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Texas Boars
4B Ranch
Welcome to the 4B Ranch in Ovalo, Texas. Nestled in the Big Country of West Texas, the 4B Ranch is host to many species of wildlife and wide open views. At the 4B Ranch, you will find examples of Texas' finest wildlife and managed game including Russian Boar, Whitetail Deer, Dove, Quail, Sandhill Crane, Ducks, Geese and Turkey. Our personalized service, excellent accommodations, and great hunting in a relaxed setting creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests.

The 4B Ranch has a different approach than many game ranches. For lodged hunts, the 4B does not host large groups. For groups of 3 or more, the lodge and ranch are reserved exclusively for you and hosted by us. All hunters have prime spots with abundant opportunity. It is our mission to make your hunt the most enjoyable experience possible by providing personalized attention. Year round feeding and intense management have produced excellent hunting that is personally guided by the ranch owners. The lodging is first class and the food is top notch. We work hard to ensure that you have a successful, pleasant and memorable hunting experience.
S and J Kennels

S&J Kennels is located in South Texas close to Corpus Christi. We offer hog removal services as well as guided hog hunts. We are a family owned and operated and operated kennel which strives to breed and train high quality hog dogs. We mostly breed and use Yellow Black Mouth Curs, Leopard, American Pit bulls, and their crosses. We breed for heart, drive, and hunt in all of our dogs.
Texas Mason Catahoulas
I'm a CERTIFIED BREEDER with the NALC. A proud member of the NALC-TX chapter, the American Catahoula Association, and Cowboys for Christ, as well as the Texas Dog Hunters Association.
Superior Weapons Systems
Specializing in Free Float Tube Systems for the AR-10, AR-15, & DPMS. Custom Manufactured with Quality Craftsmanship
Swamp Ghost
Trail Cameras

Swamp Ghost Trail Cameras llc all started with me not being satisfied with the commercial units being sold. They worked "sometimes" and the prices were way up there. I started building 35 mm cams, then progressed to digital. Of course all my "Buddy’s" had to have one! I was building them cams at cost! As time went on, the cams got better. So I decided to sell a few to support my cam building habit. That has led to where we are at now. My customer service is second to none! I’m just an average Joe with a passion for deer hunting like you. Your satisfaction is guarantied or your money back! A special thanks to my wife who has supported me every step of the way. Also the folks at Hags House, RDHC & JHO. With out them, none of this would be possible!
Island Style Pit Bulls
We are not a major breeder or kennel, this is a hobbie for me, I do this to produce dogs for what I like for me not to compete with trying to give you the best. Keep in mind that some of the dogs you see belong to other kennels, the reason they are on here is because they are the perfect example of what I am trying to achieve, or they are in the pedigree of one of the dogs I am working with. If it offends anyone that there dog is on this site e-mail me and I will take it off. This is a hobby for me and I will like to make sure that I am not burning any bridges with people that take this breeding to a higher level.
Wild Boar USA Magazine
Wild Boar USA is a magazine that is dedicated to providing boar hunters with in-depth information covering all aspects of hog hunting and trapping. Wild Boar USA is not a generic story book of hunting tales, but more of a "tips and tactics" guide to help boar hunters of all skill and experience levels to improve their hunting experience and ability.
Brutal Boar Creations
Brutal Boar Creations is dedicated to the production of "MONSTER" wild boar hybrids, pure European wild boars, and rare silverback wild boars. Our main goal is the creation, preservation, and production of trophy quality wild boar genetics. We strive to cater to the different wants and needs of our diverse customers. We maintain hard to find, pure European blood lines and are one of only 2 ranches in the United States that can produce pure Bzikot animals. The largest pure European blood line... mature males max out at over 500 pounds.
Deagon Kennels
Welcome to Deagon Kennels! Here at Deagon Kennels we strive to produce and raise the best hog dogs possible. We are located in north east Texas along the Sulphur River. I am fortunate enough to have access to over 20,000 acres to train and hunt my dogs. I train and raise my dogs mainly for my personal use but from time to time my yard gets full and I have to sell some dogs. The dogs I sell are not culls! They are dogs I keep back for myself. When I do sell dogs I sell them with a two week trial. If the dog does not work for you, I will refund your money,granted the dog is returned in the same condition that it left. I know that all dogs will not hunt for everyone. It's rare but I have seen it happen. Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Jesse James
Catahoula's and Blue Lacy's

