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Here is a picture received from Antonnio Bazzoni of Italy
who is a customer that uses a lot of HOG IN HEAT SCENT. Antonnio also uses the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant

This hog weighed 150 KG, a record, most of our big boars go about 100 KG

Boar harvested using In Heat Scents Hog urine.
South Carolina
Hog Hunt
Shinn Ranch
Hog Hunt
Day 1
Shinn Ranch
Hog Hunt
Day 2
Shinn Ranch Photos
Tim Hicks 500 LB Boar Jesse's 400 LB Boar Don Heyn's
Bucks and Boars
Tony Alvarez
Hog Hunting Setup
Doyle Lawrence Arkansas Coyote Hunt Black Gold Testimonials

Hi Fred,

I wanted to thank you again for sending the scent destroyer and hog scent to me to use on and mine and my sons first hog hunt in Georgia. My 14 yr. old son took a 350+ LB boar the first evening of our hunt. He used the scent destroyer before he went on a stalk that got him within 35 yards of this huge boar. Now that's exciting. With the boar looking right at him, as he stepped into the opening, he made the first shot count and put him down in his tracks. He had an experience of a lifetime and hasn't stopped smiling yet. Attached is a pic of the boar he took.

Thanks again,
John Pascale, VA -

Sorry Fred went back to work six days a week so havent had much time. But I lent some to a friend and he has had success with it so it works, I know it does.

Just a bit of truthful humor for you thought youd get a laugh out of this one!!!

A friend of mine has a wild boar he caught and raised in a pen in the mountains by his home to train his young dogs with. He's a real big boar, but anyways he was skeptical about the scents, so he squirted some onto the door to the boars pen to his amazement the got so worked up he broke off the door to the pen HA.

So if thats not proof I dont know what is...Take care & God Bless,

Dominic, Hawaii

I was conference calling with a friend of mine who told me about this stuff.. he said it worked like a charm. I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Well as you know last week I started helping my neighbor out with his hog problem. He asked me for ideas and help with guiding on his place. We went out and placed drippers of Kevins and some In Heat Scents Tuesday and pig pies Wednesday,We went down Friday and checked it all out and there is honestly not a place were you wont step on a track or rooting in the whole bottom.

Well Sunday he asked me to do my first trip in the afternoon it was a friend and also a paying customer we got to the stand that I thought would be the best one,I walked to the dripper and noticed alot of fresh sign and a area where it looked like a hog had been pushing and kneading in the mud so I told him to get in the stand and get ready!! I started to do a little grunting just for chance. I waited about five miutes and started grunting and added a little squealing too within 15 min guess what comes along . Yes it was a big boy and he came in quick,right into the dripper and started kneading like a cat trying to get petted I was going to watch him and see what he did but boom the gun went off and 45 yards later a nice boar about 325 or better. I will say again thanks to In Heat Scents and of course Kevins drippers.Anyway I had to get scooting and the guy wanted to cape the hog and all that so Kevin the owner of the land assisted him with all that. What a day..

Tim Hicks, Quinlan, Texas

WOW!!!!! What in the he** is in this bottle?

I put the hog sow urine on a tampon and hung it about 3&a half feet off the ground from a cedar limb. Three days later I went in the area to put corn in my deer feeder (about 250 yards away). I noticed that the barbed wire fence (decently new) had been popped, not snipped, in two places on the second wire from the bottom. There were sign of hogs, and the tampon on the cedar limb 250 yards off was gone. There were signs of moderate rooting around the tree.
The neat thing about this is that I've never seen ANY sign of hog activity ANYWHERE in this area, EVER!

I can't wait to go hunting in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know what happens.
Thanks for the "P",

Darren K. Manthei
College Station, Texas

I don't know how you normally ship the orders, but I would like to get the urine overnighted if possible. I saw a real nice boar around some of my traps but can't get him in one. The urine is the only way I caught them last year.

John Jones
Mexia, Tx

The pig's were at some soured corn I'd thrown out, but it is within 20 ft of my feeder which I also have a dripper out with the In Heat Scent in..... so Tim is right... the In Heat Scent does get them going....

