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Tim Hicks 500lb Boar - September 2002

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I have been noticing some really huge hogs track around my little pond over across the road, y'all who have hunted the BDO will know where I am talking about.

Anyway I was seeing tracks at my feeder and so I had a mission I wanted this one bad!! I of course had my feeder set up and I also had my light from Kevin which I was and have been testing out for about 25 days now.

I put up my tripod, the one that ,Hunter Claus fell out of in May.

My feeder was putting out corn the light was working and ,I had sign all over the area ,now it was just a timing thing.

I have hunted this area many times and also shot a 250 pound boar off my IN HEAT Scent dripper this time last year.

Anyway I put scent out Wednesday I am running low and Hunter Claus has been so busy I was being very frugal with the scent. I needed it to last till I can get some more in.

I was going to a party Saturday night and Jennifer got to feeling bad so we decided to stay at home and I decided to hunt.

I called Rob and he said He would go with me ,but called and cancelled about 6:30 so i headed off .

I got in my stand about 10 till 7 and I waited. I watched 17 deer feed in and all around me, I was good on my scent and my coon cover scent was working like it should.

I waited and waited about 8:10 I had about 15 pigs come under my feeder but no huge ones I wanted the big one.

Note I wanted this hog with my bow but I have been practicing alot lately and my bow string broke Thursday evening.

My feeder is about 20 yards from my stand and my nite light is about 30 yards from all.

I had my scent dripper to the right about 17 yards, I measured today.

So on with the story I was sitting there and getting ready to get down about 8:30 when I thought I heard a noise around my pond.

My heart started pounding,I heard swimming and I heard him drinking water and then he came out of the tank and shook like a dog he came around my feeder and I could see him clearly but he didnt stop he walked all the way to the road and turned toward me. He walked in and started marking his territory by kneading again like a cat ,this was the second time I have seen a big boar start doing this

I could see him clearly with my naked eye but when I lifted my gun up all I could see was black. I couldn't tell what was his neck his rump but I could see his head I wanted to mount him so I didnt want to chance this,also the gun I use is a 7mm mag with a 10 by 50 scope at 15 yards its hard to dial it down this close and I had no choice.

I wanted him and got impatient,if I would have had my bow I would have drilled him broadside at 15 yards no problem. This gun thing was different. I didn't plan this hunt with the gun but things happen.

I shot and he wheeled and came back at my stand and turned again. I shot again, no sights just instinct, he ran off in the brush and I heard brush breaking and alot of noise from one area. I thought for sure I got him and went and got the truck after about 20 minutes.

I called all my local friends for help cause this is some thick stuff and I didn't want to search alone.

I did find some blood but it wasn't great. I gave up at about 9:30 and looked Sunday morning but jumped a huge buck and backed out with bow season starting this week. I ended up walking about 10 yards from my boar but was side tracked because of the deer.

I got a call Monday saying they saw buzzards down by my stand. I walked down and found him under the fence.He was huge !!!! He was not swollen yet but did have a smell. So I dragged him out and got him tied up so I can get the head euro mounted.

I wish I would have had my bow, I wish I could have told which was he neck and which was the shoulder, but things dont always happen the way they are supposed to.

I will say this Kevins Lite is totally awesome, those guys that dont have one need one!! And of course IN HEAT SCENT sow in heat had the most to do with it those who have a question about what it can do here is proof!!!

ITS JUST TOO MORE OR LESS BLUNT you use in heat scent you will end up with a big BOAR,maybe not as big as mine but it will happen in time,I am proud I am also sad because I would not shoot a hog I didnt intend to eat,but things do happen.

Again thanks everyone and I hope you enjoyed this story.
Tim Hicks Pro Staff IN HEAT SCENTS