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New England Charters

NEW ENGLAND CHARTERS & Guide Service LLC is the premier Fishing, Hunting, Charterboat Guide Operation in New England.

Based in Camp Ellis, Saco, Maine down the road from Old Orchard Beach resort area this is the hottest Tourist destination in the coastal Maine Beach area.

Great sightseeing trips with Seals & Whales. Bachelder or BACHELORETTE Party's and Corporate Outings etc.

DEEP SEA fishing trips on our 44 ft Charter Boat "LUCY LARCOM"

Comming Soon! A Brand New High Speed 26 Ft Welded Alum Catamaran Charterboat!

Guided inshore saltwater and freshwater fishing & duck hunting trips on our fast zodiac the "ZIPPO"

Guided Hunting trips by Licensed Master Maine Guides for and Moose, Deer Ducks & Sea Ducks.

Equipment & Service Sponsors: We are always looking for companies that want to get involved with our business and help provide the best quality to our customers.

Be it Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Scuba, Lodging or restaurants, Advertising or any product or service that you may have that could enhance our operation we would like to speak with you regarding co-operative promotional opportunities.

For Reservations, Free Brochures for your customers or more info call Capt Walt Gibson Master Maine Guide (207) 831-6311

Visit our website at

New England Charters & Guide Service

New England Charters & Guide Service
P.O. Box 1585
4 Beacon Ave
Saco, Maine 04072