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Hunter Claus's Special Seasoning Blend

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Special Seasoning Blend
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a 4 ounce bottle of some of the best all around seasoning you will ever try.

Works with all types of meat and poultry and fish, both domestic and wild, (pork, beef, lamb, duck, chicken, catfish, ling, buffalo, elk, venison...etc).

Can also be used in soups, salads, and stews.

Below are some of the comments we have received from people who have tried it. As you can see there are a wide variety of things it works well with.

To the left is a picture of the seasoning in the bottle.

I received Hunter Claus's Special Seasoning Blend in the mail a few days ago. I've been looking forward to receiving it cause I had a special cooking project I wanted to try it on.

As most of ya'll know, I live close to the coast and love fishing in the salt water. Well, that's a good thing. The only problem is my kids, especially Mitch and Michelle, don't like to eat fish. I've tried frying, baking and grilling. They've never liked it. And, they won't typically eat it.

Well, I caught a good sized ling a while back with Kevin and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try Hunter Claus's new seasoning blend. When I opened the seasoning package I was met with a pleasant aroma from the seasoning. It looked very tasty and appeared to have several different kinds of spices in it. I placed it into a shaker bottle and got the fish ready.

I shook out a good amount of seasoning on the fish steaks, both sides. I prepared a bowl with some butter and lemon juice for a bit of basting. Then I got the grill ready. With a hot fire and some wet mesquite wood it was time to grill.

Fish doesn't take long on a hot grill, just about 7-8 minutes a side. I basted once on each side. When the fish was white all the way through it is done.

The kids were a little reluctant to try it. But, it smelled great. And, what's more, it tasted even better. The wife and I got a good sized steak each. And, the kids ate all the rest. There wasn't even a crum to feed the dog... And, for once my kids ate fish and LIKED it!

As a result of this little cooking test I plan to try it again. This time will be on some venison steaks. So far the kids like it much better than the season all salt I was using. It smells better, and tastes better. They've asked me to cook some more fish with it.

Here's a before pic, prior to the grill.

And, here's an after pic, after the grilling. YUUUUUUMMMY!

Well, tonight melissa decided to try Hunter Claus's Special Seasoning on some venison steaks. Normally, Melissa likes to smother fry venison steaks with a light batter and some onions. However, this go round she decided to smother fry with only Hunter Claus's Special Seasoning to see just how the seasoning affected the taste of the meat.

So, Melissa started off with a pack of steaks and seasoned both sides liberally. She then covered them with plastic wrap and used a tenderizing hammer to pound them a bit. The plastic keeps things neat and together. Pounding after putting the seasoning on the meat allows for the seasoning to enter the fibers of the meat, via the hammer, where they tend to stay during cooking. We've used the system before and it flavors the meat nicely.

After cooking, the meat took on a pleasant look and had a pleasant aroma. They were nice and juicy, with a light gravy from the smother fry. The best part was they tasted good! There was not the salty taste you would get with season all salt. I suspect there isn't much if any salt in the mix. And, if I'm correct, this seasoning is going to be heart healthy because of it. The great thing was, we didn't need any salt on it. It was flavorfull, and robust, without salt. We usually eat red meats with steak sauce or ketchup. But, tonight we enjoyed the venison steaks without any sauce. The kids enjoyed them, cleaning up the platter, again.

Melissa and I both enjoyed the steaks immensley. The seasoning didn't overpower the steaks, but flavored them so that the pallet was pleasantly looking forward to each bite. Well done Hunter Claus.

I'm about out of seasoning, and will be ordering some bud WE LIKE IT!!!

Here is a before pic. Melissa had seasoned the steaks and was using the tenderizer hammer.

And, this is the finished product. The meal consisted of the steaks, corn, mashed potatoes, bread and butter. It was a wonderfull meal.

Marty Ley - Santa FE, TX

I thought about it awhile,.....what would be a good test for a Do All seasoning?

