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777 Ranch
At the 777 Ranch, each day brings a renewal of one of the finest and most unique sporting experiences found anywhere in the world. As the morning sun paints the sky, it reveals the vibrant colors of a new day and a breathtaking view of the legendary Texas landscape. Coupled with this scenic beauty, is an abundance of native and exotic wildlife. White-tailed deer and large-mouth bass thrive, as well as over 50 species of exotic plains game from five of the world's continents.

For almost 40 years, this 15,000-acre ranch has played host to sportsman from all over the world. Even though these travelers, both individuals and corporations, have the choice of many different destinations, they choose the 777 Ranch again and again because of our endless dedication to provide them with the most exciting and satisfying outdoor experience of their life.
With four sizeable floods and three separate temperature swings dipping in the low twenties to mid teens, much of Arkansas experienced another tough season, but once again we held our own. Truth is, our per day/per guided hunter duck average was the highest average we have ever maintained under such adverse weather conditions. Part of that success can be attributed to our guides and staff, but let's face the facts... a lot of our continued success comes from maintaining top quality, well managed, hunting ground and enough of it. Add our geographic location to the fact that Northeast Arkansas now produces more rice than the rest of the state put together and you should start to form a visual picture of what helps drive our annual success. Factor in the overwhelming advantage of our Rest Days Program and you have a recipe for continued success.
Double A Farms, deer, fishing, and timberDOUBLE A FARMS
In order to have a quality deer herd we need to implement four basic concepts:
Harvest an adequate amount of does
Limit harvest of immature bucks
Cull non-typical bucks (which includes "old spikes")
Enhance foraging habitat with food plots throughout the year.
TEXAS-LTD Trophy Whitetails, coyote, boarTEXAS-LTD
Thank you for your interest in TEXAS LTD. hunting. We hunt the finest Big Buck region of Texas, Shackelford County. The Albany area is famous for all of it's hunting. Year in and Year out, this area consistently produces top trophy animals. In addition, we take pride in having been in the hunting business a long time. Prime ranches, intense game management, and personal close attention to our hunters has been the key to our success and yours. We don't do a lot of hunts, we just do them right. Hope you are able to join us.
Bucks Beware OutfittersBUCKS BEWARE
Bucks BeWare Outfitters is a Whitetail deer and turkey outfitter located in Pike County, Illinois. We offer excellent Whitetail deer hunting on some of the best land in the country for big Pope & Young bucks. The area we hunt is known nationally for very large antlered whitetail bucks. Pike County is located in the western part of Illinois between the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Our greatest strength is that we only take 8 fully guided hunters per package for our 6,000+ acre hunting area. Book your hunt today!
Crosshair Consulting, affordable outdoor adventuresCROSSHAIR CONSULTING
Cross Hair Consulting simply put eliminates the risk of booking a substandard hunting trip with a substandard outfit. We have already done the research for you. Best of all, our services cost you nothing more than if you were to book your hunt directly with the outfitters themselves.

We have personally checked out each outfitter to ensure a quality hunt for your dollar. Our mission statement is simple, "Customer Satisfaction." Repeat Clientele is what makes our operation work. Take the time to review the information on this site. After you’ve booked a hunt though us, we're sure that you’ll continue to use our services for all of your hunts.

"Set your goals as high as you will, but remember that a trophy is truly in the eye of the beholder, and success is not measured solely upon record book scores. Never look down on any animal that you harvest. It only serves to lessen the experience, which you’ve been so graciously given.

Good luck & good hunting.
Ashley Outfitters Guided HuntsASHLEY OUTFITTERS
Trophy Elk Hunts, Trophy Whitetail Hunts, Upland Bird Hunts, Arkansas Duck Hunts, Wild Hog Hunts, Buffalo Hunts, Lodging and Maps, Photo Gallery, Hunting Links, Brochure Request, Orvis Endorsed
Fin and Feather ResortFIN AND FEATHER RESORT
Fin & Feather Resort offers superb Ontario walleye fishing, trophy Canada northern pike fishing, and excellent Canada muskie fishing. Whether you are fishing Canada walleye, fishing Ontario northern pike, or fishing Canadian Muskies; you will find the fishing on Eagle Lake to be excellent and a trip that will fulfill your dreams. A fully modern Ontario fishing resort offering both American and Housekeeping Plans, featuring fine dining and meals, modern accommodations, friendly hospitality, excellent service, professional fishing guides, and the finest in fishing boats and motors. A fantastic Ontario fishing trip at an affordable price.

