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Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America
    The PCBA works closely with hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. A large percentage of people who work within institutions are non hunters. Through matched involvement with PCBA and the patients of the facilities, nurses, doctors, therapists and administration personnel are introduced to bowhunting in a very positive manner. This is one of the many ways PCBA does its part in promoting a positive image of the sport.

    PCBA promotes the use of the crossbow by persons with certain permanent physical disabilities who choose to use it. A win-win situation can be achieved when physically challenged archers and state bowhunting groups work together to institute regulations allowing physically challenged archers to hunt with a crossbow during regular archery seasons.

    Our programs are made possible by contributions from companies, organizations and individuals who generally support us. As support builds, we will continually extend our efforts and services offered to improve the quality of life for all physically challenged individuals.
  • Our History
    The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America, Inc. was founded in October 1993 at Indian Bluffs in Lexington, Mississippi. Indian Bluffs is the home of Billy Ellis, noted bowhunter and author. Billy, because of close relationships with several disabled bowhunting friends, spearheaded the effort to form a national organization to help disabled persons realize the therapeutic value of bowhunting.

    Twenty-five disabled bowhunters from all over the United States gathered at Indian Bluffs on that cool rainy October weekend of 1993 to experience an outstanding exotic hunt that was donated by Billy Ellis. These remarkable individuals had disabilities that ranged from amputees, to par and quadriplegics, to persons with birth defects, to people with crippling diseases, to even a blind person. While there, with the guidance of Billy Ellis and several of his cohorts, this tremendously unique organization was formed. This determined group of people sat down and decided on a name and what the mission of this new organization would be. They elected officers and set priorities and goals for what they wanted their dream to accomplish. A short time later the newly formed Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America had a set of by-laws in place, were incorporated and had applied for a non-profit status.

    Since that time, we have achieved our non-profit status, our membership has grown to several hundred individual members, and almost one hundred corporate members, and we have new members joining almost daily. We have helped a countless number of people achieve the ability to participate in the great sport of bowhunting. We arrange and sponsor various hunts and shoots throughout the country, we work with numerous state and national archery organizations to help assist them with ways to get the disabled involved with their activities, and we advise companies with ideas on different adaptive equipment that will help get the disabled bowhunting.

    Since forming in 1993, the PCBA has opened the great outdoor sport of target archery, competitive archery and bowhunting to literally tens of thousands of physically challenged across the U.S. and Canada.

    We’ve made great strives, but we have many more physically challenged individuals to help and many more who within the year will find themselves physically challenged due to an accident or illness.

    It can happen to any one of us at anytime!!
Winston County Alabama Bowhunters

The purpose of the site is to promote bowhunting and 3-D Archery as a sport that the whole family can enjoy. Bowhunting here in the great state of Alabama has a long history. After the Civil War, our Confederate soldiers were not allowed to own guns. Many of whom love the outdoors and hunting. These men then took up bowhunting in order to pursue game not only for sport, but in many case, as a means of putting food on the table for their families.

Here in the hills of Winston County, this war was especially hard. There were families that had one son fighting for the Union and one son fighting for the Confederate. This lead to Winston County forming its own state called the Free State of Winston. The people of Winston County have a great love of nature and work to keep nature the same as it was shown to them (if not in better condition) for future generations. This is also what the Winston Bowhunters stand for. We remember the past and look to the future in order to preserve the sport that we hold so dear to our hearts. We love nature, and we love to compete.

Alabama Muzzle Loaders Association

Dedicated to the promotion of the safe and responsible use of muzzle loading firearms for hunting and target shooting and to the preservation of the history of early American firearms. To promote higher standards of sportsmanship and good fellowship among those that participate in such sport.

