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Tim Hicks 400lb Boar

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"O.K., here is how it all went down!!! Like I said I have been really trapping and catching a lot of hogs but I have this one spot I usually keep a little corn and, of course, you know I have a dripper with 'Sow-In-Heat Scents' in it. It's been a while since I have hunted this spot because of time being an issue so anyway I noticed a lot of really big tracks around my dripper, and I mean they were big!! So I put out some corn just in case.

I started playing softball Wednesday night so I knew I couldn't hunt then. It had to be sooner. I had the fever. My wife said just go ahead and go, so I called my friend Rob just to remind him that we have ball game the next night and guess what he says to me, "Hey man, when you gonna take me hunting" so I said tonight lets go out for a little while. I told him with the new time change, come over about 9 and he says 'ok, great, I'll be there.'

So at 9:00 we set off, parked the truck at the first gate, and we walked to the second gate. I had already called the landowner and the game warden to let them know. We got through the second gate and I looked through my night vision scope and I saw a big hog at my scent dripper. I said, Rob there is a monster down there. We were about 300 yards and I could see him, so we started stalking.

Rob and I were in camo and scent free. We had sprayed sent destroyer from in heat scents on us so I was confident. We got closer, but I stopped about 4 or 5 times to make sure The Hog was still there and I let Rob look too. I was already shaking! So we got as far as I thought we could. I would say we got within 30 yards and the big hog was eating along with about 20 others. I didn't see till we stopped.

I had dumped out about 20 pounds of corn and I heard them fighting in the brush not where the bait was but over close to my dripper so I was looking through my night vision and all I could see in the brush was eyes and black spots. I whispered to Rob to turn on the flashlight and aim it up in the air. I have a 3-C cell mag light, which is just about the best flashlight for night hunting. It can send a straight beam about 100 yards.

Oh anyway, so I told him to bring the light down slowly and when it hits the hog I would shoot. Well, he brought the light down really fast and shined it on all the pigs, but he did get the big one in the light. Boom! They scattered except for mine. He started moving toward us and I shot--boom --I hit him but not the best shot being rushed and scared at the same time. I hit it a little back so I shot again at a running hog. I missed. I shot again and I missed again. He was getting further away and I shot him again and this time I hit him. He then turned and started to come at us!

Well, guess what? I am out of bullets! My 7 mag only has 4 shells, so I grabbed the flashlight from Rob and I said, 'you better not miss!' He pulled his gun up and boom! Perfect shot about 4 inches behind his head! 'Man', I said, 'that was too close!' He was shaking so bad, and so he tells me, 'man, 'this is such an awesome rush!' I looked at him and said, 'I have to agree!!' So, we walk over and see that he's dead. I cut the throat and gut him right then. We started looking at where he was shot. Well, he had one in the lungs, which was my first shot, he had one in the right front leg, which was my last shot, and he had one in the neck, which was Robs shot.

Man, it's great having a buddy that can shoot. I will say he must have had a good flashlight holder for him. Anyway we got the truck and I had my come-a-long and we got him loaded. What a job and in the pics you will see a yellow lab. He is about 100 pounds at the vet's scale and he was about a fourth of the size of my boar so we guessed his weight at about 350 or 400 lbs. I like 450 lbs. better but I don't know.

I can say it was a thrill and I went again Thursday night and shot another boar that weighed about 120 lbs. Using the Sow In Heat Scent does work and it really will bring in the big ones.

Happy and safe hunting! Tim Hicks