Located on Eagle River, just a 5 minute boat ride from Outlet Bay on beautiful Eagle Lake. Enjoy 68,000 acres of water, 400 islands & bays, and 400 miles of shoreline. Fin & Feather will produce at trip that will fulfill your dreams.
King Spring Ranch, Longhorns, Hunting, Horses.KINGSPRINGS RANCH
With headquarters north of Dryden, Texas, King Springs Ranch is located 50 miles South of Interstate 10 on Texas Highway 349, about 25 miles West of the Pecos River, and 30 miles north of the Rio Grande. Isolated in the middle of Terrell County, King Springs Ranch is a 15,000 acre working livestock ranch made up of rugged hills, canyons and brushy draws which provide excellent habitat for a good population of whitetail deer, blue quail, mourning dove, turkey, javelina and a few predators (mountain lions were bagged from deer stands during the 1997 and 2003 Whitetail seasons). There are no fees if you happen to shoot a mountain lion, bobcat or coyote.

King Springs Ranch has had a game management program in effect since 1993 allowing nothing smaller than eight point bucks with antlers spread outside the ears to be harvested. Does, long tined spikes and a few bucks with deformed antlers have also been harvested. Approximately 40 tons of alfalfa pellets, corn, milo and cottonseed are fed annually in free choice feeders and automatic feeders located throughout the ranch. This is supplemented with mineral blocks containing high protein and calcium content.

Our accomodations include quarters complete with bunks (bring sleeping bag), bathroom and outfitted kitchen. We also have a walk in cooler to store your deer.
Powers Internationale Hunting ConsultantsPOWERS INTERNATIONALE
Powers Internationale arranges hunting trips worldwide. Whether hunting is just a hobby, a sport or even an obsession - we are sure you will find exactly the type of hunting adventure that you are looking for right here.

If you hunt alone, or with your wife/child, or even a hunting club - we can tailor fit a hunting trip for you.
Whitetail deer and turkey hunting, fishing and fun at PA-KO PlantationPA-KO PLANTATION
PA-KO Plantation was established in 1954 by Paul (PA) and Kookie (KO) Messham. Designed as a family hunting retreat, PA-KO has been privately owned and managed for over 50 years. The Plantation consists of approximately 6000 acres located in Barbour and Bullock counties. The bulk of our acreage consists of planted pine with vast hardwood bottoms. The hardwood bottoms provide excellent habitat for Whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey. The planted pine, combined with regularly scheduled control burning, provides some of the finest Bobwhite quail hunting in the state. Additionally, two ponds are stocked enabling our guests to enjoy some exciting bass and bream fishing. The combination of PA-KO's size, location and staff will provide our guests with a unique southern hunting experience.

We have over a decade working with wildlife experts to enhance habitat and manage the growing population of trophy game. The result has been highly successful, producing one of the finest hunting facilities in the United States. So please click around and read more about us. If you have any additional questions feel free to call, email or write us.
Raders Fish and Game, here Terry Rader holds a 13.4 pound bass caught February 2000 from Lake El Salto.RADERS FISH AND GAME
Since the early 1970’s Terry and Mitzi have been to Mexico bass fishing on all of Mexico’s great bass lakes. Terry has been to Venezuela and Brazil peacock bass fishing on Lake Guri and the Rio Negro River. He has been to Alaska fishing several times catching Alaska salmon and Trophy Northern Pike. He has been in Argentina hunting and witnessed the phenomenal Argentina dove hunting. Argentina wing shooting is as good as it gets. Terry has also enjoyed the great duck hunting and white wing dove hunting that Mexico and South America have to offer. We can offer you the best inshore and offshore Costa Rica fishing there is available anywhere. We have a combination, morning duck hunt and afternoon trout and red fish fishing available in southern Louisiana. We can offer you Trophy Whitetail and fantastic goose hunting in Alberta, Canada.