Bowhunters Of Alabama
The purpose of this organization shall be to foster, expand and perpetuate:
  1. The use of bows and arrows in hunting all legal game and fish
  2. The spirit of good fellowship among all bowhunters
  3. In securing and maintaining laws and regulations pertaining to bowhunting which are consistent with biological data determined harvest quotas and which fully recognize the limitations in range of proper bowhunting equipment
  4. The knowledge and adherence of all game laws
  5. Cooperation with all conservation organizations in the conservation of game, fish, water and hunting lands."
Arkansas Bowhunters Association

The ARKANSAS BOWHUNTERS ASSOCIATION was formed in 1959 with the first meeting held on September 17. Several meetings by Bowhunters with a strong and concerned eye for the future laid the foundation upon which our organization has build a well-respected and successful Bowhunting lobby.

Fort Collins Archery Association
The Fort Collins Archery Association is a group of people united by an interest in archery. Our membership includes both active bowhunters and target archers who have never hunted. We maintain for the public the Fort Collins outdoor archery range on land owned by the City of Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Department. We also work with local organizations and businesses to provide support for youth archery programs, sponsor benefit shoots and host competitions. This web site is the clearing house for all things related to archery in the Fort Collins area!
Pope and Young
The Pope and Young Club is one of North America's leading bowhunting and conservation organizations. Founded in 1961 as a nonprofit scientific organization, the Club is patterned after the prestigious Boone and Crockett Club. The Club advocates and encourages responsible bowhunting by promoting quality, fair chase hunting, and sound conservation practices. Today it fosters and nourishes bowhunting excellence and acts in the best interest of our bowhunting heritage everywhere. The Club promotes and participates in improving sound wildlife conservation and wise use of our natural resources.

Named in honor of pioneer bowhunters Dr. Saxton Pope and Arthur Young whose exploits during the early part of the 20th century drew national attention to this "forgotten" and challenging form of hunting, the Pope and Young Club began in 1957 as a part of the National Field Archery Association's Hunting Activities Committee out of a need to improve the image of bowhunting.

Through its Records Program, the Club encourages quality bowhunting by awakening interest in outstanding examples of this continent's big game animals. The Club records for posterity scientific data on North American big game taken with bow and arrow. It conducts ongoing recording periods and every two years presents appropriate recognition to the finest specimens submitted. These biennial presentations honor the quality of individual examples of North American big game species and promote the ideals of fair chase.

Through the Club's Conservation Program, members lead others to participate in protecting and promoting wildlife, wildlife conservation, and our bowhunting/outdoor heritage.
National Field Archery Association
The National Field Archery Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the practice of archery.

The NFAA was founded in 1939, and now consists of fifty chartered state associations and more than 1,100 affiliated clubs. The NFAA is a member of the International Field Archery Association and a national allied organization of the National Archery Association (NAA).

The NFAA is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of game and its natural habitat. The organization is very active in cooperating with federal and state agencies and sportsmen and conservation organizations. It is resolved to foster, perpetuate and preserve "the use of the bow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions."

The NFAA incorporates numerous styles of archery, including Freestyle, Freestyle Limited, Barebow, Bowhunter (Competitive, Freestyle, Freestyle Limited), Traditional. Cub, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Senior, and Professional are the NFAA divisions of competition.

The NFAA hosts three National Championship tournaments: outdoor, indoor and Marked 3-D - that draw nearly 3,000 archers. The organization also hosts eight Sectional Indoor, and eight Sectional Outdoor Championships that draw more than 3,000. The NFAA sanctions more than 100 State Championship level tournaments and thousands of club shoots. Popular league programs and mail matches are sanctioned by the NFAA.

The NFAA operates a liability insurance program for affiliated clubs, state associations and pro shoots. Members receive six issues of its magazine, Archery. The NFAA Certified Instructor Program as well as shooting and equipment clinics and shooters schools are accessible in all 50 states. Many awards for skills, service and membership may be earned by meeting benchmarks.