Don't know if any of you have stared through a scope with a red light on it.... pretty awesome to see 20 pairs of red eyes staring back at you! At 50 yards and nothing between me and them but a ground blind with cardboard for siding..... I was hoping they werent crazy enough to come after me when I shot! The guy who was with me said he saw even more that were coming in from behind the ones already there.....

Bob S
Spring, Texas

Hey guys Rob and I went hunting Sunday evening, I got in my stand at 5:00 this would be the stand yall may have seen at the BDO I where I had my dripper. At about 6:30 one lone boar popped out rubbed on the dripper bush back and forth and then proceeded to knead with his front legs into the mud.

Well I didnt give him any longer to demonstrate his sexual anticks and the arrow along with my muzzy broadhead went in and he took off.

He may have gone 50 yards if that far and I heard him fall and my arrow hitting bushes, 5 minutes later I found him.

About 250 or better maybe 300 broke cutters, but a very pretty hog, silver stockings and black coat,

Again IN HEAT SCENT has done it, yall who may not be using it are just not getting the same oppurtunities, I can actually brag my hogs are better and less work as far as trying to keep them baited all the time.....

Quinlan, Texas

Well guys its been a while since I have had time to post or hunt but Rob and I went out last night to see if we could get anything with the cold front coming in. Well I have been so busy I have not had time to bait or to keep the feeders or traps with corn I have just had my drippers going.

Well we dove hunted on another place till about 7 and went down not to far from where yall camped at the BDO about 7:50 I heard some pigs coming and we waited I would guess about20 or 30 came out all in a single file heading down the fence row ,since yall have been here the lake is up,so they dont have all that room but still i think stay alot in the bottom, anyway I let rob do the honors and I would say he shot about a 250 pound boar and a 90 pound sow 2 shots 2 pigs no bait just IN HEAT SCENT he should be posting his story you should have seen his big ole smile ,he made 2 great shots and we didnt have to look for either pig just gut them. Again I want to thank Hunterclaus for a great Scent those who are not having luck need to get on the wagon and try some sow in heat its great and it really does work......

Quinlan, Texas

Dear Fred,

I recently harvested a nice boar here in Germany with your scents. If you would like I could send you a few photos. All boars here are purebred, wild Sus Scrufos unlike the feral hogs in most places in the US.

Ed Lettner, San Diego, CA

You should be getting a order from me soon, the hogs ate my bottle of In Heat Scent. I left it behind a tree and they shredded the bottle.

Richie Harris,
Sherman, Texas

Well went to check my traps today and got a 250lbs, at least.

Good mean boar. Be a good bay pen hog. Doing good so far getting hogs set up for a learning bay pen.

I have two forty pounders,two 75to100 pounders and 150 pounder and 250 pounder. To step the pups up as they progress, should work good.

Billy Goat 1#(Billy Gordon),
Tyler, Texas


Kevin and Hunter Claus I put the new dripper out and (In Heat Scent).


Hope your weekend hunting was as good as mine!

Your right about Kevin and Tim knowing there stuff.....and Hunterklaus's products are awesome! Everything just seemed to fall into perfection Sat evening.....hoping for a repeat this weekend! Bob - Spring, Texas

PS:Special thanks to Kevin for tips on baiting....Tim for scent control....and Hunterclaus for the Hog In Heat Scent and scent destroyer products....it all played a BIG part!

Well guys I am the hogmaster. Y'all should just stop hunting and just let me do it all.

I mean I am Bad BAD. You guys are poop when I print out this story. I am waiting for pics to get developed. It was very very nice and I can say all to IN HEAT SCENTS. HA hA just wait.

Quinlan, Texas


Oh and I do love to brag when i kick that piggies bootie.

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has had luck with catching pigs in the trap with IN HEAT SCENTS.

I did and caught a boar about 40 pounds and today i caught about a 300 or 350 pounder. Man he was mad anyway i did have corn in it. The biggest I have ever caught has been about 200 and that may be pushing the scale. So I think that just the scent of a pig in the area relaxes them enough anyway.