From these experiences, we have chosen what we consider to be the best outfitters in the business for the destinations we have chosen to offer on our web site. You can get the details on each of these destinations by simply clicking on the icons at the top. As your booking agent our goal is to provide you with the fishing or hunting trip of a lifetime.
Outback Expeditions, Austrailian Big Game ExpeditionsOUTBACK EXPEDITIONS
We work in the vast wilderness of the Australian Outback, mainly in Arnhemland where Aboriginal Traditional Owners have a commitment to ensure their fragile tropical environment, native flora and fauna are not threatened by over population of Feral Game species. Hunting is a much needed conservation tool, and like farming, sustainable utilisation is also a source of food and income for local people. Hunters are dedicated responsible citizens who enjoy hunting and respect wildlife and the outdoors, they abide by hunting laws and codes of ethics. They must not be mistaken for poachers who kill or wound animals illegally. Hunters are active conservationists who spend their time and money in the field working together at protecting wildlife resources, endangered species and the great outdoors.
Hunting Safaris, African Big Game HuntingHUNTING SAFARIS
There is a sense of expectancy as the sun climbs and casts its light on one of the planets most magical continents. Africa, a jewel unlike any other. Here populations of wild animals still roam across tracts of untouched lands.

But as most of the worlds resources Africa's game populations are under constant threat. Ever expanding human populations have concentrated most of Africas wildlife into fenced in pockets of land scattered around the continent. The instinctive migratory animal routes no longer exits and the balance of wildlife populations have been thrown off to such an extent that the only way to keep their equilibrium is through human intervention.

Asin all forms of life a biosphere can accommadte only a certain amount of animals in order to sustain itself. An under or over utilization of its resources always ends up with catastrophic consequences with almost irrevesrible damage to the environment and its inhabitants.

Huntington Safaris and Tours use distinguished Profesional hunters on all their safaris. Owner Jaco Haar is one of the first registered Profesional Hunters in South Africa. He has hunted throughtout South Africa and is well known within hunting circles within the continent.

A safari with Jaco or any of his Professional Hunters will surpas all your expectatons. Each Profesional Hunter has a thorough understanding of the African Bush, its wildlife and local people.
Texas Big Bucks, if you want to get big bucks you have to go where they live.TEXAS BIG BUCKS
Welcome to TexasBigBucks.com. A website designed for the trophy hunter. This website will allow hunters access to post a classified add or a hunting lease for FREE (terms and agreements). You can also take advantage of our TexasBigBucks membership which gives you access to our extensive database and the ability to browse listed classified adds and hunting leases. TexasBigBucks.com is committed to offering a service to the hunting community that is not only enjoyable but useful too. To learn more about becoming a member of TexasBigBucks.com and the benefits click here.
Captain Fat Cat's Fishing Report, Stephanie from Gulf Breeze, Florida with her possible WORLD RECORD shark. CAPTAIN FAT CAT'S FISHING REPORT
Shark infestation still exists in Pensacola Bay, Kenny and Michelle from Arkansas had their share of sharks with 12 fish RELEASED UNHARMED, some Reef sharks and some Blacktips all ranging from 30-50 lbs.
B and D services, Deer, Antelope, Turkey, Coyote, Grouse, Pheaseant, Prairie Dog, JOIN THE 500 OR 1000 YARD CLUB at a prairie dog town pictured here in South Dakota.SOUTH DAKOTA GUIDES AND OUTFITTERS
South Dakota hunting Guides and Outfitters offers Pheasant Hunts, Whitetail Deer Hunts, Mule Deer hunts, Merriam Turkey Hunting, Antelope Hunting, Prairie Dog and Coyote Hunts. We offer Rifle and Archery Hunts for Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Turkey, and Antelope, along with Muzzleloader hunts for resident Deer hunting.

Located near Winner SD, B&D Guide Service offers some premier hunting in south central South Dakota for Antelope hunts , Deer hunts, Turkey hunting , Pheasant hunts, Coyote hunts and Prairie Dog hunting. B&D has been guiding hunts in South Dakota since 1994. Our guides are experienced hunters themselves and can put you on your species.

We guide for the Ringneck Pheasant, Sharptail Grouse, and the Lesser Prairie Chicken. All hunts are conducted on private lands. We guide for the small groups of hunters ( 1-4 ). We recommend 12 Ga. and 20 Ga. Shotguns with heavy field loads during the 1st week of the season and from then on magnum loads. Hunts are conducted on the small grain fields and corp land.

We offer some of the finest bird hunting in central South Dakota. We are located 42 miles west of Winner SD. in the town of Wood South Dakota. Join us for some excellent Pheasant and Grouse hunts.
Aniak Air Guides, Big gmae hunting, and fishing, here we are with ANOTHER BOONE AND CROCKETT TROPHY BEARANIAK AIR GUIDES
Experience the adventure of a lifetime in the remote and scenic backcountry of the Yukon-Kuskokwim region of western Alaska. Aniak Air Guides has been offering Alaskan Wilderness Adventures since 1995. Our lodge is located in the village of Aniak, 350 miles west of the nearest road system. We are surrounded by breathtaking scenery that provides the quintessential Alaskan experience - it doesn't get any wilder than this! We are right in the heart of the best fishing and hunting in the state, if not the planet!

Many thousands of species call our Western Alaska home. On land there are brown bears, grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, red fox, lynx, wolves, wolverines, musk ox, moose, and ptarmigan. In the water there are tundra swans, hundreds of species of waterfowl and other migratory birds, all five species of salmon, rainbow trout, lake trout, arctic char, dolly varden, grayling, pike, burbot, and sheefish. Overhead, bald eagles, peregrine falcons and other raptors soar.

Aniak Air Guides is owned and operated by pilot and guide Rob Kinkade, while Rick and Lori Townsend round out the guiding roster. With thousands of hours of flying in the bush and decades of guiding experience, we know what true sportsmen and sportswomen deserve to assure that their stay with us becomes the experience of a lifetime. Personal service and safety are our highest priorities. For example, every group receives a marine radio so that we can fly over and check in on each group - guided and unguided - midway through the trip.

All of us here at Aniak Air Guides are excited to share our little piece of heaven with you, and we look forward to being part of your great Alaskan wilderness adventure!
Rick Valdez, Professional Bowhunter and Hunting Consultant, This caribou taken with TONY LEE IN ALASKA, is one of the biggest ever taken with a bow. Rick is scattered all over our site with trophies he has taken, thanks Rick keep on truckinRICK VALDEZ
Rick Valdez has traveled and hunted on 4 continents; South America, North America, Africa, and Australia in the lsat 25 years. He has taken over 750 big game animals with bow and arrow and has done it from New Zealand to Tansania and from Alaska to Hawaii including some memorable hunts in Canada.
Kiwi Safaris, Joe with his 400SCI scored bull elk.KIWI SAFARIS
KIWI Safaris New Zealand is a small family business based in the beautiful city of Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand. The company is owned and operated by Mike and Ruth Freeman.

Mike’s great love of hunting over the previous twenty years saw him become an Outfitter in 1988. Being an avid trophy hunter, he has built up an excellent knowledge of all game species found in throughout the South Pacific. Mike has also hunted overseas with some of the best outfitters in Australia, New Caledonia, Mongolia, Canada and the United States.

