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  1. The Ancient One
  2. When the Animals and Birds Were Created
  3. The Apache Creation Story
  4. The Artichoke And The Muskrat
  5. Chipmunk and Bear
  6. The Legend of the Bear Family
  7. How Bear Lost His Tail
  8. The Bear And The Puma
  9. Mooin, the Bear's Child
  10. In the Beginning
  11. Big Long Man's Corn Patch
  12. Bluebird and the Coyote
  13. Buffalo and Eagle Wing
  14. The Buffalo and the Field Mouse
  15. How the Buffalo Hunt Began
  16. Race with Buffalo
  17. How the Buffalo Were Released on Earth
  18. The Buffalo Rock
  19. Buffalo Woman, A Story of Magic
  20. California Creation Lore
  21. The Legend of the Cedar Tree
  22. Origin of the Clans
  23. How The Clans Came To Be
  24. The Comrades
  25. The Raccoon and the Bee-Tree
  26. How Corn Came to the Earth
  27. Coyote and the Monsters of Bitterroot Valley
  28. Coyote vs. Duck
  29. The Coyote and the Hen
  30. Coyote Kills a Giant
  31. Coyote And The Monster Of Kamiah
  32. Coyote and Multnomah Falls
  33. Skunk Outwits Coyote
  34. How Coyote Stole Fire
  35. Coyote's Salmon
  36. Creation of the First Indians
  37. Cricket and Cougar
  38. Dance of the Dead
  39. How The Earth Was Made
  40. The Falcon And The Duck
  41. Fire Race
  42. The First Fire
  43. The First Moccasins
  44. How the Fly Saved the River
  45. The Forgotten Ear of Corn
  46. How Glooskap Found the Summer
  47. The Frogs And The Crane
  48. Ghost of the White Deer
  49. Blessed Gift of Joy is Bestowed Upon Man
  50. Godasiyo the Woman Chief
  51. The Hermit, Or The Gift Of Corn
  52. Hero with the Horned Snakes
  53. How the Hopi Indians Reached Their World
  54. The Hungry Fox and the Boastful Suitor
  55. The Hunter And The Dakwa
  56. The Hunting of the Great Bear
  57. Return of Ice Man
  58. Ableegumooch, the Lazy Rabbit
  59. Story Of The Lost Wife
  60. How the Great Chiefs Made the Moon and the Sun
  61. The Magic Arrows
  62. A Little Brave And the Medicine Woman
  63. Men Visit the Sky
  64. Why Mount Shasta Erupted
  65. The Mysteriuos Butte
  66. Why the North Star Stands Still
  67. How the Old Man Made People
  68. The Resuscitation of the Only Daughter
  69. Origin of the Animals
  70. Origin of the Buffalo
  71. How the Buffalo Dance Was Given To The People
  72. The Origin of Fire
  73. The Origin of Game and of Corn
  74. The Origin of Light
  75. The Origin of Medicine
  76. The Origin of The Medicine Men
  77. The Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe
  78. The Origin of Strawberries
  79. The Origin of Summer and Winter
  80. The Origin of the Sweat Lodge
  81. The Origin of the Thunderbird
  82. The Origin of Tobacco
  83. The Origin of Yosemite
  84. The Story Of The Pet Crane
  85. The Pet Donkey
  86. Porcupine Hunts Buffalo
  87. Why the Opossum's Tail Is Bare
  88. How Rabbit Fooled Alligator
  89. Rabbit Calls a Truce
  90. Rabbit and The Coyote
  91. Two Fawns and a Rabbit
  92. Rabbit and Fox
  93. Rabbit and the Moon Man
  94. Rabbit and Otter, The Bungling Hos
  95. Rabbit shoots the Sun
  96. How Rabbit Fooled Wolf
  97. At The Rainbow's End
  98. Warriors of the Rainbow
  99. Raven's Great Adventure
  100. Raven and His Grandmother
  101. Creation of the Red and White Races
  102. The Runaways
  103. Run, Rabbit, Run
  104. Great Serpent and the Great Flood
  105. Battle With the Snakes
  106. The Snake with the Big Feet
  107. Unktomi And The Arrowheads
  108. Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire
  109. Spider Rock
  110. Unktomi, Two Widows, And The Red Plums
  111. The Four Brothers; OR Inyanhoksila (Stone Boy)
  112. The Story of Creation
  113. The Strange Origin of Corn
  114. The Flood on Superstition Mountain
  115. The Thunder Helper
  116. Origin of Our Tribal Flower The Trailing Arbutus
  117. The Origin of Earth
  118. Origin of Tu-Tok-A-Nu-La
  119. The Twin Brothers
  120. The Warm Wind Brothers vs. The Cold Wind Brothers
  121. The White Faced Bear
  122. The Origin of the Winds
  123. The Wisdom of Experience
  124. The Legend of Wountie
  125. Yellow Jacket And Ant
  126. Yellowstone Valley and the Great Flood

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