmulgee River. Opening day I shot what I thought was a doe that turned out to be a messed up buck with some gnarly looking blobs of antler. Good thing we got rid of him.
Crosssss Roads Baptist Church
We are so excited that you have chosen to visit our website! If you are in the Hartwell, GA area and looking for a place to worship and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, visit us at Cross Roads Baptist Church. God is moving in our community and we welcome everyone to come and grow with us.
Gotschika Family Album
Gotschika Family Album
Paige's Space
Paiges Space at Myspace
Southern Hunting Associates
Southern Hunting Associates is a non profit member sponsored hunting club located in Talbot County, Georgia. We were founded in 1997. The hunting lease is located off of GA highway 36, five miles from Waverly Hall, Georgia. We are a hunting club. A group of individuals, some of whom have known each other for years, some of whom have just joined the club. All are on equal footing amongst our membership and all share the common goal of increasing the quantity of mature bucks while maintaining the overall deer population on the lease through the application of generally accepted Quality Deer Management principles and practices. While whitetail deer is the primary game sought, we do have an abundance of turkey for those of us crafty enough to lure one into shooting range. Additionally, we allow small game hunting for rabbit, squirrel, fox, bobcat and other legal species when it doesn't interfere with deer or turkey season.
Spankeys Outdoors
Spankey's Outdoors was originally established by common Sportsman, like you & I interested in common hunting and fishing items at a discounted rate. We have nothing against the major entities in the hunting and fishing industry, we simply feel they have lost touch with today's blue-collar Sportsman.
All Terrain Blueticks
My name is Chris Poole and I'm from Lyons, Georga, deep in South East Georgia. I graduated high school in 1996 from Toombs county High School. I then spent the next few years at Mercer University in Macon, GA, where I graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. I spent about 9 months working for Shaw Industries in Ringgold, Ga. Then I went to work for Savannah Luggage Works in Vidalia, GA. They make a wide array of bullet proof vest and pouches for the military. Infact, the three soliders on the cover of the "Person of the Year" issure of Time magizine were wearing vests made at our plant. Now, I currently am working for Shaw again in Dalton, GA. They are the world's largest carpet manufacturer and the largest employer in the state of Georgia
Ramp Connection
We began this business to aid people who have the need to load their personal vehicles quickly, safely and affordably. As a member of the Acworth community I know that many can benefit from having a ramp to load their trucks, vans or even homes. Ramp Connection is a company dedicated to bringing you the best quality ramps on the market quickly and affordably. If you can't find the ramp you need, I can find one for you.
My Campaign
I have always been proud to be a part of the United States of America. Since the time I have known my father was an American Citizen, I began to feel more deeply that I am a natural part of the United States. My heart and my family live in the USA but the U.S. Government thus far, will not allow my heart and soul to live and prosper in that great nation.
Muckalee Sportsman Association
Muckalee Sportsman Association, Inc., located in Marion County Georgia, is made up of over 3500 acres of diverse habitat. Habitat from hardwood bottoms, planted pines, clear cuts, agicultural fields, and more. There are plenty of fringe areas where differing habitats meet and wildlife thrives. We are a Quality Deer Managed club taking only mature bucks and culling does from the heard. We encourage members to plant food plots and the club assists as needed. There are a total of 30 members and membership runs from June 1st through May 31st. A membership costs $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 a year a year depending on lease prices and may vary slightly from year to year depending on lease prices. The club owns the land the camp is located on and has county water and electricity as well as a 10 x 12 foot walk in cooler for deer storage.
Enjoy your visit to our family website Pryor-Place.com!
Allatoona American Bass Anglers
We Are American Bass Anglers, the Worlds Largest Bass Tournament Organization for the weekend angler. We are designed to honor the weekend angler by offering a low reasonable entry fee while at the same time offer a chance to fish a national championship that can exceed $330,000.00 in total payout of cash & prizes. Veiw our complete history @ www.americanbassanglers.com & welcome to district No. 125 North Ga/ABA/Allatoona from Director Keith Allen Ridenhour, Asst director Brett Hasty & Local District Site administrator Jessica Hasty. .
Some very good photos, Worth your time to take a look.
First Bite Guide Service
FIRST BITE GUIDE SERVICE is your full-service striped bass and hybrid bass guide service for North Georgia and Tennessee lakes. Beginner and experienced anglers alike can enjoy world-class fishing on Lake Lanier, Lake Allatoona, and the Coosa River. Stripers and hybrids can be caught year-round on both live bait and artificial lures.
Rich's Hunting Lodge
Hello, my name is Rich.& I reside in Pennsylvania with my lovely wife Audrey and daughter Shannon. I enjoy all types of outdoor activities, but spend most of my time bowhunting for deer in Clarion County, PA. I'm glad you've come to visit me and my family...
