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Grim Reaper
Animal Attractant and Lure


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Enticing enough to stimulate an animals hunger!

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            Bold Enough to cover a hunters scent!

TexasBoars and In Heat Scents Proudly Present

Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure


It's the last thing they will ever smell!!!


Grim Reaper Attractant - 4 ounce Bottle - $13.45
$5.50 shipping on all
Regular Domestic US Priority Mail per Order

International Orders will carry an additional charge.

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2 - 4 ounce Bottle Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant

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Here is a picture received from Antonnio Bazzoni of Italy
who is a customer that uses a lot of HOG IN HEAT SCENT. Antonnio also uses the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant

This hog weighed 150 KG, a record, most of our big boars go about 100 KG

Boar harvested using In Heat Scents Hog urine.
Keith Gilmer Boar Harvested with
Grim Reaper Animal Atttractant and Lure

October 14, 2006

I reached my stand just before sunrise, when I heard this movement in the brush. I could tell what was out there was really huge. It was to careless to be a deer, so I knew it either had to be a very big hog or a bear that frequents the property. Thankfully before I had left my truck I had sprayed my boots with In Heat Scents Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure, the smell held the curiosity of the animal, and kept him in the area until I could identify it as a huge hog. Without In Heat Scents Grim Reaper scent on my boots I never would have got a shot at this monster.

State: Georgia
Weapon: T/C Omega .50 cal
Sabot: T/C XTP Mag
Powder: American Pioneer
Scent: In Heat Scents Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure

Tim Hicks 6 Point Buck Harvested with
Grim Reaper Animal Atttractant and Lure

October 22, 2006

I went out last night with the intention of killing a pig. I was trying some new Grim Reaper Attractant and Lure from IN HEAT SCENTS. Well this is the second time I used the scent and the wind never let up. As it was getting closer to dark I see this buck approaching. I can see he has some great brow tines and think oh he's a shooter. I never really try to look at the horns bowhunting as it has in the past caused me to shake and get a little nervous. Anyway he came in to the Grim Reaper Scent at 30 yards and he is down.

Scott Wright of Williamson, GA
October 29, 2006

My two boys and their cousin with one of the pigs they caught in the trap using the Acorn and Grim Reaper scents.

We decided to harvest a few for the freezer on this trip. This has truely been exciting for me and my boys. We have never done any trapping, or hunting, pigs before now. Built a trap to try and catch some for a fella and we aint been deer hunting this year! Something new is always more fun.

I have had this trap set for about two months now. Caught one boar right off and then nothing for over a month. The coons were either robbing us blind or setting off the trap. The hogs would come to the trap but wouldnt enter it. Started using Acorn scent in a Wickster and sprayed Grim Reaper on the trigger mechanism. We have caught 9 pigs in the last 2-3 weeks in the same trap, in the same location.

We decided to keep these and feed them to fatten them up. No corn needed for bait anymore. Just the In Heat products.

Jesse from California
These Boars Aren't Sus Scrofa
November 01, 2006

None of the bears in these pictures were harvested, nor was there any attempt to harvest any of them. The purpose of the photos is only an attempt to get pictures of a bears reactions to the scent.

And here are some of the bears and their reactions to the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant.

Be careful if you use this product. there is no telling what might take an interest in the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant.


Tim Hicks Takes 275 Pound Sow
using Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant
November 4, 2006

I watched a 5 point come into the feeder for 2 hours, he would feed leave and come back,,but nothing that I wanted,, looked like a yearling. As dark neared I heard hogs downwind of me and moving closer and closer. I prepared for a kill and soon enough about 5 minutes till 6 I see them slowly easing into the feeder. They go right to the Grim Reaper and they start smelling. A large sow,,in the area of 275 or better was last to come in. I shot her and trhe hogs scattered. Richard was hunting by me and took the pics,,which didnt really happen, I guess he doesnt know how to use a digital camera,,so I took a pic of her head and cape with my bow on top of her.

Scott Wright of Williamson, GA
November 2006

Went to Ossabaw last week on the primative weapons hunt. Wind blew around 20-25mph all three days. Nothing was moving so I put out the Grim Reaper Wildlilfe Attractant and this fella come running in within 15 minutes in the stand.