NFAA members may compete at NAA national and regional events and NAA members may compete at NFAA national and regional events.
Southern California Archery Association
The purpose of CBH/SAA shall be:
  • A. To promote and encourage the use of the Bow and Arrow in hunting, field archery, target archery, and indoor archery.
  • B. To protect, improve, and increase the "Rights of Bowman Hunters."
  • C. To unify all local and regional archery and bowman hunter groups, or organizations of the State of California into one association.
  • D. To sponsor State Championship Tournaments annually in all phases of archery for the State of California in the men’s, women’s, boy’s and girl’s youth groups; to be held in accordance with the tournament rules of CBH/SAA as set by the Board of Governors annually.
Bowfishing Association Of America
The purpose of the Bowfishing Association of America, Inc., to be referred to hereafter as BAA, is to foster, perpetuate, and expand the sport of bowfishing in accordance with the governing laws of the United States of America and the States therein for the current generation and for those generations to come.

The BAA encourages all manner of training and safety when participating in the sport and will endeavor to maintain the highest levels of responsibility to the advancement of the sport of bowfishing.

The BAA also fosters and encourages youth programs for the education of our youth and their associated adult supervisors in the sport. In addition, the BAA supports and contributes to charitable organizations and events as deemed appropriate by the governing body.

The BAA also supports any and all programs, which it considers responsible and appropriate for keeping the habitats, and waters of our wildlife clean, safe, and procreative.

In addition, the BAA shall host an annual World Championship Bowfishing Tournament and also sanction additional tournaments directed and organized by others that have agreed to abide the rules and guidelines as set forth by the BAA.
South Carolina Archery Association
South Carolina Bowhunters Association
The South Carolina Bowhunter Association (SCBA) monitors legislation at the state and local levels, and responds accordingly on behalf of the bowhunters of South Carolina. SCBA is "the voice" of the responsible bowhunter in the state.

SCBA supports cooperation with other hunting organizations. SCBA was a Charter Sponsor of the South Carolina Sportsmens Coalition, and has made donations to Hunters for the Hungry, the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America, Operation Game Thief, and other organizations.

SCBA has built and manned displays to promote bowhunting and recuiting members at events such as the Palmento Sportsmens Classic.

SCBA sponsors an annual event for it's members. Historically, the annual meeting was held in conjuction with a bowfishing tournament. In recent years , a 3-D tournament has been added.

The SCBA Executive Committee is made up of volunteers who give freely of their time and effort because of the dedication to bowhunting. Our common goal is to provide an organization of which we all can be proud.
Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance
The Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance is the the first and only Canadian national organization committed to the protection of our right to hunt, fish, and trap as Canadian heritage activities.