I came to the conclusion that a Venison Stew with lots of bland veggies would be a good test. With no other spices added other than Hunter Claus's Blend, I'll say it passed with flying colors!

Here's a Pic of the ingredients:

1 pt jar of pressure canned venison
3 med. potatoes
1 stalk of celery
about 1/2cup of chopped onions
3/4 cup of carrots
Not shown is the peas and 2 tbs flour

Simple recipe, just carmalized the onions in a little oil, added flour to roux it, then added the celery, carrots, potatoes and the jar of deer meat. The teaspoon of spices and 1 cup water were then added.

Simmered for about 20 mins, then added the peas and shut the heat off to set for a few minutes.

Here's the result that was still steaming in the pic,.....was sooo good I ate two bowls.

Total prep time: under 40 minutes

Nightstalker - Fort Bend County, TX

I got mine the other day. Interesting blend. I made cabbage rolls using venison and wild rice last night and seasoned it with your blend. I thought they were very good and I had no complaints from my girls. More herbs than I would normally use but still good.

Blackboardown - Leander, TX

Ok hunterclaus, we are eating pork steaks pan fried with your seasonings. Wife, Daughter & I all think it is very good.

The spices and herbs are just right, not strong at all.

I took your advice and used a little and it was just right. Ummm

it sure is good. I will be looking at your website. www.inheatscents.net

Thanks again, Lee - Neches, TX

I received and used mine today. I sprinkled it heavily on a deer backstrap, cooked on high fire on my gas grill to medium-rare done. Diana commented how much she liked the seasoning, and I can promise you I really liked it!

I normally use Tony Chachere's for all of my seasoning needs...this was a pleasant and delicious change.

KP - Spring, TX

hunterclaus I got mine a while back but I hadn't really got around to use it until last night...pretty much did the same thing kp did on some deer backstrap...it sure did taste good and I would definately buy it...I liked it better than my regular seasoning I use...and some good compliments about it from a couple of buddies that came over too Wichita Falls, and Steophensville, TX

Got the Special Seasoning Blend

I liked it very much. I tried it on Minute Rice and WOW did it add a spicy great flavor.

I will be trying it on meat or chicken this weekend.

I would recommend it to anyone.

allpro - georgia

Well, we had one o fthe two meals with the Hunter Claus spices. For my birthday supper the wife cooked 1/2 inch thick pork chops. A teaspoon of cooking oil in a cover pan with a light dusting of you mix on each side as they cooked in their own juices. (I had her do one plain at the start for a test standard.) The wife, daughter-in-law and son as well as myself tried a bite of 'unseasoned' before enjoying the seasoned chops.

Everyone, and I mean everyone including my 4 yr old grandson, really thought the seasoned chops were great. I asked for a verbal discription from each. The consinsus was that your herbs and spice mix brings out the natural flavor of the pork chops. Not too spicey for the ladies and a noticable improvement in the natural flavor of the meat. It made a noticable improvement to the meat. In fact, I had to eat three of the chops just to be sure it wasn't a fluke.

Younger son still has his meal to test your mix. I'll post those results soon.

I sprinkled some of the seasoning on some assorted cut pork chops

Then I grilled them over charcoal, and this was the result.

They were delicious. We also had potato salad, slaw, green salad, and garlic bread.

Hunter Claus

Nothing fancy like some of ya chef's on here (I am learning from ya though). I had a chance to use some of the seasoning so I made the best of it. I had to make some cheese dip for a church Super Bowl party. I went to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients when it hit me, don't buy any sausage idiot you have 80 lbs at home... So I fried up the hog meat and threw about a fourth of the baggie of seasoning into the meat. Then I fried up some hamburger meat and added some more seasoning. Mixed the meat with the melted velvetta in the crockpot along with the rotel and a can of cream of mushroom.

