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WhiteTail Doe In Heat Urine

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What is it in In Heat Urines
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Whitetail Doe In Heat Urine - 4 Ounces - $15.35
$5.50 shipping on all
Regular Domestic US Priority Mail per Order

International Orders will carry an additional charge.

WhiteTail Deer Tarsal Gland

Without a doubt the most important glands to whitetails, the Tarsal glands, are located on the inside of the deer's hind legs. These glands consist of a tuft of elongated hairs that is underlaid by an area of enlarged sebaceous glands. These glands secrete a fatty substance, called a lipid. that adheres to the long hairs.

All deer - bucks and does, adults and fawns - urinate onto the Tarsal Gland in a behavior called rub-urination. As the urine runs over the Tarsal Gland, the fatty material secreted from the glands onto the hairs select out some molecules and holds them on the gland. The urine that is deposited on the gland, however, does not smell at all like the odor of the Tarsal Gland. The urine that remains on the gland undergoes some reactions with the air and with bacteria to produce the gland's characteristic smell.

Many hunters dont realize that ALL deer urinate on these glands at ALL times of the year. Even fawns less than a month old will urinate on these glands at least once a day. Most of the time the excess urine is licked off the gland. However, during the breeding season the males, and primarily dominant or mature males, urinate onto the Tarsal Gland much more frequently. They also no longer lick the excess urine off the gland. This frequently repeated rub-urination, along with other chemical changes, is what gives the buck the rutting odor and stains the Tarsal Glands dark

After completing a study of the secretory glands that underlay the Tarsal tuft researchers at the University of Georgia were surprised to learn that the activity of these glands did not change during the year and that there was no difference in activity between male and females. These findings verify that it is not a change in the activity of the gland that causes a change in the smell of the Tarsal organ, but rather only a change in the frequency of rub-urination.

Clearly the Tarsal Gland is used by deer to recognize other deer. Deer often sniff the glands of other deer. By doing so they can not only tell who the other deer is, but also learn about the others sex, dominant status, and condition. Does likely identify their fawns through the odor given off by the fawns Tarsal Gland. Rutting bucks use this gland to advertise their dominant status and breeding condition both to other bucks and to does.

Since the Tarsal Gland is so important in deer communication, it would make sense that this gland could be used to the hunters advantage. By placing a Tarsal Gland from a mature buck into the scrape of another buck you may signal a challenge to the buck. If he thinks someone is trying to invade his territory he may return to the scrape more often. Using a Tarsal Gland while rattling also has its advantages, as does making a drag from a Tarsal Gland.

BEFORE USING A TARSAL GLAND, however, you need to remember that this gland is a signal of dominance among bucks. If a younger, subordinate deer gets a whiff of the scent of a mature buck, he may choose to go the other way instead. One thing to remember though, is that if you aren't particular and any buck will do, you should probably stick away from the Tarsal Gland, or else, you might be sitting in your stand wondering why you didn't take one of those vacations with the hotel deals package attached to it.

Whitetail Deer Tarsal Gland - 4 Ounce - $15.35
$5.50 shipping on all
Regular Domestic US Priority Mail per Order

International Orders will carry an additional charge.

WhiteTail Deer Interdigital Gland

The Interdigital Glands are located on all four feet. Each gland is a small sparsely-haired sac that opens between the toes. In this sac you can generally find a yellowish cheesy material. This accumulation is the result of sloughed cells and glandular secretions. The material often has a foul, rancid odor. Some of this scent is undoubtedly left in a deer's track every time it takes a step.

Several years ago at the University of Georgia they identified several compounds associated with this gland. They were all small molecules called volatile fatty acids. Interestingly, these molecules have different volatilities. In other words, the molecules evaporate off at different rates. This would cause the odor of the track to change over time, which may be how a deer (or a predator) can tell how old the track is and which way the track is headed.

More recently, a graduate student at the University, conducted a more sophisticated analysis of the compounds associated with this gland. He identified 46 volatile compounds from the interdigital scent. Interestingly, five of these compounds occurred in much greater concentrations in dominant bucks than in subordinate bucks. What this may mean to deer is not known, but it is interesting to speculate that a scent specific to dominant bucks may be left by pawing at scrape sites.

Whitetail Deer Interdigital Gland - 4 Ounce - $15.35
$5.50 shipping on all
Regular Domestic US Priority Mail per Order

International Orders will carry an additional charge.

