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In Heat Scents Hog In Heat Urine

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What is it in In Heat Urines
That Make Them Work?

Here is a picture received from Antonnio Bazzoni of Italy
who is a customer that uses a lot of HOG IN HEAT SCENT. Antonnio also uses the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant

This hog weighed 150 KG, a record, most of our big boars go about 100 KG

Boar harvested using In Heat Scents Hog urine.

Here is an email received by Kevin Ryer of Texas Boars
from one of our customers that he recommended the HOG IN HEAT SCENT to.


Can you believe it, I got a pig in one of your traps. 180 Lbs. field dressed or 250 Texas Lbs. I used corn and a tampon soaked in Heat Scent, hanging from the top of the trap and a few drops on the trip wire. Here are a few pix.

Dell BarrittL

Hog trapped using In Heat Scents Hog urine to help bait the trap. Hog trapped using In Heat Scents Hog urine to help bait the trap.

Here are some emails from our customers. send your story in also.

Your stuff works!

Friday night dad (73 year old know it all, former Alaska Guide, with the beard, 200 float plane stories, moose, bear, and fishing stories and all around bush type of guy) and I went out and I got a 280 LB boar. He said it was a Russian Bore because of the shape and color.

It was unbelievable.

We had full moon and two or three times hogs came to the set but they did not feed. Seems that they were just working the "in heat scent," They came in so quite and I only heard them when they grunted. It was like they had tennis shoes on. I did not get a shot at the first two. But the third one (or the same guy came back) came wondered around a bit.

I thought he was much smaller. My dad could not even see him. It was too dark. He was about 50 to 60 yards away. Here is the amazing thing. Amazing for me anyway. I did not use the light. I put him in the scope and I couldn't even seem my cross hairs. I put the center of the scope about a foot back from what I thought was his head and after 10 fifteen seconds I squeezed a slow one off. My dad was waiting for me to signal him to turn the light on and the shot surprised the bejeebles out of him.

Anyway, I jumped up and starting running for the hog and fell flat on my face. The old adrenaline was pumping. We got over the fence and no sight to be seen. I thought maybe I had shot high but after a few minutes of wandering around I saw a "rock" I didn't recognize. It was the HOG. Deader than Lazuruas with no resurrection. I was jumping in the air I was so happy.

Unbelievable. The shot entered right behind the shoulder blade and did not exit. Very little blood. Some from the mouth as well. No blood on the kill site. We were even able to drive right up to him and drag him up a board I had. It was one the best hunts I have ever had. Dad said it was the best shot he ever saw. Heck, he didn't see anything!

We weighed the hog at the processor it was 278lb. We gutted it there and I am going to do a shoulder mount. Cannot believe my good fortune on my first boar. I am very thankful.

We will go back and try to get an eating size one with the Luke and Will.

I was skeptical about the scent stuff, but the hogs that came in were not feeding at all and were mulling around on the ground in the areas I had sprinkled. Got to be the scent. (Johnson Company In Heat Scent - Hog) All of these hogs were very sensitive to noise as the first two wondered off because of the little bit of noise we made and I am actually glad they did otherwise I would have not gotten the one I did.

The scent has worked here for me.
I set up another site and had pigs coming there in a few days. But the only thing wrong is it's so strong soap and water won't get it off your hands.LOL

All kidding aside it really made the difference in our hog hunting.

Thanks Rod
Our HOG IN HEAT URINE was more than this ole boy could handle.

Hugh Starr from Texas Limited Hunts
who guided the hunt this trophy was taken on,
says the big'un weighed over 500 pounds
and took 4 people to put him in the truck.

He sure hangs off both ends of that tailgate huh?

Hugh Starr guided the hunt this big'un was taken on. Over 500 pounds of boar hog after the HOT SMELL OF OUR HOG IN HEAT URINE

If you are from Hawaii and want to purchase some Hog In Heat Urine or any number of other hog and hog dog hunting supplies, visit our friends at

Acorn - Corn Field Test #1 by Cody Weiser
August 22, 2006

Fred (Hunter Claus) sent me some of his new Corn and Acorn liquid scent attractant to try out and field test in my European boar pens. Here are my tests conducted during field test #1 and the results observed.

I make no money or profit whatsoever from these products.

I first arrived at the pens at around 6:30 pm. It was cloudy and in the low 90's. The hogs were hungry and ready to be fed. I poured a small amount of the acorn scent in one trough and the same amount of the corn scent in a trough close by. The hogs sniffed on both scents but really got after the acorn scent. Small shoats and a sow flipped over in the trough with the acorn scent.

I then fed the hogs their regular feed. I walked approx 10' away from the troughs to the water hole. I poured half the corn scent (bout 2 oz) on one side of the water hole in the mud at the water's edge. I walked to the other side of the water hole (water hole is bout 8' in diameter) and poured the acorn scent on the edge of the mud in the same manner as I did the corn. Samson (big boar in my avatar) left the feed trough after only taking a few bites (rare) and went directly to the acorn scent and rolled in it over and over covering both his sides with the acorn scent and totally wallering out a dent in the ground. (I've only seen him do this with spoiled cooking oil and Black Gold.) He did this for about 1 minute then slowly returned to the feed trough only after covering himself with the scent.