Welcome to Jesse James Catahoulas & Blue Lacy`s, where we strive to produce some of the best working hog and all around dogs. Catahoulas and Lacy`s are some of the most versitile dogs around, being used in all types of hunting from big game to small. We work with champion bloodlines in both breeds of our dogs. Our dogs are hunted 2-3 times a week and used in baypens through out the United States. We have pups and started dogs avalible during the year. We breed for gritty dogs that will not quit, Catahoulas & Blue Lacy`s are loyal, smart and have plenty of drive to get the job done.
Reed Family Ranch
The Reed Wildlife Ranch is 1,780 acres located in north central Texas, in Navarro County. Miles of the legendary Trinity River border the Ranch, which is famous for its exceptional wildlife habitat.
Texas 'S' Bowhunting Ranch
Texas 'S' Bowhunting Ranch is located in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas,160 miles Northeast of Dallas (about 2 1/2 hour drive). The ranch is under a 7 foot game fence. It is stocked with wild hogs, Corsican, Black Hawaiian and Texas Dall Rams. This is a bowhunting only ranch with pines, hard woods and open pastures. We have several stands located around the ranch, You may hunt from these stands or stalk your game.
Sheldon Rod and Gun Club
Located in Camden Texas. The Piney Woods of East Texas, Polk County. Sheldon Rod and Gun Club has been around for over 20 Years. This is a Safe, Honestly Run, East Texas Deer Lease. Enjoy the pictures and contact us for membership's. price is 600 per gun. And due in full on, " March 31st of Every Year." We Start Accepting New Memberships on April 1st of Each Year, to fill our 42 Memberships. ( 2006 is FULL ) Lots of Hogs and Deer on this Lease. we have close to 5000 acres of Huntable Land.
Hunt N Shoot
Located in the piney woods of East Texas Hunt 'N' Shoot offers a truly exciting experience year round for bow hunters and photographers alike. Our facility offers two separate pastures with 13 unique stands, each well hidden and providing an excellent shooting field. (See Numbered Sites on Map Of Facility). Hunters and photographers can select their targets from a wide variety of game. We provide: Hogs, Fallow, Axis, Red Deer, and have other exotic species available for you to choose from.
Brownings Catahoulas
Hello My name is Jamie Browning! I founded Browning's Catahoulas in 2000 with my dog Hank. I would like to take all the credit for the success we have had in the past, but I really cannot do that. The most credit belongs to Hank. He was one awesome dog. Sadly we lost him way to soon. My wife and I are now trying to carry on his legacy with the dogs we produce. We believe in quality not quantity and only raise one litter of pups each year. Pups are placed with hunting/working homes only no exceptions. The Catahoula needs a job to be a happy dog.
Have Hog Dogs
Will Travel

Hello Hog Hunters and want to be'ers. Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company . A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.
Longshot Hog Dogs
OUR GOAL: Is to raise hunting dogs that have the ability to find and stop wild boar unassisted. I breed for most importantly friendly easy handling dogs that will have the nose to track, wind and the drive to hunt what ever game you wish to put them on especially the mighty Texas Wild Boar.
In Heat Scents
Hunting Scents, Native American Lore. Links to Outfitters and Guides, Links to Hunting and Fishing Organizations, Live Photos of Animals from all over the world, and more.
Game Ranger Catahoulas
We at Game Ranger Catahoulas have had the privilege of getting to know and work with the great Catahoula. We operate a big commercial game ranch and cattle operation in the heart of Texas between Brady and Mason called TK14 Ranch. Because of the rough terrain and the excessive amount of predators our Catahoulas have become an important part of our ranching operation. Our dogs are also used to work our cattle and wild goats. They will hold the game at bay, or they will try to bring them to you. We welcome you to our home on the world wide web and invite you to visit often - be sure to tell your friends about us!!
TK 14 Ranch
Located between Brady and Mason in the heart of Texas on 2 miles of the historic San Saba River with 2100 acres enclosed by high fence and 600 acres partially high fence, the TK14 Ranch offers some of the finest in Trophy Whitetail and Exotic game hunting in central Texas.
Star Outdoors
Message Forums on a variety of outdoor subjects.
Circle T Bowhunting Ranch
Welcome to Circle T Bowhunting Ranch, we are one of the largest bowhunting only hunting ranches in North Texas. We are located in Hunt County, Texas, less than 90 minutes from Dallas, Texas. With easy access from the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, our hunting operation is sure to become a favorite for those who are thinking about traveling to Texas to experience our World famous Texas bow hunting and hospitality.
Hawgs, Dawgs, and Huntin
Are you tired of sitting in a ole boring deer stand a few times a year and spending $1000's for a lease? Then another $500-$1000 for corn, feeders, camouflage clothes, new tires, what ever new gadgets are available and deer stands? Then turning right back around and spending 1 to $200 for each and every time you head out to the deer lease and all the work involved? If so, give me a call. Im offering a guaranteed hog hunt with dogs. No if's, and's or but's. If I dont bay you up a hog to harvest, you dont owe me a cent. If you have never hunted hogs with dogs, its one of the most exciting types of hunting that a person can experience. Especially if harvested with a knife and the use of catch dogs. Beautiful wooded area to hunt in. Harvest your hog with gun or knife. Prices are as follows: $200 for a meat hog $400 for a trophy hog Im located in Danbury, Texas. Approximately 45 minutes south of Houston. ITS THE ULTIMATE HUNTING EXPERIENCE!!!!!
Permission Granted
I believe that the estimated 80,000,000 guns owned in the United States by American Sports-men and -women are not solely owned by the current 4,500,000 plus members of the NRA. I am grateful for the NRA Leadership's unyielding perseverence. I can still teach my sons to hunt (for today) and I can "see" a tomorrow in their hunting future. But the real future, for my children's children, is not as clear. I have increasd my membership in the NRA to LIFE. I see no clearer path to the preservation of our God Given and 2nd Amendment protected hunting heritage Rights than a strong and collective membership in the NRA. I have put my money where my mouth is. I ask you to do the same. Ask your hunting partners to become NRA members. Give NRA members preference to your leases. Hunt with NRA members. Give the NRA your face and name in your community. Join me, your neighbors, and your friends in membership in the NRA.
HDS Dog Supplies
We carry a large selection of dog supplies for the hunting dog. Dog tracking systems, dog tracking collars to remote trainers we have it. We also carry dog supplies for the pet dog.
VTDW's Photo Album
My PhotoBucket is full of lots of various things from targets with the Marlin .444 to group hawg hunts down in Texas as well as pics of a capping knife I did for a friend in Wyoming. There are Elk hunting pics, night hawg hunting equipment, my reloading bench, my hunting terrain and lots of stuff including a picture of a white buck.
Metroflex Gym
Metroflex Gym is the hardcore training ground of 100-plus champion bodybuilders, powerlifters, and martial artists. Metroflex also houses IFBB pros like Ronnie Coleman. If you are serious about training, you owe it to yourself to try Metroflex Gym. Break from conformity, and train with your own kind.
Blue Star Hog removal
Feral hogs are causing damage to pastures, natural terrain, fences, ponds and are killing wildlife such as deer and turkey. If you are experiencing a problem with feral hogs on your land, then please contact us to develop a custom solution for controlling your feral hog population. Please look around our site for more information, and feel free to email or call me if you have additonal questions
Double Boar Ranch
Do you have what it takes to down the Pennsylvania Grizzly? Welcome to Double Boar Ranch! We offer the finest European wild boar only hunting experience east of the Mississippi. Our goal is to provide the highest quality hunt we can. The most important part of attaining this goal is the animal. Here at Double Boar, we obtain our wild European swine as shoats and then grow them out in our growing facility to the size we desire for hunting. This usually requires a year to accomplish. This way, we can control the feed quality, vet care-animal health, and choose the proper time for hunting. You will only encounter animals from 1-4 years of age and weights ranging from 180-400 pounds. There is no breeding on the Ranch and you will never see small animals or a sow with her piglets when you are hunting. The "wooly-long haired" look to these animals will cause excitement, and maybe fear, for your hunt!
Australian Pig Doggers
and Hunters Association Inc

Hunting pigs with a disciplined, well-trained dog is one of a number of useful tools in the ongoing effort to control feral pig populations across Australia. But in the past, the ethics of this hunting practice have often come into question. To address these issues, hunters from around Australia have come together to establish a national body representing people who hunt with dogs.
The Deer Camp
Message Forum on a great variety of subjects, by a bunch of good folks. They have treated me right, so give them a try and tell them Hunter Claus sent you.
Disabled Sportsmen of America
Welcome to the Disabled Sportsmen of America website! Here you will find information and links for hunting and fishing opportunities for the disabled and critically/terminally ill members of society. Disabled Sportsmen of America is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that every individual, whatever type of disability, has the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.
Coos County Citizens Caucus
We are a conservative organization. Our goal is to organize the county to support traditional causes and issues, to elect candidates and re-elect those that have successfully advanced our values. We are not supplanting or suppressing county central committees. Our intent is to be a permanent force operating year round in this county, that will provide an opportunity through our joint efforts to successfully fulfill these responsibilities and goals.
Wild Pantry
At WildPantry.Com you will find only natural wild products, from wild greens, beans, roots, flowers, berries, seeds, mushrooms, and wild meat to wild medicinal plants and otherwise great natural products brought to you by Mother Nature.
Boar Tuff Outdoors
Message Forums dealing with a variety of outfoor subjects.
Hand Loaders Bench
Message Forum dealing with hand loading and reloading, and a variety of other outdoor subjects.
Credit Bureau.com
There has never been a more important time to monitor your credit report than now. With inaccuracies in what creditors report and the rising threat of identity theft, today's the perfect time to know exactly what is on your credit report and to begin monitoring your credit report activity. Powered by Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, creditbureau.com delivers the peace of mind of knowing what is on your credit report and a credit report product that fits your needs.
Ugly Dog Ranch
Hello! My name is Krystal Rohan and I hunt hogs with dogs. It is a passion or more like an addiction. I along with my husband Thomas and daughter Sequoia started raising and training our own dogs. The Ugly Dog Ranch was named after my dog Woo-Woo who in spite of his appearance is very special to me. He has proven to be a hog dog many times over with more heart and courage than any other dog I have ever known. His up and coming puppies are proving to have the same qualities and I hope to develop my own bloodline of "Ugly Dogs".
Hunt N Fever