Quinlan, Texas

I have used the In Heat Scent with good success. Last night the scent brought in two boars and there were also a sow with three little ones at the feeders. (ADS feeders)

I shot a 280 lb. boar about 4 weeks ago that was drawn in on the scent. He had no interest in the corn. Just the scent. Every where I had dripped it he just mulled around and a lot of snorting and grunting.

Dugle sells a small pvc type product that I have suspended from a tree. it has a resiviour and a wick. It seems to work pretty good.

With these hogs I also drip some on the ground and on and around trees to scatter it a little. I have 3 of the dispensers at on various trees.

Last night we shot one small pig to eat. Could have taken another big bore 250lb class but what the heck to do with it. Rather save it for someone I take out etc...

Paul H,
Weatherford, Texas

The best thing so far that I have seen is those drippers from Kev. R and the scent from Hunterclaus.

Hi Ya'll,
I added scent drippers to 4 traps a while back and then because of hot weather and not seeing many hogs, I didn't set my traps very often for a while. I did keep adding a little In Heat to the drippers though, every time I went by.

This weekend I decided to set a few traps and noticed that one of my drippers had been chewed up. I caught one good boar in that trap the first night and the second night had a 300lb boar, a 125lb sow and a couple of 50lbers in the same trap.

Ya'll ever had hogs chew up your drippers before? Thought that was kind of interesting. The dripper was hung in the top of the trap about 3ft off the ground and above the tripwire.
Carrizo Springs

I tried out your Hog in Heat Scent in late Feb. I applied some of the scent around an area that I had previously scouted. Two days later my brother and I went back to the area early in the morning.

I went south and my brother went north. We were going to meet up a couple of hours later. I told my brother where I had seen some sign and also where I had applied some scent previously.

My brother had not been in the woods for 10 minutes when I heard him shoot. I caught up with him a few minutes later. He had taken a young boar about 125 lbs.

I can't prove that the boar was there because of the scent but I believe that it had alot to do with our success. I will be trying out the scent again soon and I will let you know how I make out.

I do have a picture of the boar. If you want me to send it to you let me know and I will be glad to do so.

Thanks for your product and your follow-up!

Good hunting!
David M. Coyne,
Schriever, Louisiana

1. Number 54 is on the ground "In Heat" works

It was 8:10pm yesterday evening when a group of 14 hogs came to the feeder. I tried to video them for a video I'm making but the tape was broken. Oh well...good thing I brought my rifle. I shot about an 80 pound sow and she is on ice right now.

Now about the "In Heat Scents".
I couldn't get a shot at the biggest Hog I've ever seen because it wouldn't step into the clearing. It was solid black and would just stand in the edge of the woods about 10 yards from the feeder and growl. Yes growl.

Even after I shot the small sow and went to get her off the feeder that big old hog was still just about 30 yards or so inside the woods and growling even louder. I left the hog, went back to the truck, went home and got a buddy to ride shotgun just in case.

Thanks Kevin for the "In Heat Hog Scent".
The Preacherman

1. Close Call!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
Sorry to here you all didn't have any luck this weekend at the Reed Ranch. You all will get them next time.

I receive my In Heat Hog Scent last week, but due to the rain I did not get any out until Friday evening late.

Sunday morning we had caught a big ol boar hog that will weigh between 250lbs and 300lbs. So now we have one hog in a big trap, and I remember thinking this is not going to be easy. ( If you have trapped one hog in a large trap you know what I am talking about.) Anyways to make a long story short this big guy hits our gate ( That I thought and folds in like paper all the way through to the outside of the trap. I ran to the gate and got it pushed back down before he got out. ( SO I THOUGHT).

The hog made a 360 degree circle and came right out on top of me. Luckily he hit my right leg and knee and was gone like the wind. He could have had me for breakfast, and I couldn't have done anything about it. I guess the GOOD LORD was with me.

For the new guys getting in to this.