  • Mission Statement
    • The Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is a national hunting, fishing and trapping advocacy organization.
    • The Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is dedicated to protecting and preserving the right to hunt, fish, and trap in Canada, while promoting the responsible use of fish, game and fur bearer resources.
    • The Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is committed to assurance that future generations will have the ability to choose to hunt, fish or trap.
  • Belief Statement
    Hunting, fishing and trapping are woven into the very fabric of how Canada became a nation. From the early days of the coureur du bois charting the waterways of this great nation in a quest for fur and adventure to today's reality of license fees and contributions, which form the financial backbone of most fish, game and fur bearer conservation initiatives in this country, hunting, fishing, and trapping have a place in the minds and hearts of Canadians.
North Dakota Bowhunters Association
    • To Foster, expand and perpetuate the use of the bow and arrow in hunting all legal game animals, birds and predators and use in both indoor and outdoor competitive shooting.
    • To cooperate with other archery groups in securing and maintaining better hunting conditions for bow hunters.
    • To cooperate with conservation officials and game laws in the conservation of all legal game.
    • To encourage the maintenance of approved field courses by other archery groups in North Dakota.
    • To further the practice and sport of competitive archery, both field and target, and to encourage a spirit of good fellowship among all archers.
    • To conduct an annual State Indoor 600 and an annual State Field Tournament in accordance with the National Field Archery Association rules and to conduct an annual State Outdoor and Indoor 3-D Tournament.
    • To conduct an educational program to acquaint the public with the bow and arrow and its use as a practical and humane weapon and suitable under proper regulations for the hunting of all game and fish on the American Continent.
North Carolina Bowhunters Association
A fraternal, non-profit organization, the North Carolina Bowhunters Association (NCBA) was established in 1975. Its main purpose was, and is, to unite the state's bowhunting sportsmen to help combat the anti-hunting movement, to assist the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commision and to work toward the common goal of preserving and promoting the sport of bowhunting in North Carolina.
Ted Nugent United Sportsmen Of America
"Ted Nugent has done so much good work to promote the sport of archery and bowhunting. We look to Ted for guidance and advice about the environmental and economic benefits of all activities surrounding bowhunting, including manufacturing, training, tourism and related activities."
--Congressman Jim Barcia,
Advisory Committee for the Congressional Task Force on Bowhunting
Colorado State Shooting Association
  • What has CSSA done for you?
    • CSSA helped draft and pass one of the best Concealed Carry Laws in the Country.
    • CSSA was the driving force behind the local firearms law preemption bill that knocked out many of Denver’s (and other municipalities) anti-firearms laws.
    • CSSA kept DOW from doubling the cost of in state hunting licenses (without help from any other group).
    • CSSA convinced several major local businesses to either not post against lawful concealed carry or to remove anti- firearms signs that had already been posted.
    • CSSA successfully opposed and testified against numerous anti-firearm bills including unsafe storage.
    • CSSA helped elect pro-gun candidates.
    • Much more - these are just the headline achievements! We each need to tell our friends who hunt, shoot, or just own firearms, that it’s time to stop sitting back and letting someone else defend them. Their rights as well as our rights to hunt, shoot, and self-defense are under attack. It’s time to JOIN CSSA. Winning is fun and together, We will continue to win!
Panhandle Bowhunters Association
The goals and purposes of this organization are to: foster, expand, and perpetuate the art and practice of traditional and modern bowhunting; encourage the privileges of bow hunters; cooperate with the Federal, State, local governments, sportsmen and conservation organizations; conduct a continuous education program designed to acquaint the public with the bow and its uses as a practical and humane weapon suitable, under proper regulations, for the hunting of game animals, birds and certain varieties of fish.
Mississippi 4H Field and Stream Muzzleloader Team
The 2000 Mississippi 4H Field and Stream Muzzleloader Team represented their state in the National Contest quite admirably. They placed 3rd in the nation, led by rookie 15 year old Candace "Mississippi Sure Shot" Merchant, who placed 16th in the Nation Individually. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE TEAM
Benefit 4 Kids
"We invite you to join us, to be part of our future, to realize the promise of the new century where our youth will guide us, with the knowledge and help we provide". Benefit4Kids was founded in 1998 with its' primary mission to grant the outdoor wishes of children with life threatening and life limiting illnesses. We also work to involve today's children in the outdoors and the many activities it offers them.

Many of today's children are denied the opportunity to experience the outdoors because of costs, lack of available mentors and a limited amount of facilities offering an all around outdoor experience. Benefit4Kids works to help these children experience the outdoors through several children's programs.