WhiteTail Deer Preorbital Gland

The Preorbital or lacrimal gland, is a small pocket located in front of the deer's eyes. Rutting bucks may open this gland when signaling their aggressive intentions to other bucks.

Some researchers and hunters suggest that the Preorbital Gland is used to mark the overhanging branch at a scrape site. Although this may be true, if you watch a buck marking an overhanging branch, you'll notice that seems to be marking it with his whole head - forehead, antlers, nose, mouth, and Preorbital area. It seems more likely that he may leaving scent on the branch from several areas which may include the Preorbital Gland.
Whitetail Deer Preorbital Gland - 4 Ounce - $15.35
$5.50 shipping on all
Regular Domestic US Priority Mail per Order

International Orders will carry an additional charge.

Well guys I have been deer hunting and have had quite a good season so far.

I recently got my scent in from hunterclaus and thinking that does are not in heat,I thought I would try some in a dripper. I also filled a small spray bottle that mists the spray on bushes and such. I also have been using coon cover scent and scent destryoyer.

Well I have shot 2 doe's and have had many bucks come in to my dripper area. The does here have not started to get in heat but I have a few bucks who think there is one,in heat.

Tonight I could have shot a 10 pointer that would have scored about 160,its not the big one I am after but it did come to my dripper.

Anyway I just thought I would tell you guys TRY IT it is working and good luck and remember always watch your scent it can make a hunt or break it.

Quinlan, Texas
HOLY SMOKES,,,, This stuff works!!
I used it for the first time last week and let me tell ya about it QUICKLY.

First off I made sure my hunting clothes was impregnated with the stuff. I used a plastic bag for that. The south wind was blowing right towards the bedding area from where my stand is and where all the buck rubs were at which was about 50 - 60 yards away.

It was a cloudy humid morning when I climbed my tripod on the Reed Ranch. The first buck to appear was a spike,, I have seen him every time I hunt this spot this year. The next buck showed up about 10 minures later and he was a yearling 6 pointer. Didn't take long before testosterone (spelling) took over and a battle started with the small buck. While I watched the scuffle I noticed the top of a bush in the thicket in front of me swaying and shaking quite vigorously I knew it was buck rubbin' it. But the thicket wouldn't open up and let me see'em. DANG-IT

Some minutes later a BEAUTIFUL 10 pointer (3 year old 130+) strolled into the scene. The two young buck quit scuffling upon his arrival. He was sniffing the air filled with IN HEAT SCENTS for sure,, and rubbed 4 - 5 trees right in front of me. Suddenly his attention turned into the thicket. With head held high he went straight in The tension was high and I was witnessing (HEARING) something I had never seen before in real life.

I waited about 5 minutes and sure enough the clash in the thickit began. Two buck went into all out battle for about one minute,, but unfortunately in the thicket I couldn't see. Shortly after they stopped a really nice 8 point buck (3 year old 120 - 130) strolled out walked in fron of my stand sniffing the scent. I figured the 10 pointer whooped him or vise versa.

Then directly another battle started in the thicket. Bushes were shaking and antlers were clashing.. MY HEART WAS RACING, I just knew the big buck I'm wanting was in that thicket. After a short one minute battle everything grew quiet,, all the buck walked into the thicket not to return that morning.
I'll never forget it though. In my personal opinion I owe much of it to IN HEAT SCENTS ((DOE IN HEAT)).

Ol Jim will have to tell you about the coyote he saw at the cabins. FUNNY that coyote turned up at the exact spot I have a dripper with COYOTE IN HEAT. Ol Jim can tell ya that's the truth cause he and James Reed saw the coyote!!!.. Although,, I'll say,, I hung the dripper to attract some dad-gum blasted stray dogs,,,, I'll stop that one right there...

OK, I'm out a here again,, goin huntin after that big buck!!!

Kevin Ryer,
Canton Texas
The "Rut" is just beginning to get under way. My son, Scott, and I have seen the bucks chasing the does for about a week BUT the does are not quite receptive. I have been using the "DOE-IN HEAT" scent you sent to me last year and I have had a number of deer come in to investigate but no big bucks...YET!! I am almost out of the "DOE-IN-HEAT" scent..can you send me a couple bottles and also a price list because I have been asked by a few people where they can buy it and how much.

I am in the process of working up a "Product Test and Evaluation" on your scents and it will be featured in the "Product Test Center" section of my website. The Racoon scent really works to cover my tracks to my treestand..