A pig is not worth a trip to the emergency or several months of Rabbies shots.

We have some well built traps ( not heavy enough I guess). Anyway I ended up with a sore leg and a HURT EGO. But there are bigger and meaner pigs out there waiting on us. This isn't going to slow me down any at all.

PS: I am amazed at what these things can go through!!!!!!

PSS: That In Heat Hog Scent is Some GOOD STUFF!!!!!!

I wish everyone a good day!!!!!
Like my daddy always said a bad day in the woods is better then a good day in the office.

Kevin Bowman,
Montalba, Texas

It was about 3 months with no hog activity when I decided to try the scent.

I now have seen several sets of tracks, BIG TRACKS on my land.

I have no doubt that the in heat did it.
I've finally got hogs back on my place, thanks to Hunterclaus and the in heat scent.
Richie Harris,
Sherman, Texas

I have been talking to Kevin about ordering some of your sent. I have been hunting with Kevin for several years now and seldomly help him with conducting hog hunts and personally used your sow in heat product with great results.

Kevin and I were hunting in Ben Wheeler in December while testing your product and I shot a 250lb boars not 20 yards from where we were sitting, after these two big boars broke up from fighting for a while. Since I have had such great luck with it I told some my friends about it and they want to buy some.
Rowlett, Texas

I recently had the opportunity to host Kevin of (texasboars.com)and his buddy Tim, for Hog hunting at the Helm Ranch. Shortly after their arrival, we took a little tour of the ranch and it gave Tim a chance to select a hunting area. At the stand he elected to hunt he put out some Hog-in-Heat juice.
That night just before dark, he harvested a 160 lbs. boar. He managed to drop it with an arrow right between the eyes.

The next night he moved to a different location leaving that stand vacant. For me to believe that the Hog-in-heat had something to do with his prior night success, I chose to sit the stand myself. Of course I put out a little more of the Hog-in-Heat in the area.

After a couple of hours sitting in the stand and thinking to myself maybe the boar the night before just happened through by chance, out of the brush steps a good sized hog. No mistake in knowing it was a boar, the smell gave him away. Needless to say I wasn't quite as successful as Tim.

I am now a believer that this stuff works. It might pay to keep some of this elixer on hand at the ranch.

Don Craig, Hunting Manager
Helm Bowhunting Ranch

I went to the Young Farm last Friday and took a friend hog hunting.

We arrived about 6:00pm. and it was hot, so we got ready to go down to the creek. When we stopped at the hill and got off and walked down to the edge of the woods all I saw were fresh hog tracks everywhere, so I told my hunter to leave everything but his gun and lets go.

Upon entering the woods I saw a couple of sow's and shoats going to the feeder, so we took it real slow. Going through the woods was real slow but when we got close to the feeder all I heard was corn crunching so I knew the fun was just beginning.

We sneaked to about 40 yards from the feeder and man all I saw was a bunch of hungry fat o'll ugly hogs. My hunter was so excited it was all I could do to calm him down to get a shot, so I lined him up on a 125lb red sow and and 50lb sow was in the way when he shot. So low and behold I lined him up on a two for one shot with 338 275grain.

After the shot all I saw were hogs running everywhere. When we calmed down and retrieved the hogs and dropped them off at the truck we went to the feeder up on the hill and waited. Patience pays off again when two big boars come out under the feeder and down goes a 200lb black muddy o'll boar and off I went to go get the 4 wheeler. While driving back I came across more hogs crossing the road and when I pulled up to the feeder there was more hogs again but we saved those for another day.

That was the best hunt I have had in a long time.
Brent Lay,
Rowlett, Texas
I almost forgot to thank "IN HEAT SCENTS" to a very impressive hunt.
This product works and this hunt was proof.

Just wanted to tell you that I got my In Heat Scent about 2 weeks ago. Dry weather and traps have been real slow to nothing. I used a scent bomb, which is a bottle with a wick in it. I used this because the dripper only drips in the day time. I needed something for night scent. I tested this at a trap that I haven't caught a hog in for over 5 weeks. After putting it out for 3 days I have one in the trap. 120 lb boar but shows this helped in attracting. Going to get him out and reset.