This is'nt a kill, but this little doe also came in the afternoon I shot the pig. She circled the Grim Reaper wick several times trying to locate what smelled so good. She is about 10 feet away from my tree.

Gary Lebo
Hondo, TX
December 2006

In this case, the area is 100 yards from the nearest feeder, and no lights either.

Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant was sprayed on the ground as well as the felt strip.

It also works on coons

And Coyotes.

Scott Wright
Williamson, GA
December 2006

The gentleman that is allowing me to do the product testing went to check my trail camera for me. Walked up on her within 100 yds from the test site. Thats the bottle of Grim Reaper in its mouth.

Gary Lebo
San Antonio, TX
December 2006

The only thing on the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant Game Camera for the week. Odd no raccons or anything else, yet a fairly rare animal caught on camera.

Body cat-like; face somewhat fox-like. Yellowish gray above; whitish buff below. Very long, bushy tail with 14-16 bands, alternating black and white, ending with black at tip; black bands do not meet on underside. Relatively large ears and eyes. No black mask; white or pale eye ring. 5 toes on each foot; claws partially retractile. L 24-32"; T 12 1/4 - 17 1/4"; HF 2 1/4-3 1/8"; Wt 1 7/8-2 1/2 lb.

Similar Species White-nosed Coati is much larger and browner, with thin, indistinctly banded tail. Common Raccoon is larger, with black mask and shorter tail.

Breeding In Texas, mates early April; 1 litter of 2-4 young born late May - early June, sometimes in a nest.

Habitat Varies: usually rocky situations, such as jumbles of boulders, canyons, talus slopes, and rock piles; less commonly, wooded areas with hollow trees; sometimes around buildings.

Range Southwestern Oregon, California, s Nevada, s Utah, w Colorado, and s Kansas south through Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

In a narrow den often padded with moss, grass, or leaves, the Ringtail sleeps by day, lying on its side, its back (summer), or with its tail wrapped about its curled body (winter). It grooms itself upon awakening, scratching with a hindleg, licking its fur, and using its moistened forepaws to clean ears, cheeks, and nose. The Ringtail can leap like a squirrel, and its extraordinarily sharp claws permit it to climb walls or trees. By night, this carnivore ambushes its prey, pouncing and forcing the animal down with its forepaws, then delivering a fatal bite to the neck. It generally begins to eat by devouring its victim’s head. The Ringtail’s varied diet includes grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions; snakes, lizards, toads, and frogs; small birds; small mammals such as rats, mice, squirrels, and rabbits, as well as carrion; and fruit such as persimmons, juniper berries, hackberries, and mistletoe. Young Ringtails are white-haired, fuzzy, and stubby-tailed at birth, but they soon acquire adult coloration and longer tails. Three to four weeks after the birth of the young, the male joins his mate in bringing food to the den. Ringtails hunt independently at about four months of age and disperse in late fall. They squeak when young, but can bark, scream, and snarl in adulthood. When threatened or fighting, the Ringtail screams and secretes a foul-smelling fluid from the anal glands, earning it the name "Civet Cat." This is an allusion to the African carnivore Civettictis civetta, which produces a musky substance called civet that is used in perfumes. The name "Cacomistle" derives from tlacomiztli, which in the language of Mexico’s Nahuatl Indians means "half mountain lion." Better mousers than house cats, Ringtails were once placed in frontier mines to control rodents; hence the name "Miner’s Cat." The chief predators of this animal are the Bobcat and the great horned owl. Neither the fur nor the meat of the Ringtail is considered valuable, but the animal is sometimes killed by humans because of its habit of raiding henhouses.

Billy Gordon
Tyler, TX
December 2006

I have always had good luck with sow in heat but i wasnt sure how this Grim Reaper would do,so i tryed it. Hogs are going in trap smelling it.

Scott Wright
Williamson, GA
December 2006

Poured a bottle of Grim Reaper on this tree

and this big boy made it his own. You can see the bottle stuck in the knot hole above his head.

This is another photo of him after he rubbed the Grim Reaper.

Here are two more hogs that took an interest in the Grim Reaper

Whitetail Deer also take an interest in this scent.

Eric Sawchuk of Hawaiian Sportsman
November 2006

Sprayed Grim Reaper" on the tree to get the hogs to come into this new feeder site. Never expected this!!!!!!
Enjoy Thanks Eric

Video of Hog's Reaction to Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant