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David Gladfelter and His Son
On a South Carolina Hog Hunt

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Claus,here are the up-dated pictures. The big hog is on this one.

Like I was telling you before,I only used the sow in heat scent at one station and that one was the only one out of three stations that the boars came to.

I had as many as five boars at the station at one time. The largest boar was over 400 lbs. I'm convinced that not only did the scent bring them in but it held them there and helped to relax them and drop their guards so I had more time to make a clean kill.

In three days I killed a 150 lb.,a 230 lb.,and a 310 lb. boar off the scent. Unfortunately, I could'nt get a shot at the 400 lber but I'll be back there again with the sow in heat scents.

Sincerely,David Gladfelter, (Rapid-Fire), Virginia

Check out the Photos Below of David's Hunt