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Hey Fred,
Below is a picture of one of the rootings at the base of a pine tree with one of the smashed capsules. The picture isn't the best in the world but it should give you some kind of an idea about just how aggressive the hogs can be when they are trying to get at the Hog In Heat scent. There is some corn scattered about on the ground in the surrounding area from a nearby feeder but the rooting is strictly for the Hog In Heat scent. The capsule is just to the left of the center of the photo. Feel free to use this photo as you see fit.

Thanks again for making such a GREAT product.


Just a side note. I started using your Rank Boar scent a couple of weeks ago and suddenly the hogs have returned to my area and they've brought Big Daddy with them. I haven't actually seen this hog but his tracks and rubs are enormous, bigger than any hog I've ever seen before. I mean this thing has tracks the size of a calf! I have a creosote railroad crosstie tied to the top of two concrete blocks next to my feeding area. I've been spraying a little Rank Boar scent on the low hanging limbs of a nearby pine tree and on the end of the crosstie. Sunday afternoon I went to check on the area and freshen the feeder and found that the crosstie had been thrown around by this monster hog like it was some kind of play toy. I'm going to continue using it like I have for the next week or two and then show-up for a hunt and see if I can't take him. I'll send you some pictures when I do.

Thanks again for everything,

I think the combo mixture(25% Doe In Heat Urine, 25%Whitetail Semen, 25% Whitetail Tarsal Gland Scent, 25% Purified Water) is going to be nothing less than fantastic. In the area that I hunt there is little or no deer activity. I have a lot of deer around the small area that I call my own in my hunting club but my particular area is almost strictly for hog only, except this year. Right after I received my last order I sprayed a little (just a squirt or two) of the Doe In Heat and put a few drops of the new combo mixture near the base of a pine tree on the edge of a small food plot (iron clay peas, Austrian winter peas, wheat, rye, clover and rape) and have continued to do so weekly. Last Friday when I went to check on the food plot and my stand I was shocked to see a large scrape about 20 feet away from the pine tree and large deer tracks all around the edges of my food plot. For the past two years there have been no sign of deer in this area at all and now all of a sudden I have a large scrape and a bunch of tracks! There is no way that this is a coincidence. If you were to see my area you'd know that it is conducive to hogs and not deer. Having deer suddenly show-up in this area is a big deal and it had to take something special to draw them in. Firearms deer season doesn't open here until next Saturday (Oct. 22nd 2005) but you can bet that I'll be hanging a few scents strips of both scents before I climb into the stand next Saturday morning. I'll send you some pictures as soon as the deer is down. I'll try to get back out to the club before the end of the week and get a couple of pictures of the scrape for you as well.


Hi Fred, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I took a few days off work and have been in the woods.

Thanks to you, I've had the greatest hunting season ever. Three weeks ago I hung a thick piece of felt over a tree limb and wet it down with the combo scent. I also wet down another piece with just the Doe In Heat scent and hung it over another limb about 30 feet away to spread the scent over a large area.

A couple of hours later just as it was getting dark a nice four pointer come running into my area to check out the scent. Unfortunately, when I shot I missed completely but at least it was a clean miss and I didn't have a wounded animal somewhere in the brush.

However, last week I started using it again in the same manner but also used a grunt call. On Friday evening I took a very nice seven pointer. Then on Sunday, I continued with the grunt and took a huge eight pointer.

Fred, all of these deer came running, not walking, but running into the area. I've never seen anything like it. They had thrown all caution to the wind and literally ran to see where the scent was coming from.

Used during the peak of the rut, I don't think your combo scent can be beat. I've honestly never seen anything like it except for the way Hog In Heat works. I'll be singing your praises over the internet and around the hunting camp for a long time to come. A hunting buddy took some pictures with his digital camera because I was foolish and left mine at home but as soon as he gets them downloaded I'll be sure to send you a few.

Thanks again for all that you've done for me. There is still a lot of hunting season left so hopefully I'll have a couple of more stories for you before it ends. Jan. 15th.

I've now taken my limit of bucks for the year so I'll be passing along whatever scent I have remaining to some fellow hunting club members. I'll be interesting to see what kind of results they have.

Thanks Again,

I was finally able to get a picture of the scrape that mysteriously appeared a short time after beginning to use the combo scent and it was from over this scrape that all three deer that I shot at this year appeared. Remember, there was no deer activity in these woods whatsoever for the past few years and then suddenly, BAM!
Thanks Again,