Red Shed Creative
Redshed Creative Company is a brand and marketing communications firm located in Fayetteville, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with quality creative products, top-quality service and personal attention ensuring an effective brand communication solution. We strive to develop unique and effective solutions that produce desired results. We listen to your goals. We hear your concerns. We're open minded and like to think we're as much a part of your team as you are ours. We value the ability to develop lasting relationships with those we serve.
Ed's Camp Ruffin It
Thanks for stopping by the site... My name's Ed Luczak, and I'm a Pennsylvania archery & rifle deer hunter, fisherman, photographer & all-around outdoorsman. I'm a very lucky guy to be the owner of CAMP RUFFINIT, a great little hunting camp nestled in the northern woods of Forest County, Pennsylvania! Please make yourself at home and have a look around at the goin's-on in and around the camp. And please don't forget to sign my camp guestbook at the bottom of this page after your visit!
Rut and Strut Game Calls
Friction Calls, Scratch Boxes, Trumpet Calls, Long Box Calls, Checkered Box Calls, Strikers, Locator Calls, Mouth Calls/font>
R & R Pheasant Hunting
R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC gives you the opportunity to hunt the Ringneck Pheasant in prime South Dakota Pheasant Hunting country. South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at its best. Experience the South Dakota rural hospitality through the pheasant hunting experience. You will hunt wild pheasants on one of the biggest family farms/ranches South Dakota has to offer.
Seein' Stripes
Captain Shawn McNew has 27 years of fishing experience. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. During his tenure, he competed in the NCAA Division I level in swimming and received All-America honors four years in a row. In 1996, Tennessee brought the SEC championship home to Knoxville and in 1998, they finished the year ranked 4th in the NCAA.
Rose Allen Plantation
RoseAllen Plantation is located between the Altamaha and Ohoopee river basins in the heart of some of best game and farm land in the Southeast. For the last twelve years we have intensely managed the plantation for game, consulting state and private wildlife consultants and sparing no expense in the management of the land for game. We have established an intense game and land management program without sacrificing our traditions of great hunting and southern hospitality. The whole plantation is intensely managed by controlled burning, helping native forage, and by developing year-round food plots, contributing to bigger bucks, more quail, turkey, and doves.
Skips Outdoors
The Forums are Now Open - Skip's Outdoors Magazine and The Sportsman's Home Page Our New Server is now Online.
Southwest Georgia Tech
View a listing of current course offerings in allied health, business and computer technology, personal services, and technical and industrial education in our quarterly Course Connection.
J Gibson Photography
All images are for sale! Check out our pricing page for more information. jimbo@jgibsonphotography.com New photos are added all the time. Please check back with us soon.
Son Anderson Artifacts
The purpose of my site is first and foremost to benefit collectors of arrowheads, pottery, stone, pipes, beads and other related prehistoric Indian artifacts from the Southeast US. Authentication and Typology of Southeastern Prehistoric arrowheads, especially Florida points and lythic materials are offered to help prevent fraudulent arrowhead sales.
Georgia Bowhunters Association
The Georgia Bowhunting Association is very involved in keeping Georgia bowhunters informed about legislation and hunting regulations regarding bowhunting while working with the legislators and the Department of Natural Resources to further bowhunting opportunities. Until the GBA was formed there was no group to act as a liaison between Bowhunters, the non-hunting public, the DNR, and our Legislative members. Now, Georgia Bowhunters have a voice.
Sow Green
Professional HydroSeeding Services Specializing In Sod-Quality HydroMulching For Beautiful Landscapes!
Tal Willis Fina Art - Illustration - Design
Georgia resident Tal Willis utilizes cutting edge technology in his work, applying detailed brush strokes on canvas or a variety of fine art mediums. The special inks that he uses in the Giclée process are archival, guaranteed to retain the original colors for eighty years. At a distance of only a few feet, his Giclée prints are indistinguishable from actual paint.
Georgia Bigfoot
Georgia Bigfoot is an independent and privately funded effort directed at researching the Bigfoot phenomenon in Georgia. We actively coordinate our efforts between individual investigators and researchers both within the state and across the country. We are also proud to affiliate ourselves with both the Sasquatch Research Initiative and the Alliance for Independent Bigfoot Researchers.
Georgia Gun and Game
Message Forums dealing with a variety of Georgia Outdoor Subjects
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Welcome to the Lighthouse Baptist Church Homepage.
Mississippi - Louisiana Outdoor Message Forums
Mississippi & Louisiana Outdoors Hunting Forum
3D & Associates Outdoor Marketing
3-D & Associates Outdoor Marketing is a business that represents and promotes all branches of the fishing industry specializing in tournament bass fishing. Such branches include lures, boats, trucks, electronics, apparel, accessories, instructional classes, and assisting in charity events.
Trussville Pediatric Dentistry
Welcome to the office of Dr. Massey. Superior oral health is vital for a child’s development, and we’re here to help every step of the way. We are committed to making your child's first dental visit a pleasant and comfortable one. We understand the importance of establishing a good oral hygiene regimen early in a child’s life, and we provide children with the necessary knowledge and treatment to maintain a healthy smile.