Weimar, Texas
Member Cowboys For Christ

Way to go Doug,
I have been trying to tell you guys for a year now that the dripper and scent is the way to go!!!

Y'all dont Forget the other scents offered by Hunterclaus, doe in heat, coyote, and coon, and a bunch more all will work with a dripper from Kevin and they are a bargain.
Qiunlan, Texas

Tim Hicks Traps Hogs too using
all In Heat Scents Products

Below are some hogs Tim trapped using various products from In Heat Scents such as the Hog In Heat,     Wild Boar Matrix,     Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant,     Acorn Scent,     and the Corn Scent.

Acorn - Corn Field Test #1 by Cody Weiser
August 22, 2006

Fred (Hunter Claus) sent me some of his new Corn and Acorn liquid scent attractant to try out and field test in my European boar pens. Here are my tests conducted during field test #1 and the results observed.

I make no money or profit whatsoever from these products.

I first arrived at the pens at around 6:30 pm. It was cloudy and in the low 90's. The hogs were hungry and ready to be fed. I poured a small amount of the acorn scent in one trough and the same amount of the corn scent in a trough close by. The hogs sniffed on both scents but really got after the acorn scent. Small shoats and a sow flipped over in the trough with the acorn scent.

I then fed the hogs their regular feed. I walked approx 10' away from the troughs to the water hole. I poured half the corn scent (bout 2 oz) on one side of the water hole in the mud at the water's edge. I walked to the other side of the water hole (water hole is bout 8' in diameter) and poured the acorn scent on the edge of the mud in the same manner as I did the corn. Samson (big boar in my avatar) left the feed trough after only taking a few bites (rare) and went directly to the acorn scent and rolled in it over and over covering both his sides with the acorn scent and totally wallering out a dent in the ground. (I've only seen him do this with spoiled cooking oil and Black Gold.) He did this for about 1 minute then slowly returned to the feed trough only after covering himself with the scent.

Smaller hogs walked to both areas and smelt the groung while smaller boars rolled in the acorn scent much like Samson had done.

I am totally convinced that the acorn scent was an excellent attractant for the hogs. The corn was not their pick when both scents were put out at the same time.

I will try each scent seperately in the pens on different days and then will try them in font of the game camera down by the river to see how the deer react.

Cody Weiser
Wild Boar USA-Brutal Boar Creations/ Owner
Weiser Weight & Tusk Wild Boar Record Book
Wild Boar USA

Acorn Field Test #1 by Tim Hicks
August 29, 2006

Ok I set a test up to conduct on the new scents that arrived last week. Lauren and I moved a trap where a few hot spots been occuring.

I used the Acorn Scent alone no corn as its been so hot, I have been baiting the tank WATCH-OUT with corn,,this time I used the Acorn Scent on a few rubs where they have been rubbing my Black Gold, the rest went into the trap with a dripper.

TRAP SET 2 days.


Is it good??

Acorn Field Test #1 by Douglas Mason
September 2, 2006

Set this trap two days ago with Black Gold and Acron scent only.

Coons are a problem but scent seems to work.

Douglas Mason

Cowboys for Christ


Rank Boar Field Test by Tonecop45
TexasBoars.com Member - Houston, TX
August 30, 2006

Hi KP,
While I was in Georgia, I gave my buddy from work the bottle of rank boar. He used it on the day he went to set up his tripod on our lease. He stated to me that he saw boars coming in his area without the use of corn as he did not have corn inside his feeder. He was just spreading it out to attract them to the area but didn't figure it would be that quick. Your rank boar works very effectively and we might need some more before we hit the field. Thanks for the product and it works. I'll contact you later for more.

Gamecam Picture and Comments of
Boar Marking Wild Boar Matrix Atttractant

October 9, 2006

Ok guys a few may have seen this photo on the Black gold,,pics,, BUT it may have rubbed the black gold but,,but what I forgot to mention after two days of the Black Gold out I used the new Wild Boar Matrix scent and dumped a bottle in front of my cam so I could see if it was really working,, this Boar is squirting his secret recipe in the pile of the matrix scent,,he is down on his front kness and squirting.

