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I recently had the opportunity to host Kevin of (texasboars.com)and his buddy Tim, for Hog hunting at the Helm Ranch.

Shortly after their arrival, we took a little tour of the ranch and it gave Tim a chance to select a hunting area. At the stand he elected to hunt he put out some Hog-in-Heat juice.

That night just before dark, he harvested a 160 lbs. boar. He managed to drop it with an arrow(Muzzy 125 Grain) right between the eyes.

The next night he moved to a different location leaving that stand vacant. For me to believe that the Hog-in-heat had something to do with his prior night success, I chose to sit the stand myself. Of course I put out a little more of the Hog-in-Heat in the area.

After a couple of hours sitting in the stand and thinking to myself maybe the boar the night before just happened through by chance, out of the brush steps a good sized hog. No mistake in knowing it was a boar, the smell gave him away. Needless to say I wasn't quite as successful as Tim.

I am now a believer that this stuff works. It might pay to keep some of this elixer on hand at the ranch.

Don Craig,
Hunting Manager
Helm Bowhunting Ranch
Well guys I have been deer hunting and have had quite a good season so far.

I recently got my scent in from hunterclaus and thinking that does are not in heat,I thought I would try some in a dripper. I also filled a small spray bottle that mists the spray on bushes and such. I also have been using coon cover scent and scent destryoyer.

Well I have shot 2 doe's and have had many bucks come in to my dripper area. The does here have not started to get in heat but I have a few bucks who think there is one,in heat.

Tonight I could have shot a 10 pointer that would have scored about 160,its not the big one I am after but it did come to my dripper.

Anyway I just thought I would tell you guys TRY IT it is working and good luck and remember always watch your scent it can make a hunt or break it.

Quinlan, Texas