In January 2004 Mike was honoured by Safari Club International at the Reno Convention when he was awarded the runner up award for the International Professional Hunter of the Year for 2004.
We are located between the Arkansas and White Rivers in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. Our family owned and operated guide service offers you the most spectacular heart-pounding hunting experience available. Our complete staff caters to your every need and gives new meaning to the tradition of "Southern Hospitality". We guarantee that you will make memories of a lifetime when you book with the best at Buckshot Duck Lodge.
Ashgrove Wildlife from The United Kingdom offers hunting for red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, and muntjac deer in EnglandASHGROVE WILDLIFE U.K.
Ashgrove Wildlife Services can offer deer stalking for the following species, Red, Roe, Fallow, CWD, Muntjac deer and exotic species to sportsman from home and abroad within a wide range of habitats, from coniferous or broadleaf woodlands to undulating open ground.

If required, various types of high seats are available from single to permanent seats housing 3 or 4 persons. All stalking/hunting is on a fair chase basis, so expect to work hard, certainly in respect of woodland still hunting, or rough open ground stalking. A degree of fitness would be beneficial certainly in respect of the latter.

Ashgrove Wildlife is a well established private run company, who's head stalker has some forty years experience covering all aspects of deer management, a keen naturalist since childhood, with a firm belief in the concept of traditional ethical values, held dear by true sportsmen and hunters throughout the world.

Ashgrove has exclusive rights to some of the finest deer estates in Eastern England and Home counties, all quite unique with a charm of their own, which have played host to countless generations of sportsmen/women throughout the ages. For those seeking that special trophy or exotic deer species we are able to offer stalking / hunting on various well established estates in the South of England, each like all of our estates offering deer of outstanding quality. Stalking / hunting can be tailored to suit individual needs, please email or telephone with any special requests.

For overseas visitors wishing to use their own rifles, after providing the necessary information, a temporary firearms certificate can be obtained. Our office can process this application for you in time for your visit. However the estate does have various stalking rifles available for client's use (subject to suitability) for which a modest fee is charged.
Country Sports from the United Kingdom, wild boar hunts in Poland and Germany, Red Stag, Sika, Fallow, Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge, Duck, Hare, Rabbit, and Woodcock also availableCOUNTRY SPORTS
We organise Red Stag, deer hunting /stalking, Roe Buck, Fallow, Red Hind, and also Wild Boar & deer shoots in Poland (driven & stalking).

Side tours, castles, distilleries, Or just our fabulous scenery!

We organise hunting / shooting for Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge, Duck, Geese, Hare, Rabbit, Woodcock, Mountain Hare. Either Walked up or driven.

Shopping trips, historic tours or any other points of interest can also be arranged.

Guides, permits, transport, dogs, accommodation, transport all arranged. Trips tailored by Scotland's longest established owner managed agency to make your experience memorable! We comply with the EC Package Travel Regulations. We live & work in Scotland - this way we know all our areas well - this gives our customers a great advantage over others who book with tour operators who are not located near the hunting areas.
Big Lake Outdoors, deer, turkey, ducks, geese, dove, and fishingBIG LAKE OUTDOORS
With over 4,000 acres available to us in three counties of two states, we're able to offer our hunters not only a wide variety of sites but also the benefit of being able to move to where the birds are working.

WATERFOWLING: We offer hunts for some of the largest Canada geese you've ever seen (the largest we've take were 17 1/2 and 18 pounds) and shallow-water marsh hunts for Lake Michigan divers. And new for 2005, we're offering Annual Memberships for Michigan Goose Hunting just north of Buchanan, Michigan in the St. Joe River valley.

FISHING: For the fishermen, we can get you into some of this area's most famous attractions -- steelhead and chinook upwards of 30 pounds. And no need to bring Dramamine, either. We'll be wet fly fishing, or other similar tactic, from shore.