It was a hit at the party, it was the best cheese dip I have ever made and it was the seasoning that made the difference on the meat. It wasn't too spicy, just right. I have never got so many compliments on the dip.. I got a few orders for hog meat after I told them it was wild hog meat. Everyone wants to split a hog now, if I shot another one.

Once again THANKS

I will be ordering some more soon

Actionmike - Mesquite, TX

Well I got my seasoning a long time ago. Just barley got the chance to try it. I sent hunterclaus a million questions asking if this is a stand alone seasoning or do you need salt, or garlic. what ever. He said to use it how ever. It can do both.

So I decieded I can tsee what it may or maynot need if I add to it so chose to just use it only. I marinated some tenderloins in it with just a tiny bit of olive oil to get it to stick. Oh my I have one question. Do you sell the stuff in bulk. I want to buy some for all my friends and family and understand the cost of the containers to be high. So how much a gallon. Just kidding that would be a bit much. But seriously do you have a bigger container to sell it in and at what price. That stuff is great. I even put it in the mashed taters and on some buttered bread. It is good by itself on anything I have tried it with.

Dirtymike - Round Rock, TX

Figured I would not be the only person to ask for a gallon. I can see it in a big zip lock bag in the seasoning rack. Just used the last of it on some chicken. Made a cream sauce with butter cream and garlic and half a cup of parmesan cheese. Got noodles and and it was a very refreshing new flavor to alfredo. Will be at the farm this weekend and see how many they have room for. It can all be shipped to one spot. One of the reasons I want so much is to try it on all kinds of stuff. The only thing I have needed to add to it was a little extra salt and that is cause I like it salty. You got a really good mix.

Dirtymike - Round Rock, TX

I've been waiting for the opportunity to use Hunterclaus's Special Seasoning on some chicken. Well, my chance came a few days ago. Here's how it happened.

The wife and I usually help the kiddo's put up the chickens each evening. Well, one evening last week we decided to let them do it on their own. They put the feed and water in the coops and thought they had all the chickens. Only one problem. They missed one. One of our RIR laying hens was left out on accident. Most of the time that wouldn't be a problem. Except for nowdays we have this big ole owl that decided to take up residence right next to the coop. Bad news.

Well, the next morning we were all headed out to school and work and what did we find. Yup, that ole laying hen was huddled up under the trailer. She had been attacked by that mean ole owl. You could see the claw marks on her back. She had a couple puncture wounds that looked pretty deep. Well, I'm glad that ole owl messed up and let his dinner get away, cause we decided to eat that hen for him!

So, me and the kiddo's took care of her, and got her ready for cooking for the next day. We decided to use her for some good ole yard bird and dumplins.

Momma got her all skinned and cleaned up. Then she seasoned the meat liberally with Hunterclaus's Special Seasoning. We then put the meat in the fridge to marinate with the seasoning overnight. Then, we put the meat in a croc pot and cooked on high the next morning. We covered the meat with water to ensure it didn't dry out. Momma added an additional teaspoon of Hunterclaus's Special Seasoning to the chicken in the crocpot. We let it cook all day on high. When momma got home from work she deboned the chicken. It just fell off the bone. Save the broth.

We used carrots and onions for veggies. Momma used the broth from the chicken to boil the carrots and onions. She added Great Value Homestyle Biscuits from HEB to the boiling carrots and onions. When the biscuits plump you add the chicken and voila, Yard Bird and Dumplins.

Here's what it looks like. And, btw, it was YUUMMMMMMMY! Served hot it will warm your tummy and tickle your tounge all at the same time!

And, here's the finished product. It was real good, with all of us having a bowl or two, and there wasn't much left for the doggie.

Hunter Claus's
Special Seasoning Blend

1 - 4 ounce bottle Hunter Claus's Special Seasoning Blend


$5.50 shipping on all Regular Domestic US Priority Mail

There will be some settling of contents in your bottle. The seasoning is dry, and the more it is jostled around the more powder-like it becomes. You will receive the full four ounces, but some settling may cause the bottle not to seem to have its full contents.