Smaller hogs walked to both areas and smelt the groung while smaller boars rolled in the acorn scent much like Samson had done.

I am totally convinced that the acorn scent was an excellent attractant for the hogs. The corn was not their pick when both scents were put out at the same time.

I will try each scent seperately in the pens on different days and then will try them in font of the game camera down by the river to see how the deer react.

Cody Weiser
Wild Boar USA-Brutal Boar Creations/ Owner
Weiser Weight & Tusk Wild Boar Record Book
Wild Boar USA

Acorn Field Test #1 by Tim Hicks
August 29, 2006

Ok I set a test up to conduct on the new scents that arrived last week. Lauren and I moved a trap where a few hot spots been occuring.

I used the Acorn Scent alone no corn as its been so hot, I have been baiting the tank WATCH-OUT with corn,,this time I used the Acorn Scent on a few rubs where they have been rubbing my Black Gold, the rest went into the trap with a dripper.

TRAP SET 2 days.


Is it good??

Acorn Field Test #1 by Douglas Mason
September 2, 2006

Set this trap two days ago with Black Gold and Acron scent only.

Coons are a problem but scent seems to work.

Douglas Mason

Cowboys for Christ


Gamecam Picture and Comments of
Boar Marking Wild Boar Matrix Atttractant

October 9, 2006

Ok guys a few may have seen this photo on the Black gold,,pics,, BUT it may have rubbed the black gold but,,but what I forgot to mention after two days of the black Gold out I used the new Hog Matrix scent and dumped a bottle in front of my cam so I could see if it was really working,, this Boar is squirting his secret recipe in the pile of the matrix scent,,he is down on his front kness and squirting.

You guys need to try this stuff,, I believe this in addition to the black gold..is a way way plus!! Try it.

Keith Gilmer Boar Harvested with
Grim Reaper Animal Atttractant and Lure

October 14, 2006

I reached my stand just before sunrise, when I heard this movement in the brush. I could tell what was out there was really huge. It was to careless to be a deer, so I knew it either had to be a very big hog or a bear that frequents the property. Thankfully before I had left my truck I had sprayed my boots with In Heat Scents Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure, the smell held the curiosity of the animal, and kept him in the area until I could identify it as a huge hog. Without In Heat Scents Grim Reaper scent on my boots I never would have got a shot at this monster.

State: Georgia
Weapon: T/C Omega .50 cal
Sabot: T/C XTP Mag
Powder: American Pioneer
Scent: In Heat Scents Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure

Scott Wright of Williamson, GA
October 29, 2006

My two boys and their cousin with one of the pigs they caught in the trap using the Acorn and Grim Reaper scents.

We decided to harvest a few for the freezer on this trip. This has truely been exciting for me and my boys. We have never done any trapping, or hunting, pigs before now. Built a trap to try and catch some for a fella and we aint been deer hunting this year! Something new is always more fun.

I have had this trap set for about two months now. Caught one boar right off and then nothing for over a month. The coons were either robbing us blind or setting off the trap. The hogs would come to the trap but wouldnt enter it. Started using Acorn scent in a Wickster and sprayed Grim Reaper on the trigger mechanism. We have caught 9 pigs in the last 2-3 weeks in the same trap, in the same location.

We decided to keep these and feed them to fatten them up. No corn needed for bait anymore. Just the In Heat products.

Douglas Mason Traps 5 Hogs
Using Corn Scent and Black Gold
November 02, 2006

Last week posted picture of 6 hogs and have 5 more today in same trap. Using Corn Scent and Black Gold to attract. Been working well for me and coons not eating corn because none in the trap.

Tim Hicks Takes 275 Pound Sow
using Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant
November 4, 2006

I watched a 5 point come into the feeder for 2 hours, he would feed leave and come back,,but nothing that I wanted,, looked like a yearling. As dark neared I heard hogs downwind of me and moving closer and closer. I prepared for a kill and soon enough about 5 minutes till 6 I see them slowly easing into the feeder. They go right to the Grim Reaper and they start smelling. A large sow,,in the area of 275 or better was last to come in. I shot her and trhe hogs scattered. Richard was hunting by me and took the pics,,which didnt really happen, I guess he doesnt know how to use a digital camera,,so I took a pic of her head and cape with my bow on top of her.

Scott Wright of Williamson, GA
November 2006

Went to Ossabaw last week on the primative weapons hunt. Wind blew around 20-25mph all three days. Nothing was moving so I put out the Grim Reaper Wildlilfe Attractant and this fella come running in within 15 minutes in the stand.

Mark Cappio of TX
November 2006

Whitetail Buck and big hog taken using In Heat Scents WghitetailDoe In Heat Urine, and the In Heat Scents Hog In Heat Urine.

Tommy M of TX
October 12, 2006

This Boar was caught on 10/12/06 using Hog in Heat. I first set up scent bombs using cotton balls and film canasters. Then bait the trap with straight corn and place my scent bomb inside. Then like my daughter use to say "the door comes down and the piggy stay inside." You can see the empty bottle placed in the trap wire on the backside.

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