Blue Ridge Trout Bums
The Future Home of the Blue Ridge Trout Bums
Tommy Lackey's Home Page
Tommy Lackey's Home Page
Tennessee Extreme Hunting Adventures
Welcome to Tennessee Extreme! Our name says it all. Tennessee Extreme Hunting Adventures is carrying on the Southern tradition of Wild hog hunting the way it was meant to be..."UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL". If your ready to experience hoghunting in it's purest form in the "hills and hollers" of Tennessee then look no further. Come and see why Pork is the Official "fast food" of Tennessee.
Tom Teasers Custom Calls
Tom Teasers Custom Calls were designed with the avid turkey hunter in mind. These are high quality calls which produce consistent, realistic sounds of a hen turkey. With the market being flooded with mass produced calls, it was our goal to make a call that would have consistent sound from one call to the next. Our diaphragm mouth calls and our friction calls are hand made one at a time to ensure the best quality. We feel that when you try our calls you will be able to produce great, realistic sounds that will convince even the weariest of Old Toms into range. Good luck and shoot straight! Tommy Walton - Tom Teasers Custom Calls
Hunting Indiana
Your source for Indiana Hunting Information Hunting Indiana
Mickey and Julie
Mickey and Julies Home Page

Welcome to A Different Blood! We are a new rock band looking for 1 more peep who can play the bass guitar to start this band off. The drummer/vocalist(Jimmy Head)and guitarist/vocalist(Matthew Culpepper)has already made lyrics and has some songs to play with bass. If you are a good bass guitar player and you want to join our band please email lightwolf7@bellsouth.net or jmh16wheel@aol.com for more information. You must live in Muscogee or Harris County for practice. You must be 15 years or younger.
Jon's Southern Outdoors
Because my life tends to revolve around hunting and some fishing, I thought I'd make a virtual log of some things that I enjoy doing. These things of course will be activities like deer hunting, turkey hunting, duck hunting, quail hunting, dove shoots, wild hog hunting, crow shoots, varmint hunting, squirrel hunting, and bass fishing. There may be more, but this list consists of things I like to do regularly. Most of these activities will take place in Marion County, Georgia at Muckalee Sprotsman Association, Inc. A quality deer managed club. You'll notice this web page is set up similar to Muckalee's and that's because I built them both. Other hunting may take place in Stewart County, Georgia just a quarter mile north of Hannahatchee Creek WMA. I lease a little 100 acre tract there for ducks, hogs, and deer. I've only hunted ducks on it to date, but look forward to the hog and deer as well.
Hillock Kennels
Here at Hillock Kennels (pronounced hil eck meaning a small hill for we live at the top of a small hill) we are committed to producing the highest quality Bavarian Mountain Hounds to be found in the United States. We accomplish this by testing for genetic problems, competing in tracking test when they are available, and real world tracking experience. Each year more and more states are allowing dogs for blood tracking and recovery of wounded game such as deer and bear. If you are thinking about getting involved with blood tracking with dogs I hope you consider the breed of choice for many professional trackers and foresters of Europe the scent tracking specialist know as Bavarian Mountain Hounds.
Georgia Hunt Club
Welcome to Georgia Hunt Club where you will find the largest database of deer leases and hunt clubs available in the state of Georgia.
Woods and Waters Reports
Woods and Water Reports (WWReports) is an up and coming site for outdoor sportsmen and woman all over the United States searching for information on hunting and fishing in the southeast, mainly Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. We are in the process of building a team of hunting and fishing guides with quality reputations to submit periodical hunting and fishing reports for the southeastern states. Along with our fishing and hunting reports you can find information amongst our community members about any aspect of the outdoor life. Have conversations, meet friends, find guide services, fishing spots, and hunting hot spots near your home or land. We are currently looking for self proven guide services to submit reports about the activity in their areas in exchange for a free ad on our website. We are small now but I plan to take our site to the top with improvements based on site population. Suggestions are highly recommended and taken seriously at WWReports and we look forward to seeing our outdoors folk coming to join the community.
Rusty IV
The Charter Boat Rusty IV and Captain Russ Pellow Welcome to the finest in versatile Florida Keys Sport Fishing. Offering you the best in Offshore and Backcountry fishing charters. Snapper, Grouper, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Bonito, Amberjack, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Tarpon, Bonefish, Redfish, Snook, Snapper, Permit, Sharks, Cobia, Jewfish, Grouper, Mackerel
Michigan Hunter Online
Michigan Hunter is a pro-hunting and pro-arms website. If you find the contents of these pages offensive or have reached this website in error please hit the back icon on your webbrowser. Provided in this website are my experiences with product lines and suppliers relative to Whitetail populators and seed growth. You will also find useful links, foodplot documentation and various other information. I hope this proves to be a valuable resource for you.