You guys need to try this stuff,, I believe this in addition to the black gold..is a way way plus!! Try it.

Keith Gilmer Boar Harvested with
Grim Reaper Animal Atttractant and Lure

October 14, 2006

I reached my stand just before sunrise, when I heard this movement in the brush. I could tell what was out there was really huge. It was to careless to be a deer, so I knew it either had to be a very big hog or a bear that frequents the property. Thankfully before I had left my truck I had sprayed my boots with In Heat Scents Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure, the smell held the curiosity of the animal, and kept him in the area until I could identify it as a huge hog. Without In Heat Scents Grim Reaper scent on my boots I never would have got a shot at this monster.

State: Georgia
Weapon: T/C Omega .50 cal
Sabot: T/C XTP Mag
Powder: American Pioneer
Scent: In Heat Scents Grim Reaper Animal Attractant and Lure

Tim Hicks 6 Point Buck Harvested with
Grim Reaper Animal Atttractant and Lure

October 22, 2006

I went out last night with the intention of killing a pig. I was trying some new Grim Reaper Attractant and Lure from IN HEAT SCENTS. Well this is the second time I used the scent and the wind never let up. As it was getting closer to dark I see this buck approaching. I can see he has some great brow tines and think oh he's a shooter. I never really try to look at the horns bowhunting as it has in the past caused me to shake and get a little nervous. Anyway he came in to the Grim Reaper Scent at 30 yards and he is down.

Scott Wright of Williamson, GA
October 29, 2006

My two boys and their cousin with one of the pigs they caught in the trap using the Acorn and Grim Reaper scents.

We decided to harvest a few for the freezer on this trip. This has truely been exciting for me and my boys. We have never done any trapping, or hunting, pigs before now. Built a trap to try and catch some for a fella and we aint been deer hunting this year! Something new is always more fun.

I have had this trap set for about two months now. Caught one boar right off and then nothing for over a month. The coons were either robbing us blind or setting off the trap. The hogs would come to the trap but wouldnt enter it. Started using Acorn scent in a Wickster and sprayed Grim Reaper on the trigger mechanism. We have caught 9 pigs in the last 2-3 weeks in the same trap, in the same location.

We decided to keep these and feed them to fatten them up. No corn needed for bait anymore. Just the In Heat products.

Jesse from California
These Boars Aren't Sus Scrofa
November 01, 2006

None of the bears in these pictures were harvested, nor was there any attempt to harvest any of them. The purpose of the photos is only an attempt to get pictures of a bears reactions to the scent.

And here are some of the bears and their reactions to the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant.

Be careful if you use this product. there is no telling what might take an interest in the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant.

Douglas Mason Traps 5 Hogs
Using Corn Scent and Black Gold
November 02, 2006

Last week posted picture of 6 hogs and have 5 more today in same trap. Using Corn Scent and Black Gold to attract. Been working well for me and coons not eating corn because none in the trap.

Kevin Buck Trail Cam Photos
December 2005 and January 2006

Buzzard sniffing IN HEAT SCENTS on scent post. See the bottle laying there?

Hog sniffing "In Heat Scents" on scent post. See the bottle laying there? It gets kicked around quite a bit. The rag on the scent post sure is getting torn up.

Hogs sniffing In Heat Scents on scent post.

Another Buzzard sniffing IN HEAT SCENTS on scent post. Another in line.

This hog is sniffen the bottles used last winter in the above pictures. Don't throw those bottles in the trash! Leave them on your site! These old bottles fueled an old scent post as seen in pics from last December and January. I left them onsite and moved them back into camera view.

Tim Hicks Takes 275 Pound Sow
using Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant
November 4, 2006

I watched a 5 point come into the feeder for 2 hours, he would feed leave and come back,,but nothing that I wanted,, looked like a yearling. As dark neared I heard hogs downwind of me and moving closer and closer. I prepared for a kill and soon enough about 5 minutes till 6 I see them slowly easing into the feeder. They go right to the Grim Reaper and they start smelling. A large sow,,in the area of 275 or better was last to come in. I shot her and trhe hogs scattered. Richard was hunting by me and took the pics,,which didnt really happen, I guess he doesnt know how to use a digital camera,,so I took a pic of her head and cape with my bow on top of her.

Justin Mitchell with 3 Boars
taken using Hog In Heat Urine
November 4, 2006

Hog in Heat really draws them in for closer look. This is one of three boars killed this last hunting trip around Palestine, Texas. This one was killed on 11/03/06 240lbs.

The other 2 were killed on 11/04/06. I cant say enough about this product. Thanks For a GREAT product.

Scott Wright of Williamson, GA
November 2006

Went to Ossabaw last week on the primative weapons hunt. Wind blew around 20-25mph all three days. Nothing was moving so I put out the Grim Reaper Wildlilfe Attractant and this fella come running in within 15 minutes in the stand.

Lynn Huff of Ben Wheeler TX
November 2006

My first Boar. Hog in Heat and fresh corn brought in this hog. He was the first boar I ever trapped. What looks like a pen he is running around in is actually my trap. It's 16' x 16' x 6' made out of 2" steel tubing and 1/2" steel rod and it breaks down in about 15 minutes to 8' x 6' panels for transporting. I still use it.

Mark Cappio of TX
November 2006

Whitetail Buck and big hog taken using In Heat Scents WghitetailDoe In Heat Urine, and the In Heat Scents Hog In Heat Urine.

Doug Mason of Weimar, Texas
November 2006

Caught this boar today, again in the trap using only Acorn Scent in dripper and Black Gold.

Tommy M of TX
October 12, 2006

This Boar was caught on 10/12/06 using Hog in Heat. I first set up scent bombs using cotton balls and film canasters. Then bait the trap with straight corn and place my scent bomb inside. Then like my daughter use to say "the door comes down and the piggy stay inside." You can see the empty bottle placed in the trap wire on the backside.

Eric Sawchuk of Hawaiian Sportsman
November 2006

Sprayed Grim Reaper" on the tree to get the hogs to come into this new feeder site. Never expected this!!!!!!
Enjoy Thanks Eric

Video of Hog's Reaction to Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant

Doug Mason
December 2006

Fred, Took this sow out of trap where a neighbor was having a problem but they wouldn't go in trap. I put In Heat in trap two days ago and this is first hog we caught.

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Scott Wright
Williamson, GA
December 2006

I know that this is a pig web site, but thought I would let you guys know that I killed 2 deer yesterday morning. I took a bottle of ACORN SCENT from In Heat Scents and soaked a 5"x5" piece of felt and hung it out 2 days ago on this oak ridge. Before I went in yesterday morning I also sprayed my climbing stand down with the scent. I had 13 deer come by my stand heading to their bedding area before 9am. I knew there were a lot of deer in this area but never that many. I am certain that the ACORN SCENT helped cover my scent and drew the deer thru this area.

Scott Wright
Williamson, GA
December 2006

The gentleman that is allowing me to do the product testing went to check my trail camera for me. Walked up on her within 100 yds from the test site. Thats the bottle of Grim Reaper in its mouth.

Gary Lebo
San Antonio, TX
December 2006

The only thing on the Grim Reaper Wildlife Attractant Game Camera for the week. Odd no raccons or anything else, yet a fairly rare animal caught on camera.

Body cat-like; face somewhat fox-like. Yellowish gray above; whitish buff below. Very long, bushy tail with 14-16 bands, alternating black and white, ending with black at tip; black bands do not meet on underside. Relatively large ears and eyes. No black mask; white or pale eye ring. 5 toes on each foot; claws partially retractile. L 24-32"; T 12 1/4 - 17 1/4"; HF 2 1/4-3 1/8"; Wt 1 7/8-2 1/2 lb.