We also pride ourselves on getting youngsters involved as well. Hunters under the age of 16 hunt for half-price and non-hunting kids are free, and we offer fishing packages especially for the little ones.
Arizona Waterfowl HuntingARIZONA WATERFOWL
Arizona Wildlife News & Articles
B&B Worldwide Fishing Adventures provide sportsmen and women with quality fishing and hunting vacations at a wide variety of International and American destinations. We will arrange trips for small personal groups or large corporate getaways. Our fishing and hunting trips also make great family vacations with many of the lodges offering additional activities such as eco tours, whale watching, bear viewing and more. We offer personalized service at no charge to you. New for this season - Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort British Columbia salmon fishing resorts.
HAWGWILD PLANTATION is located at Padgett’s Retreat 20 miles south of Augusta, Georgia on Highway 23 south. We are 100% Fair Chase operation on 800 acres of swamps, hardwoods and fields. We plant crops year round to maintain and hold our herds. Our stands are custom built, large and comfortable. Our cabins are First Class and surround a 20 acre catch and release pond. Meals are cooked daily, offering fine Southern Cuisine.
A-W Outfitters Elk Hunting - Idaho, Montana, ColoradoA-W Outfitters: Elk Hunting - Idaho, Montana, Colorado
The gang at A-W Outfitters is here to provide you with an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. Idaho offers the best big game hunting in the West. As you browse through our web site, make sure to save our address on your Favorites List. Feel free to down load any of the photos or information sheets about our hunts. Our web site is our brochure, everything you will need (Contracts, Idaho License Info.& other documents) to reserve a trip can be found on our site. We GUARANTEE IDAHO TAGS and are currently accepting reservations for the hunts on the LEFT. If you would like information or want to book your hunt call us at (208) 682-3399.

The nature of our business puts us in the woods nine months of the year. We check for messages on a regular basis. If we are out, make sure to leave a message and a Contact Phone # where we can reach you. We will get back to you in a timely manner.
Sandy Podsaid ~ Outfitter
At SSO, we specialize in arranging hunts for trophy-sized animals, optimally exceeding the Pope & Young Record Book minimums, with bow and arrow. Any outfitter can guide rifle or bow hunters to small or average sized bucks and bulls. But, in our opinion, that’s not why you hire an outfitter. You hire a guide to have an opportunity at trophy animals you might not otherwise have the opportunity at.

Here at SSO, we honestly believe we offer some of the best bowhunts in North America and Africa, especially for trophy-sized animals. For example, our eastern Colorado trophy whitetail and mule deer hunts offer some of the best trophy hunting in the country. Ditto for our British Columbia mountain goat and black bear hunts. Our B.C. outfitter will very likely harvest the next P&Y world record mountain goat in the near future. And our Africa hunts provide some of the best trophy quality in all of Africa.

Being a full-service company, we try to offer hunts that cover the gambit - from Colorado elk to African plains game. If you don't see the hunt you are looking for on our website, please contact us and through our network of outfitters and hunting consultants, we can generally arrange any hunt you desire.
We are a small group of hunters that have over 100 years of combined hunting experience. We have hunted big game in multiple states, such as, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Montana, Alabama, South Carolina, Wyoming, and Kansas to name a few. We have hunted white tail, wild hogs, antelope, various exotics, water fowl, and practically every small game animal and varmints.
The Bow and Arrow is not the novel invention people today believe it to be, but rather a progression of existing technology. The existing technology, for thousands of years, was that of the Atlatl and Dart. Like the Bow, the Atlatl accelerates a flexible shaft from the rear. For the Bow the flexible shaft is called an Arrow. For the Atlatl the flexible shaft is called a Dart. Research by BPS Engineering has proven that the only difference between these two weapons--and a minor one at that--is the type of acceleration imparted to the rear of the flexible shaft. The Bow is a linear accelerator, accelerating the Arrow from the rear in a straight line. The Atlatl is an angular accelerator, accelerating the Dart from the rear in an arc. But, appearances aside, both physically and mathematically the Bow and the Atlatl are exactly the same type of weapon.
Here at South Georgia Bad Boars we specialize in trophy hogs. Wild hog hunting is more than a recreational sport to us, it is a way of life and something that is passed on from generation to generation. Spend the day here at South Georgia Bad Boars Hunting Preserve and you will be addicted to the experience too. A typical hunt here starts before daylight. Hunters are assigned a stand and escorted to it by one of our guides. Our guides are well seasoned with over 20 years experience. They know the patterns of the hogs and are there to give you the best opportunity for a successful hunt. All stands are placed on well used trails and feeding areas. Hunting results depend on a number of things, including weather, your hunting abilities, and sometimes just plain luck. All of our hunts are by reservation only, which allows us to limit the number of hunters during your hunt.
DOA Outfitters offers action filled guided hunts in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware & Saskatchewan for the following:
- Greater & Lesser Snow Goose Hunting
- Ross Geese Hunting
- Speckle Bellies Hunting
- Canadian Goose Hunting
- Turkey Hunting
- Exotic Sika Deer Hunting (Free Roaming)
- Whitetail Deer Hunting
- Black Bear Hunting (4 Color Phases)
- Duck Hunting
- Mourning Dove Hunting
- Sea Duck Hunting
- Other types of waterfowl hunting