Thanks Partner,
Bud Fields
Galveston, Indiana
Well fella's my deer hunting so far this year has been uneventful. I have been in my stand everyday without even seeing a deer.

So last week I sent an E-mail to Hunterclaus and ordered some doe-in-heat from him. He sent it to me and I recieved it in two days.

Friday evening after work I went out to my stand and put some scent in my dripper and hoped for the best.

Well Saturday morning I went to the stand and put a little on me and around my stand to cover my scent and what do you know. By 9:30 I had seen 4 deer and for that afternoon right before dark I took a big doe down.

I have tried just about every scent you can buy and have never seen any real results from them, so this stuff works. Thanks Fred you have a heck of a product. I will be buying more in the future.

James E. Browning
Brownings Catahoula Hog Dogs
PO Box 271
Warren, Texas 77664

I think the combo mixture(25% Doe In Heat Urine, 25%Whitetail Semen, 25% Whotetail Tarsal Gland Scent, 25% Purified Water) is going to be nothing less than fantastic. In the area that I hunt there is little or no deer activity. I have a lot of deer around the small area that I call my own in my hunting club but my particular area is almost strictly for hog only, except this year. Right after I received my last order I sprayed a little (just a squirt or two) of the Doe In Heat and put a few drops of the new combo mixture near the base of a pine tree on the edge of a small food plot (iron clay peas, Austrian winter peas, wheat, rye, clover and rape) and have continued to do so weekly. Last Friday when I went to check on the food plot and my stand I was shocked to see a large scrape about 20 feet away from the pine tree and large deer tracks all around the edges of my food plot. For the past two years there have been no sign of deer in this area at all and now all of a sudden I have a large scrape and a bunch of tracks! There is no way that this is a coincidence. If you were to see my area you'd know that it is conducive to hogs and not deer. Having deer suddenly show-up in this area is a big deal and it had to take something special to draw them in. Firearms deer season doesn't open here until next Saturday (Oct. 22nd 2005) but you can bet that I'll be hanging a few scents strips of both scents before I climb into the stand next Saturday morning. I'll send you some pictures as soon as the deer is down. I'll try to get back out to the club before the end of the week and get a couple of pictures of the scrape for you as well.


Hi Fred, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I took a few days off work and have been in the woods.

Thanks to you, I've had the greatest hunting season ever. Three weeks ago I hung a thick piece of felt over a tree limb and wet it down with the combo scent. I also wet down another piece with just the Doe In Heat scent and hung it over another limb about 30 feet away to spread the scent over a large area.

A couple of hours later just as it was getting dark a nice four pointer come running into my area to check out the scent. Unfortunately, when I shot I missed completely but at least it was a clean miss and I didn't have a wounded animal somewhere in the brush.

However, last week I started using it again in the same manner but also used a grunt call. On Friday evening I took a very nice seven pointer. Then on Sunday, I continued with the grunt and took a huge eight pointer.

Fred, all of these deer came running, not walking, but running into the area. I've never seen anything like it. They had thrown all caution to the wind and literally ran to see where the scent was coming from.

Used during the peak of the rut, I don't think your combo scent can be beat. I've honestly never seen anything like it except for the way Hog In Heat works. I'll be singing your praises over the internet and around the hunting camp for a long time to come. A hunting buddy took some pictures with his digital camera because I was foolish and left mine at home but as soon as he gets them downloaded I'll be sure to send you a few.

Thanks again for all that you've done for me. There is still a lot of hunting season left so hopefully I'll have a couple of more stories for you before it ends. Jan. 15th.

I've now taken my limit of bucks for the year so I'll be passing along whatever scent I have remaining to some fellow hunting club members. I'll be interesting to see what kind of results they have.

Thanks Again,

Tim Hicks 6 Point Buck Harvested with
Grim Reaper Animal Atttractant and Lure

October 22, 2006

I went out last night with the intention of killing a pig. I was trying some new Grim Reaper Attractant and Lure from IN HEAT SCENTS. Well this is the second time I used the scent and the wind never let up. As it was getting closer to dark I see this buck approaching. I can see he has some great brow tines and think oh he's a shooter. I never really try to look at the horns bowhunting as it has in the past caused me to shake and get a little nervous. Anyway he came in to the Grim Reaper Scent at 30 yards and he is down.

Mark Cappio of TX
November 2006

Whitetail Buck and big hog taken using In Heat Scents WghitetailDoe In Heat Urine, and the In Heat Scents Hog In Heat Urine.