Similar Species White-nosed Coati is much larger and browner, with thin, indistinctly banded tail. Common Raccoon is larger, with black mask and shorter tail.

Breeding In Texas, mates early April; 1 litter of 2-4 young born late May - early June, sometimes in a nest.

Habitat Varies: usually rocky situations, such as jumbles of boulders, canyons, talus slopes, and rock piles; less commonly, wooded areas with hollow trees; sometimes around buildings.

Range Southwestern Oregon, California, s Nevada, s Utah, w Colorado, and s Kansas south through Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

In a narrow den often padded with moss, grass, or leaves, the Ringtail sleeps by day, lying on its side, its back (summer), or with its tail wrapped about its curled body (winter). It grooms itself upon awakening, scratching with a hindleg, licking its fur, and using its moistened forepaws to clean ears, cheeks, and nose. The Ringtail can leap like a squirrel, and its extraordinarily sharp claws permit it to climb walls or trees. By night, this carnivore ambushes its prey, pouncing and forcing the animal down with its forepaws, then delivering a fatal bite to the neck. It generally begins to eat by devouring its victim’s head. The Ringtail’s varied diet includes grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions; snakes, lizards, toads, and frogs; small birds; small mammals such as rats, mice, squirrels, and rabbits, as well as carrion; and fruit such as persimmons, juniper berries, hackberries, and mistletoe. Young Ringtails are white-haired, fuzzy, and stubby-tailed at birth, but they soon acquire adult coloration and longer tails. Three to four weeks after the birth of the young, the male joins his mate in bringing food to the den. Ringtails hunt independently at about four months of age and disperse in late fall. They squeak when young, but can bark, scream, and snarl in adulthood. When threatened or fighting, the Ringtail screams and secretes a foul-smelling fluid from the anal glands, earning it the name "Civet Cat." This is an allusion to the African carnivore Civettictis civetta, which produces a musky substance called civet that is used in perfumes. The name "Cacomistle" derives from tlacomiztli, which in the language of Mexico’s Nahuatl Indians means "half mountain lion." Better mousers than house cats, Ringtails were once placed in frontier mines to control rodents; hence the name "Miner’s Cat." The chief predators of this animal are the Bobcat and the great horned owl. Neither the fur nor the meat of the Ringtail is considered valuable, but the animal is sometimes killed by humans because of its habit of raiding henhouses.

Scott Wright
Williamson, GA
December 2006

Poured a bottle of Grim Reaper on this tree

and this big boy made it his own. You can see the bottle stuck in the knot hole above his head.

This is another photo of him after he rubbed the Grim Reaper.

Here are two more hogs that took an interest in the Grim Reaper

Whitetail Deer also take an interest in this scent.

Billy Gordon
Tyler, TX
December 2006

I have always had good luck with sow in heat but i wasnt sure how this Grim Reaper would do,so i tryed it. Hogs are going in trap smelling it.

Tim Jacksom
Gordon, TX
In Heat Scents Pro Staff
January 2007

I have caught 49 hogs since January with the same trap in the same place in the wide open! Im testing some from in-heat scents and so far I have to say IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! GRIM REAPER.

I have caught 49 hogs since January with the same trap in the same place in the wide open! Im testing some GRIM REAPER from in-heat scents and so far I have to say IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

Hey man this is TIM JACKSON! I know its been awhile since I wrote in a story for ya but I have another one!! Been really busy working but I got a little time to take off and chase AXIS!

I was hunting at the Diamond C bowhunting ranch and the AXIS are very skiddish so I set up in an OAK tree tripod stand and sprayed myself and my bow down with EARTH SCENT from INHEATSCENTS and low and behold I had 30 aoudad and 15 AXIS all come in DOWN WIND of me and NONE OF THEM PICKED ME OUT!!

I was able to take this great 30" 180lb Axis buck at 31yrds DOWN WIND of me!! Axis are extremely smart animals but the EARTH SCENT worked amazingly well and they never even flinched!! Thanks for the great products you make and sell.

Tim Jackson

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