Come experience the breath taking beauty of Maryland and Virginia's Eastern Shore, Delaware, Saskatchewan, and Washington State as we pursue our game.

Forget about the hard to decoy Lesser Snow geese of TEXAS. Watch as thousands of Greater Snow Geese at daybreak coming at our goose rig in one of the many fields that DOA Outfitters hunts on the Delmarva Peninsula. Experience the excitement of laying on your back as the Snow geese start their infamous white, cyclonic swirl over the rig as they gradually descend into the decoys with a deafening honking roar so loud you can barely hear the guide holler TAKE EM'. We also harvest Canada Geese and Puddle Ducks in almost all of our trips when hunting the Greater Snow Goose.
Welcome to the 4B Ranch in Ovalo, Texas. Nestled in the Big Country of West Texas, the 4B Ranch is host to many species of wildlife and wide open views. At the 4B Ranch, you will find examples of Texas' finest wildlife and managed game including Russian Boar, Whitetail Deer, Dove, Quail, Sandhill Crane, Ducks, Geese and Turkey. Our personalized service, excellent accommodations, and great hunting in a relaxed setting creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests.

The 4B Ranch has a different approach than many game ranches. For lodged hunts, the 4B does not host large groups. For groups of 3 or more, the lodge and ranch are reserved exclusively for you and hosted by us. All hunters have prime spots with abundant opportunity. It is our mission to make your hunt the most enjoyable experience possible by providing personalized attention. Year round feeding and intense management have produced excellent hunting that is personally guided by the ranch owners. The lodging is first class and the food is top notch. We work hard to ensure that you have a successful, pleasant and memorable hunting experience.
Midnight Sun Safaris
Welcome to Midnight Sun Safaris, your Alaska hunting guides!

Midnight Sun Safaris takes pride in providing high-quality hunting trips throughout the interior of Alaska. Our experienced and qualified guides do everything possible to make sure you have a successful and memorable fairchase hunting experience.

In addition, we offer year-round non-hunting excursions into the Alaska wilderness. Horseback pack trips into Alaskan back country are offered through Denali Saddle Safaris from may through July. Excellent wildlife viewing and photography opportunities abound - and we'll take you to fishing holes that simply can not be beat.

For those hardy individuals who wish to enjoy the snow-bound splendor that Alaska has to offer, we offer wintertime adventures from November through March. come watch Aurora Borealis dance across the northern sky and enjoy the pristine beauty of America's last frontier.
Introducing The World to Hunting & Fishing, one Photograph at a time. We are a "Free" hunting & fishing photo and story website displaying photos since 1999 on the internet from all over the world. We offer a Maine Moose Hunting Permit Swap site, a Coyote Hunting Contest, Turkey Hunting Contests, and other contest annually. In the Fall of 2008 we will be introducing our newest feature, Swap Your Hunts, From Maine To California, a service for hunters to swap private guided hunts, from their State to another hunters State. In January, 2008, MaineHunters joined the realm of Pro-Staff hunters, filming hunting and fishing footage for our own DVD's coming out in 2009 and streaming video footage for the MaineHunters.com website.

Volkswagon Beetle Guide