Benefit4Kids also works closely with several children's camps designed to work with injured and ill children. Instructors at these camps are experienced in medical procedures necessary to work with these children. They are also experienced in archery, camping, outdoor cooking, hiking, nature and many other facets of outdoor activities. In working with these and several other children's camps Benefit4Kids will continue to assist many less fortunate children enjoy our great outdoors and help them to learn the morals and family values that are so often lacking today.
Blackpowder Hunting Magazine
Blackpowder Hunting is filled with hunting information, with updates on muzzleloading "hot spots." There are how-to and where-to features on hunting, shooting, ballistics, traditional and modern blackpowder rifles, shotguns, pistols and cartridges, new products, humor, and nostalgia. These features are written by your favorite authors including: Sam Fadala, Ross Seyfried, Don Kettelkamp, Bob Robb, Larry Weishuhn, Gary Clancy, Jim Shockey, Doc Carlson, Mike Nesbitt, John Phillips, Butch Winter, and many other great writers.
Becoming An Outdoors Woman
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) offers outdoor skills workshops to women throughout North America. Explore our pages and discover what's waiting in the great outdoors!
Hunter's Shooter Association
The Hunter's Shooting Association is a sport organization promoting field marksmanship events, primarily for big game hunters. Participants use real-world equipment in simulated real-world scenarios.
Arizona Bowhunters Association
Second Amendment Sisters
SECOND AMENDMENT SISTERS Inc. was founded in 1999 by five women who got together on the internet. Deb Altrath of New Jersey, Juli Bednarzyk of Illinois, Dianne Sawyer of South Carolina, Marinelle Thompson of Texas, and Kim Watson of Florida discovered they had something in common - that they didn't want the anti-rights Million Mom March to speak for them. For five months these women, along with a small but dedicated group of volunteers, planned a rally of their own, using the internet to pull all the pieces together. None of them had ever planned such an event before, but the combination of their personal skills and the "must-do" attitude of their supporters enabled them to make a powerful statement on May 12, 2000 - that there were women to whom the Second Amendment meant something, and to whom "gun control" was a false promise.
Amateur Trapshooting Association
Become an ATA member today to enjoy the thrills and excitement of a registered trapshoot. With nearly 6,000 annual sanctioned events at some 1,250 affiliated gun clubs throughout North America, the opportunities to participate in trapshooting are endless.

If you are a first time shooter, many clubs offer lessons and shooting instructions on the fundamentals of shotgun shooting. For the more experienced enthusiast, league shooting and other special events take place regularly.
Gun Owners Of America
The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."
Detroit Archers
"DETROIT ARCHERS" is the oldest archery club in Michigan. It was founded in 1924 by Saxton Pope and Art Young. Although our membership boasts what we like to consider the greatest archers, by far, one of the most famous members was Fred Bear, who served as president in 1933.
Chilakoot Bowhunters
Welcome to the new Chilakoot Bowhunters Club web site. Our club was founded in 1953. Chilakoot is a club for the whole family, dedicated to the sport of archery. We have a large, heated clubhouse with a 20 yard indoor range. The outdoor practice range has targets at various distances up to 50 yards. There are also numerous trails on our beautiful 53 acre wooded site, with targets set up for shooting at marked and unmarked distances. Along with member-only league shooting and club events, we plan to host eight public shoots in 2005. Our club is located just across the river in Wisconsin, about 5 miles from Stillwater, MN. In addition, the club owns 20 acres of land for hunting in Burnett Co., Wisconsin.

Our Mission is to promote the sport of archery and provide a convenient, family-oriented environment for beginning as well as experienced archers of all ages to learn and improve upon their archery skills.
Robin Hood Archery
Welcome to the RobinHood Archery Club Website. We would like to extend our welcome to you and your family. Please navigate this site to locate information pertaining to our location, tournaments, youth program (JOAD), special events, and other club related information.
Gainesvilele Archery Club
The 2006 Tournament Season Is Upon Us And The Gainesville Archery Club Hopes That You Will Come And Join Us On Our New Range At The Old Chicopee Woods Archery Ranges. The Range Is Right Next Door To The New Chicopee Woods Elementry School. The Range Is On Calvary Church Road And Can Be Accessed From Highway 60 Or 53. We Are Very Excited About The New Range And Plan On This Being One Of Our Best Years Yet.
Our Mission Statement:


This site has been created to assist those that are struck by the unrelenting cost of groceries, namely meat. My wife and I have really gone through some tough times as of late and by the GRACE OF GOD we have been able to recover. We are now able to assist others that are now, in the postion that we found ourselves in.

I am fortunate to be able to assist in the operating and the stewardship of KLEIN FARMS in Burlington, TX. There I found an unlimited resource of FERAL HOGS. These animals are grain fed on the KLEIN FARM as well as all the surrounding farmers crops which are depredated on an ongoing basis. I saw the need to remove these animals, but on the condition that the resource was to be used to assist in the feeding of everyone I could touch with RANDOM KINDNESS.

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