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Captain Fat Cats
Spanish Mackerel Report

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Spanish Mackerel!!!!! The hot thing right now!.....They are everywhere!...
We have especially had some good reports from the three mile bridge, mostly fish between 2-5 lbs...
Most people are able to catch their ten fish limit in no time!

We always like to throw 10 lb spinning tackle with small spoons and jigs at them, but they will eat anything that is small, fast, and shiny.

You must use some sort of leader for these toothy critters or, you will lose all your tackle on them. I prefer to use 27 lb seven-strand or 60 lb. mono about a foot long, and attach it straight to the jig. If you want to fish with bait for these guys, use a leader the same length with a single hook, like a 9174#2, live shrimp or live alewives are best, but they will also eat dead alewives and cigar minnows.

Most of the time you can see a school come by churning the surface. Usually the birds make their location very obvious. In the boat we run and look for activity,.....all you really have to do is slowly approach the school within casting range, it's best to stay outside of the drift,....sometimes with a fly rod I kill the motor to get a little closer.

Often we troll, trolling is the way to go when you can't find the birds. Troll the same lures with the same rods.

The Spanish Mackerel is a very good fish to eat, when you filet them just leave the skin on, this keeps their tender meat together while cooking.
Some people tell me it's kinda oily but, when you deep fry them in Mazola, who notices the oil....?
Sprinkle some garlic powder and black pepper on before rolling in a mixture of corn meal and flower.
Serve with a fresh hot pepper on the side!!!!!

Good Luck!!! Captain Fat Cat